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(Warm (2)

Li Si subconsciously turned to look at Mu Yuchen who sat in the backseat with a calm expression. He studied the cold light in his eyes and only saw something unfathomable. Clearly, the man had an answer. He hesitated before asking softly, Otherwise, who do you think it is?

Why would Gu Qiwu send someone to follow me? Mu Yuchen responded calmly, then he turned to look out of the car window, Go to the Shen residence.

Got it, Master!

Earlier, Xi Xiaye had called. They had planned to go to the Shen residence for lunch together since Shen Wenna and Xi Mushan were going home as it was the end of the month. In fact, it was the weekend tomorrow, so it was a good time to bring Mi Zirui back to Maple Residence too.

The car had just stopped in front of the Shen residence when he could already see the familiar Porsche parked there. When Xi Xiaye drove herself, she preferred this model. There were quite a few cars in the garage, yet she drove this one the most frequently.

Li Si got down the car to open the door for Mu Yuchen as he smiled and said,Master, its Missuss car. Shes faster than us!

Tidy things a little and bring everything down. Mu Yuchen swiftly got down from the car and walked into the Shen residence himself.

Inside the Shen residence living room, Shen Yue was sitting leisurely on the sofa and reading the newspaper while Xi Xiaye was brewing tea for him on the side. Xi Mushan and Shen Wenna were busy in the kitchen whereas Mi Zirui was sitting by the window and doing his homework at a little desk.

Mu Yuchen did not disturb them and just stood there at the door for quite a while. He took a look around before treading gently towards Mu Zirui.

Mu Zirui was fully focused on his homework at the moment. When he suddenly felt someone getting close to him, and the shadow blocked parts of the light pouring in, he subconsciously turned to look and realized that beside him, Mu Yuchen was peering at his homework.

Father! Mu Ziruis tender little face quickly flashed with a cute smile.

The Duke of Peis army troops ruled by force. They had not met with Xiang Yu,the Duke of Peis radical Minister of War. Cao Wushang sent a messenger to Xiang Yu, saying Mu Yuchens deep and sensitive voice muttered as a flash of gentleness crossed his handsome face. Son, I remember that this essay should be for senior high school, shouldnt it? Are you already taking a look at your high school syllabus?

Mu Zirui smiled a little shyly, then scratched his head. No! I just went to the high school block the other day, and I heard the seniors read this essay which I thought was interesting, so I checked it out and found out that this was where the famous Feast at Hongmen [1] term came from.

Do you like history? Mu Yuchen looked at his eldest son in surprise.

Mu Zirui held his chin with one hand, thought about it, then gently nodded. I guess so., Father, I heard Grandmother mention that you were with the military special forces. Father, when Im older, can I be like you?

You want to be a military personnel?

Mmm, I really like watching those war battles on TV. Oh, right, Father, I like Genghis Khan!

How about you give some examples of the more famous battles? Mu Yuchen chatted with Mu Zirui, clearly interested now. He sat down on the sofa beside his son and looked meaningfully at him.

With a smile, Mu Zirui gently set his pencil asideand smiled to say, Then, Ill talk about how the Mongolian troops defeated the Jin and Song Dynasties.

Mm-hmm? Mu Yuchen raised his handsome brows and looked at Mu Zirui, full of interest. Tell me about it.

Father, dont you think Genghis Khan is amazing? With superhuman wisdom and drive, he used the feud between the Southern Song Dynasty and the Jin Dynasty, borrowing the Song territory, implementing a roundabout strategy

When Mu Zirui gushed about this, Mu Yuchen immediately chuckled gladly. He patted Mu Ziruis head lovingly, his eyes containing the faint warmth of a fathers love. You know about the roundabout strategy too? Who taught you that?

I saw it from a book. I even started watching documentaries, and then I pondered about them myself. Oh, Father, I dont know how to read these few words.

Mmm? Let me take a look

Mu Yuchen closed in and looked at the book. Then, he said, Thatswei, andjiong ransjiong.If you dont know a lot of new words, just try to guess what it means from the structure of the words. Didnt your teacher teach you this?

If you want to join the military and be a general, you cant just understand these theories. You need a strong physique. If you dont eat more and try to grow taller, you wont have a healthy body. Men need to be stronger. That way, you can make people have a better sense of security, especially when

Oh, Father, I got it! Especially my future girlfriend, isnt it? Mother says youve always been that way, Father, Mu Zirui spoke as he carefully glimpsed at Mu Yuchen.

Always been that way meaning which way? Has your mother been talking bad about me to you? Mu Yuchen squinted and glanced at Mu Zirui as he said.

Mu Zirui quickly shook his head. Of course not, because she also said the same as you. I told her about Ah Hua from the class next door, then we talked about you, but Mother says Im still young, so she wont let me date.

When he heard that, Mu Yuchen could not help but laugh. He ruffled Mu Ziruis head again. Little one, dont be too good. Your mother and I wont go against you dating, but this needs a principle and two basis points.

What are the one principle and two basis points? Mu Zirui blinked his dark and bright eyes at Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen thought about it and directly passed on what Mu Tangchuan had said to him back then,The principle is strict self-discipline. Be responsible and date with marriage in mind. The first basis is that if youre successful professionally, you can take charge of yourself. The second basis is that you cant embarrass your mother and me, got it?

Is this a family precept? What do you mean by one principle and two basis points?! Xiao Rui, dont listen to your father. Right now, your main duty is to study well and get good results for every exam as well as be a good role model for your younger brother.

The father and sons conversation was half-heard by Xi Xiaye who had walked over. She was rolling her eyes at Mu Yuchen.

Was this how he taught their son?

He was still so young and he was already teaching him to date? And he said that he would not be against it? Of course, she would be against it! Even though it was not good to just straight up object it, at least, they had to let Mu Zirui be aware of the seriousness of dating at such a young age!

Upon hearing Xi Xiayes voice, Mu Zirui lifted his little head and his eyes moved back and forth between Xi Xiaye and Mu Yuchen. After that, he lowered his head slightly under both their gazes, then turned away to clear his throat before muttering in response, OhI got it, Mother.




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