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(Warm (3)

Xi Xiaye patted Mu Ziruis shoulder. Thats great. Youre still young, so learning and studying is your top priority right now. You can apply to a military school if you want to become a soldier, and you can fulfill my wish that I couldnt accomplish in the past.

Dont worry, Mother, Ill become a general and bring you out in a tankthe kind with anti-air guns that can shoot down planes! Mu Zirui smiled.

Ill wait for that day then. Alright, clean up here and get ready to eat. Xiao Rui, remember to put your artboards together. Ill send you to school later.

Dont be a bad influence on my son! Xi Xiaye knocked Mu Yuchens head.

Mu Yuchen smiled and gave her an innocent glance. He then looked over at Mu Zirui, just shrugging helplessly. They were indeed father and son after all.

Mother, Father was teaching me to be a good man! Mu Zirui explained.

To be a good man? Xi Xiaye looked at Mu Zirui and smiled. My son, youre still a long way from being a man. Youre just a little boy right now! Clean up your things and eat. Remember to bring your homework as well. Take it back to Maple Residence tonight.

Yes, Mother! Mu Zirui scratched his head and glanced at Mu Yuchen before packing up his bag.

Mu Yuchen helped him out as he glanced through his homework. Remember to write while sitting in an upright position. Dont be like a little girl.

Mu Zirui straightened his back instantly. Ill remember that, Father! Father, theres a parent-teacher meeting on the 10th of next month.

The 10th? Have you gotten used to your new school?

They had agreed to Mu Ziruis request, hence he skipped grades and was in primary school year 1 at the moment. They had plans to let him attend year 2 right away, but Xi Xiaye was worried that he might not have a solid foundation of knowledge, so he spent the last few months in year 1 classes. Anyway, they were going to take the exams to enter year 2 soon.

Yep, the teachers are nice to me, and the students are willing to include me as well. However, can you please tell my teacher that I dont want to sit with girls? I want to sit alone.

Whats wrong with sitting beside a girl?

I dont like itActually, girls can be pretty annoying, except Mother.

You little brat! Mu Yuchen patted Mu Ziruis head. Ask your mother to tell your teacher then.


Xi Xiaye started packing stuff for Mu Zirui after lunch. Xi Mushan and Shen Wenna were staying at home during the break though they planned to make a trip to Europe with Shen Yue.

Father, Mother, Mu Yuchen said France is pretty nice and Paris is known to be the country of romance. You guys can walk around there and even take a tour around Europe. Hell arrange a tour guide for you. You can go wherever you want and enjoy your two-month break, Xi Xiaye spoke as she cleaned Mu Ziruis hands.

Mu Yuchen was sitting on the sofa. He glanced at Xi Xiaye but did not say anything.

We havent decided where to go yet. Its a long period of time and I think its great to relax, but are you sure you can handle the company well without me? Shen Yue asked. He had a lot of free time recently and seemed much more energetic than before.

Dont worry. I have Uncle Lan with me, and Ive pretty much gotten used to how things work.

Okay, your grandma always bugged me to bring her abroad when she was still around, but I was unable to fulfill the promise. Its about time I do so. Shen Yue looked a little sad as he mentioned it. Alright, Ill go back to my room and rest. He got up from the sofa and left.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and looked at Mu Yuchen who gave her a pat on her shoulder.

Your grandpa started missing your grandma more ever since he has more free time on his hands. He was staring at her photo this morning when I went to wake him up. I guess getting old can make someone miss the past more easily, Shen Wenna explained when she noticed Xi Xiayes glum expression.

Xi Xiaye nodded. I understand. Father, Mother, please move back here if possible. When I see the house being empty, I feel a littleAnyway, Ill be sending Xiao Rui to school now. You should be getting to your office too!

Without finishing what she wanted to say, she grabbed Mu Ziruis bag as she signaled Mu Yuchen. He quickly got up, and they left the Shen residence after a brief farewell with Xi Mushan and Shen Wenna.

I guess the children have a lot on their plate. Shen Wenna sighed as she looked at the car going further away.

Everyone has their own share of problems. Well, so long as they have a fulfilling life, its alright. Its the afternoon. Lets go out for a walk, Xi Mushan said to Shen Wenna.

Shen Wenna looked at the green shade as she felt the wind brushing against her face. She nodded and walked forward.

Mu Zirui was attending a primary school in City S where he started off as a primary year 1 student.

Xi Xiaye drove near the school with Mu Zirui was sitting in the front passenger seat. She was giving him all kinds of reminders.

Xiao Rui, I checked your homework just now. I dont really encourage you to learn advanced knowledge now. The words that you circled are the words you dont know, arent they? There is an order for learning, do you understand?

I understand that I shouldnt wish to take the easy way out, but youve repeated this, like five times already!

Did I really? I think its just two times. I just want you to remember what I said.




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