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(Meeting (3)

Qi Feng thought about it as he looked at the name card for a moment before putting it into his pocket.

Master, do we want to investigate her? I keep feeling like her backgrounds not that simple. Not long ago, someone saw the Elder CEO of Fuhua Real Estate bringing her along to attend some very important receptions. This person from Fuhua Real Estate is usually very low-profile too. Based on what I know, even our CEO Qi has invited them before, but they didnt seem to give him face.

Morrison did not know much about Xi Xiaye and the rest. He only knew a bit about the relationship between Xi Xiaye and the Xi family. Shen Yue was usually quite low-profile, thus many people would not have guessed his relationship with Xi Xiaye. Of course, Xi Xiaye and the others did not deliberately hide their relationship, so with a quick investigation, you would know all about it.

No need. I know what to do, Qi Feng calmly answered. He lowered his gaze and looked at Qi Weier who had not said a word but quietly stared ahead. He then consoled her, Lets go home, Weiwei. Your mothers at home.

Father, I want Mother. Qi Weier suddenly struggled for a bit as she looked up at Qi Feng with her blue eyes.

Qi Feng bent down slightly and pulled Qi Weier to stand in front of him. He fixed her skirt a little and asked softly, Listen to me. Your mothers at home. Shes very worried about you, so lets go home. If you like this school, Ill arrange it for you in the next two days and youll go here, okay?

Qi Weiers pale face was startled, but she then nodded and seemed a little reluctant to leave in the direction that Xi Xiaye had left. Her little hand wriggled out of Qi Fengs as she sensed the wound that Xi Xiaye had bandaged earlier.

She did not know why, but she felt an unnamed friendliness from Xi Xiaye. She seemed really nice with that smile.

With a head of bright, dark, beautiful, long hair, she smelled amazing. Aunty Mary had said before that her mother had beautiful long hair like that, so she had a good feeling about Xi Xiaye. Furthermore, that little boy was very handsome just like Father.

Get in the car! Qi Feng ordered, then Morrison wheeled him ahead while Qi Weier stood where she was staring ahead for a while before she quietly followed after him.

The car was parked not too far away. Qi Feng had just gotten into the car when Morrison suddenly remembered the call earlier. He then turned to say to Qi Feng, Right, Master, we have an update on Second Master. Before noon, Mu Yuchens car was parked at the Grand Lakes Villa area. They saw Mu Yuchens assistant, Li Si, bring a bag of things to the villa area. He probably went to Second Masters place.

When Morrison said that, Qi Fengs silent eyes darkened and his hands that were on his lap tightened slightly. Looks like this little brother of mine is quite close to Mu Yuchen.

Yeah, First Master, before you returned, he and Mu Yuchen have been getting along quite well. I dont know if its purely because of partnership, or because of something else. Logically, there was some trouble between him and Mu Yuchen, so they shouldnt be this close, Morrison analyzed a little puzzledly.

Upon hearing that, Qi Fengs handsome face flashed with a cold smile instead. Well then, youve underestimated Mu Yuchens capabilities. In fact, Wang Qin was not a stupid woman either because we brought up the Han Corporation before that, so why wouldnt she have copied us and given Qi Lei a back up too? In fact, with my relationship with Shasha right there, she had long been aware of the crisis.

When he said this, the curve of Qi Fengs lips widened, yet the dim light in his eyes was oddly cold. Wang Qins far smarter than we expected, but in the grand scheme of things, I really am quite lucky.

Master, after Wang Qin passed on, Second Masters influence immediately collapsed, plus with CEO Qis current situation, you have to seize the opportunity and fight to get rid of all the threats! Morrisons voice was filled with firmness while his dark eyes were fixed on Qi Feng.

Qi Feng lowered his head and looked at his legs that could not move. He fell silent for a moment, and did not immediately answer.

First Master, nows a good chance. Indecision invariably leads to trouble. This opportunity wont come often. If we can use this chance to wipe out Wang Qins influence, we wont have to worry about any other threats later on. This is the internal information from Qi Kai. The reason Second Master could easily get City Bs project this time was mostly thanks to these people who were all trusted aides of Wang Qin, Morrison said as he took out a document from the briefcase on the side and handed it to Qi Feng.

Qi Feng reached out to take it. Then, he flipped it open, took a few casual glances, and his eyes darkened. He browsed through it all the way till the end with an indifferent expression. After that, he calmly closed the document before smiling coldly. Its them! Back when I was in Qi Kai, I was always pushed aside by these people.

He scoffed. The chill coloring his raspy voice made one shudder at the sound of it. What plan do you have to take these people down without anyone suspecting?

When Morrison heard his question, a smile flashed at the corner of his mouth as his eyes met with Qi Fengs. Actually, First Master, you already have a plan, dont you?

His laughter entered Qi Fengs ears, and Qi Fengs gaze suddenly looked a little complicated. He turned to look out of the car window. After a while, he said calmly, We come from the same roots, so why the rush to destroy each other [1]? This isnt a blackened name thats easy to take on.

Morrison instantly laughed and he said nonchalantly, First Master, I like that you have an old saying that fits well. A wise man submits to circumstances. IfZhou Yu could get the help of the Eastern winds, why cant we use this wind of ours? Besides, I dont see Qi Lei treating you like a brother. He didnt give you face last night.

When he heard this, Qi Fengs expression sank and his hands subconsciously tightened again.

Upon seeing Qi Feng hesitating, Morrison added on, CEO Qi has always planned to hand Qi Kai over to you. Youll have to face those troubles sooner or later. Now, you have a chance, and youre just getting rid of the obstacles in advance. I think you probably know best how it feels to be controlled by these people, Master.

Qi Feng took a deep breath and fixed his gaze outside the window. It seemed as if he was still hesitating about what decision to make when his expression started to shift.




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