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(Meeting (2)

However, it seemed like he had some problems with his legs since he was in a wheelchair with a man in a black suit wheeling him.

Xi Xiaye looked at him for a moment. She felt like he seemed familiar for some reason, but she could not remember where she hadseen him before.

The man in the black suit wheeled him near Xi Xiaye and came to a stop. The man in the wheelchair glanced over at Xi Xiaye and Mu Zirui. His gaze then quickly shifted over to the medical kit, as well as the little girls bandaged arm.

Xi Xiaye came back to her senses and she bowed to the man apologetically. Im sorry. Are you this little girls father?

Qi Fengs eyes seemed even. He fixed his gaze on Xi Xiaye as he put on a gentle expression. Instead of replying to her, he called out to the little girl, Weiwei, come over here. His voice was deep and it sounded like his throat was not feeling very well.

Qi Weier unconsciously grabbed onto Xi Xiayes long hair. She looked at Qi Feng and then looked back at Xi Xiaye. After that, she told Qi Feng, Shes Mother

Shes not your mother, Weiwei. Qi Feng frowned at Qi Weiers words, but he still spoke in a very gentle tone.

Qi Weier hesitated for a while before finally letting go of Xi Xiaye. She glanced at Xi Xiaye again before walking towards Qi Feng.

Hello, Sir. Im sorry. My son accidentally bumped into your daughter, and she got a scratch on her arm. Ive already sterilized her wound and bandaged it up. If required, we can send her to the hospital for a check-up. Well do everything we can. Im really sorry! Xi Xiaye apologized once again.

Qi Feng glanced at her, then he grabbed Qi Weiers arm and examined it carefully. To his relief, it was not a big issue. Its fine. Its just a small wound, so dont worry about it.

Im sorry, Uncle, and to you. I didnt do it on purpose! Please forgive me! Mu Zirui understood he had made a mistake, so he quickly apologized sincerely.

Qi Feng fixed his gaze on Mu Zirui for a while and smiled moments later. Its alright. Do you attend this school as well? he asked as helooked at Xi Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye straightened her back and tidied her messy hair. Yeap, Xiao Rui just transferred over to this school not too long ago.

How is it here? Im trying to find a school for my child, but Im not sure which one to go to even after visiting several schools, Qi Feng responded.

Well, this is an affiliated school in City S. Overall speaking, its one of the top schools and it enforces strict rules. His father spent a long time before finally deciding on this one.

Qi Feng nodded. Alright, I got it. Thank you.

Dont worry. Is her name Weiwei? Xi Xiaye smiled at the little girl.

Yes, shes called Weiwei.

Do you want to get her checked in the hospital now? Xi Xiaye was still worried as she looked at Qi Weiers arm.

Dont worry. Its just a small wound. Ill get the family doctor to take a look at her after we get home. Qi Feng gave Morrison a signal.

As Xi Xiaye was about to say something else, her phone started ringing. It was a call from Assistant Xiao Mei, so she quickly answered.

CEO Xi, its almost time for the meeting. Arent you here yet?


Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment. Then, she suddenly remembered there was a meeting with the Planning Department that afternoon.

Okay, Ill head over right away. Xi Xiaye hung up immediately.

You can leave if youre busy. Dont worry about it, Qi Feng said as she ended the phone call.

Im sorry. This is my name card. If theres anything, just call me. Im sorry for my sons behavior. Xi Xiaye found a name card from her bag and handed it to Qi Feng who politely accepted it.

Quickly go to your class now, Xiao Rui. Ill talk to your teacher the next time I come over. You have to be careful in the future, understand?

Mu Zirui nodded. Yes, Mother, I understand!

Mmm, go to your class now! Xi Xiaye patted his head.

Goodbye, Mother. Goodbye, Uncle, Weiwei! Mu Zirui then swiftly ran into the school.

Xi Xiaye bade the father and daughter farewell before rushing to the company.

Qi Feng stayed there for a while as he looked at Xi Xiayes car went far away. He then took a glance at the name card.

Planning Director of Glory World Corporation, Xi Xiaye?

Qi Fengs eyes darkened and a grin appeared on his face when he saw those words.

First Master, was that Xi Xiaye? Morrison asked quietly.

Qi Feng took a deep breath as he took another glance at the spot Xi Xiaye had parked her car just now. What a special woman. No wonder Mu Yuchen fell for her.

Planning Director of Glory World Corporation. Thats a pretty high position. I wonder what this woman is capable of, Morrison said as he took a peek at the name card.

The fact that Mu Yuchen is interested in her is enough to prove that shes different. Qi Fengs tone went cold when he suddenly remembered what Gu Lingsha told him before. She had had problems dealing with Xi Xiaye several times.

Qi Feng knew very well what kind of woman Gu Lingsha was. Six years ago, she was a weak girl who needed protection from others, but she had completely changed after that.




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