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(A Great Man Has To Be Ruthless (1)

When Morrison saw Qi Feng deep in thought, he did not disturb him. He just gestured at the chauffeur beside him who immediately understood and started the car.

The car slowly drove away from where it was, passing underneath the dense shade of the trees. Qi Fengs eyes shifted from dark to light. Apart from glumness on his handsome face, they could not read his emotions but could feel the faint gloom from him.

The air in the car felt stifling. Beside him, Qi Weier, who was beside him, had already fallen weakly asleep against Qi Feng. Qi Weier had autistic tendencies, so she would not usually speak. In a short while, she succumbed to sleep.

Qi Feng remained silent. After the car had driven for quite a distance and it felt like it had been a century-long, he lifted a hand to massage the space between his brows and his raspy voice finally said, Ill let you handle it then. Dont leave traces of anything that can be used against us.

Okay, I was just waiting for your word, First Master. Ill contact the men to get this done right away. Also, its best if you be prepared. Once this information gets out, Qi Kais shares will definitely be affected. It must immediately be followed up witha solution, Morrison reminded.

With a sigh, Qi Feng nodded silently. Dont worry. Before we came back, they hinted about my marriage with Shasha. When the Qi and Gu family are connected by marriage, we can definitely take down those forces. Then, Qi Kais shares will only keep going up.

Morrison instantly smiled and said a little mysteriously, Looks like you and me are on the same page, First Master. That way, talks for City Bs project will definitely collapse and Qi Lei will really fall from grace. Then, no one can save him. Even if those old stubborn ones are capable, theyll have no choice! When the time comes, and First Master, since youll be connected to the Gu family by marriage, hence stabilizing the entire Qi Kai. Youll be able to call the shots in Qi Kai, you wont have to suffer from any more threats, and youll be vindicated!

Mmm, when the time comes, arrange an idle position for him, then send him abroad for the sake of whats left of this kinship. One could hear the mixed emotions in Qi Fengs raspy voice.

First Master, you dont have to be too worried. A great man has to be ruthless. Havent he and Wang Qin been scheming against you before this? Legitimacy belongs to the victor. Even though some kinship seems important, it could be as thin as paper. Benefits are the only thing we should be going after for eternity.

A light flickered in Morrisons eyes. He seemed to have already seen the way the whole of Qi Kai would be controlled by Qi Feng while he would be his most important trusted aide!

You play by ear then. Id like to sleep for a while. Wake me up when we reach home, Qi Feng coldly instructed, then slowly shut his eyes almost a little melancholically.

Okay! Morrison answered before he took the laptop from the side to open before beginning to delegate the work.

The scorching sun that had dazzled for an entire day finally faded away together with some of its heat in the evening, being washed away in the spectacular evening breeze. The faint sunset looked rather gentle.

On a certain pathway of the sightseeing river by the riverside, at the operation base of South RiverProject No. 1, Xi Xiaye had both hands on the railing before her as she looked at the gleaming reflection of the river surface. Bathed in this quiet and peaceful sunset evening breeze, she had become much more relaxed.

Her long hair gently swayed in the wind, and her slender body seemed like it was becoming frailer.

Mu Lingshi stood behind Xi Xiaye, watching her for a while before walking over.

Sister-in-law! Mu Lingshis voice was a little raspy. She stopped beside Xi Xiaye and put both her hands on the railings too.

Youre here! Xi Xiaye gently answered as she turned to look silently at Mu Lingshi.

Indeed, she saw that she looked wan, sallow, and sad. Her eyes contained no light either, and you could tell that she had been in pain these past few days.

I thought you wouldnt come.

Xi Xiaye said calmly as she sighed, You dont look well. You dont look like a new bride at all.

A pale smiled flashed across Mu Lingshis sickly and sunken face. Im fine. Ive been dazed for quite a few days now, but today Im feeling better. Theres no way Id reject my sister-in-law asking me out.

The way you are right now is very worrying. Ah Shi, are you still in pain over that matter? Xi Xiaye lowered her voice and asked calmly.

Mu Lingshi interlocked her fingers and gently held them together as she looked down silently at the surface of the river moving up and down. The refracting light shone on her frail face. She was quiet for a while before suddenly looking up. Taking a deep breath and blinking her eyes that could not help but become wet, she said in a hoarse voice, Sis-in-law, Im fine. I just feel a little sad, but dont worry too much about me. In a few days, Ill be fine.

When Mu Lingshi finished, it made Xi Xiayes heart hurt even more. She felt a headache come on. Her gaze that was as calm as the breeze fell on her sister-in-laws face, and she could clearly see the faint tears at the corner of her eyes. In the end, she could not help but advise, Dont be sad. Remember what your brother said, okay?

Mu Lingshis eyes turned hot and she quietly shut them, nodding hard, yet the bitterness in her throat surged up wave after wave to the extent that she could not neglect the ripples of pain in her chest.

I know, Sis-in-law. Father, Mother, and our grandparents, you and Brother, all love me. However, the regretful thing is to them, Lingtian and I were just disposable burdens. My mother didnt seem to care for us while my father didnt want to acknowledge us either. As I think more and more about it, sometimes I dont know who I am anymore.

I used to want to find this person and had always hoped to get their recognition, but in the end, I only stabbed my heart with a knife, then suffered the consequences of my own actions by sprinkling more salt on my wound, Mu Lingshi expressed difficultly. The moisture in the corner of her eyes refracted the faint colors underneath the tender rays from the remnants of the sun, yet to Xi Xiaye, it seemed oddly disheartening.

Xi Xiaye calmed herself for a while before thinking about it, then she answered softly, Everyones living for themselves, or perhaps for someone else. Just think those people that arent worthy of your concern like they are the wind. Its in the past, so let it be. You dont need anyones recognition. As long as you give yourself that, thats enough.




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