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(A Great Man Has To Be Ruthless (2)

Xi Xiaye was carefully observing Mu Lingshis expression when she spoke.

Mu Lingshi sniffled as she nodded. I didnt really understand it before, but I get it now. Mother spoke to me for the whole night yesterday. I know all of you are doing this for my sake. Im doing my best to get over this as well.

Mmm, its great that you have this mindset. I believe you can do it. Youve survived harder battles, this is nothing. With such a warm tone of voice, Mu Lingshi took in Xi Xiayes words easily.

I remember feeling pretty devastated when my parents got divorced when I was still a little child. I was under my fathers custody after they got divorced, but he was so busy that he hardly had any time for me. Every day, Im afraid of nightfall because it makes me feel that Ive lost everything and that Im all alone in this vast world.

Xi Xiaye seemed a little lost when she was talking about her past. In order to escape these suffocating feelings and the burden in my heart, I decided to go to boarding schoolI thought that could help me relax.

Sister-in-law, actuallyI know what happened to you. I asked Brother about it, but he was never willing to talk about your past. I know he really loves you just likejust like how Ah Mo loves me, Mu Lingshi spoke up when Xi Xiaye did not continue.

Xi Xiaye smiled. Thats true. Its very obvious that Ah Mo loves you a lot. Ah Shi, you need to understand that happiness doesnt come easily, so you have to cherish it now that you have it. Never let go of it because of these small ripples. Whether youll live a happy, carefree life or not all depends on you. Its okay to cry during sad times. Youve always been a strong and brave girl. Its not like you to be this emotional.

Mu Lingshi turned towards Xi Xiaye as her eyes still could not help but tear up. She looked away and sniffed.

Xi Xiaye patted her shoulder as Mu Lingshi leaned onto her and sobbed, Sister-in-law

Xi Xiaye hugged her tightly. Its alright. You still have everyone here with you. You still have Ah Mo.

The two of them had no idea that a man was standing quietly nearby behind them, enjoying the evening breeze.

Mu Yuchen had been there since they saw each other. He listened to everything they said and was even touched to see them hugging each other under the sunset.

Was this not what he had always hoped for?

He could not help but wear a smile on his face after watching them for a while. He took a deep breath as he looked away. Lifting his head, he enjoyed the view of the sunset quietly.

After some time, Xi Xiayes shirt was wet from Mu Lingshis tears. When she raised her head from Xi Xiayes chest, Mu Lingshis face was full of tear stains. However, Xi Xiaye could see the relief on her expression.

Xi Xiaye smiled and handed her some tissue. Here, use this.

Thank you, Sister-in-law. Mu Lingshi grabbed the tissue. Im fine now. I feel much better after crying it out.

Thats great. Everything will be better once you get over it.

Mu Lingshi nodded. Dont worry. Ill survive this. Please tell my brother that Ill return to work on Monday. Ask him to arrange my job for me as soon as possible.

You can take several more days off, you know, and your honeymoon trip

That can wait until November since its a busy period right nowOkay, I should head back now. Remember to tell Brother that Mother is still waiting for me at home. Tell him he doesnt need to worry about me because Im feeling much better now.

Mu Lingshi wiped her tear stains away and left.

Xi Xiaye remained stationary while she watched Mu Lingshis back as she left. She did not ask her to stay. After some time, she let out a sigh of relief and tried to tidy her hair that had been messed up by the evening breeze. Then, she averted her gaze to the river.

Its time to go back. Its getting late.

The mans voice suddenly came from behind her, and she soon felt the mans coat over her shoulders as he stopped right beside her.

Xi Xiaye glanced at him and noticed a peaceful expression on his face. Why are you here?

I called your assistant, Xiao Mei. She told me you were meeting Lingshi here. I was nearby, so I came over to take a look, he replied.

Soyou heard our conversation just now? she asked.

He chuckled and nodded. I never expected you to be so impactful on Lingshi.

Of course, I think I can be an extremely good friend to her. She put on a warm smile as she helped him fix his wrinkled collar. Suddenly, he grabbed her waist and pulled her close to him.

Dumbfounded, her head crashed right into his solid chest. She yelled, Whats wrong with you?

He kept his grip tight as he whispered beside her ear,Mrs. Mu, youre forever mine, and youll never leave me, wont you?

Xi Xiaye did not know how to react to this unexpected situation.




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