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(Meeting (1)

They soon arrived at the school as they chatted along the way.

After Xi Xiaye parked the car, Mu Zirui swiftly grabbed his bag and got out.

Lets go. Your homeroom teacher should be in the office, shouldnt she?

Xi Xiaye wanted to help Mu Zirui to carry his bag, but he already slung it on his back. Its okay, Mother. I can do this myself. Teacher Wang should already be in school.

Mmm, Ill go and look for her. Will you be alright heading to the classroom on your own? Xi Xiaye smiled and patted Mu Ziruis head.

Mu Zirui nodded. Dont worry, Mother, I can go back to Maple Residence on my own later as well. You dont have to come and pick me up! I know how to take the train. Change from the third line to the second line, and get off at the Grand Waves Station!

He beamed at her and ran off before she could even say anything.

However, Mu Zirui was not looking where he was headed as he talked to Xi Xiaye, so he bumped into someone as he just took several steps forward.


Xiao Rui, careful! Xi Xiaye called out to him as a tiny groan reached her ears.

Mu Zirui got up quickly as he looked beside him and noticed that he had knocked down a beautiful little girl.

She looked around three or four years old with long blonde hair clipped with a butterfly hairpin. Wearing a pink dress, she held a pretty Barbie doll in her hand. Her blue eyes had dark rings around them while her expression seemed pale as well. It was obvious that she was not in good health.

She had some scratches on her arm from the collision. As she struggled to look up at Mu Zirui, her beautiful eyes teared up while she endured the pain.

Xiao Rui!

Xi Xiaye rushed over and checked on Mu Zirui. She then looked at the little girl and found herself stunned for a moment.

She was such a beautiful little girl with mixed parentage! She looked just like a living doll. However, she looked weak and her face was as pale as snow.

Xi Xiaye quickly helped her get up as she asked gently, Are you alright? Im sorry. Xiao Rui carelessly bumped into you. Oh dear, your arm is bleeding.

The little girl was afraid at first, but she calmed down when she saw the gentleness in Xi Xiayes eyes. She just looked at Xi Xiaye quietly without saying anything.

Xi Xiaye held the little girls hand and brought her to sit down at a nearby stone bench as she told Mu Zirui,Xiao Rui, go and get the medical kit from the car.

Yes, Mother!

Mu Zirui gave the little girl an apologetic glance before running towards the car. He returned quickly together with the medical kit.

Ill apply some simple sterilization. Try to endure the pain. Ill leave you with my phone number later. Can you tell your parents to contact me? Xi Xiaye grabbed the little girls arm as she spoke gently to her.

The little girl looked at her without saying anything, but she struggled slightly with her arm and her face was getting paler as well.

Dont be nervous. My mother is handling your wound. Im really sorry for bumping into you, but your wound needs to be sterilized, or else, you might get an infection. I promise it wont hurt a lot. Im really sorry! Mu Zirui felt guilty when he saw the girl struggling. He bowed down to her and offered, Ill buy you some ice cream as an apology after my mother is done with cleaning your wound, okay?

The little girls eyes brightened up when she heard Mu Ziruis offer, but she still did not say anything.

Mu Zirui felt that it was odd. Mother, could it be that she doesnt know what are we talking about? She looks like a foreigner. Maybe she doesnt understand us!

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows although she felt that Mu Zirui made sense, she then repeated her sons offer to the little girl in English.

The little girl then managed to utter a word, Pain

Xi Xiaye and Mu Zirui traded glances. With a smile, Xi Xiaye consoled her, Im sorry. Try to endure it for a while. Itll be fine soon.

The little girl bit her lip and nodded as she looked at Xi Xiayes gentle expression.

Ill blow on it a little and youll be fine, alright? Xi Xiaye lowered her head and cleaned the little girls wound as she puffed gently on the injury.

The little girl shuddered the moment the antiseptic was applied onto her wound. Xi Xiaye hugged her swiftly. Dont worry, itll be done in a moment. If you find it painful, then just hold me tightly, alright?

The little girl teared up while her other hand gripped Xi Xiayes shoulder as her little body shook. She actually felt warm as she hugged Xi Xiaye.

She liked this hug!

How fluffy! This lady is very pretty!

She looked at Xi Xiayes long hair and did not let go of her even after Xi Xiaye patted her back, signaling her that it was already done.

Mother the little girl mumbled quietly although she still did not let go of her grip. Her beautiful blue eyes just stared right at Xi Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye was stunned when she called her mother. Just as she was about to explain that she was not her mother, she heard a voice behind her,


Xi Xiaye quickly turned around and noticed a man in a wheelchair.

The man looked fairly young with an elegantly handsome face. Xi Xiaye had an odd feeling about the aura he emitted. However, she had to admit that she was dazzled for a moment when she saw his face.




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