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(Warm (1)

It was close to noon and Qi Lei was still sleeping soundly.

Qi Lei had drunk quite a bit last night. Worried, Yang Sheng stayed the night to watch over him at the Grand Lakes Villa area and he fell asleep on Qi Leis sofa in the living room. When he woke up early in the morning, he made Qi Lei a light breakfast in the form of some porridge with a few simple side dishes.

It was a hot day. Before noon, the sun was already scorching outside.

Upon seeing that Qi Leis fridge was empty, Yang Sheng tidied the house briefly before he planned to go out and buy some food and everyday items, yet before he could walk to the door, the doorbell suddenly buzzed.

Yang Sheng turned to look at the screen to realize that the person standing outside was Li Si. Then, he quickly opened the door. He had just opened the door when Yang Sheng looked at Li Si in puzzlement and asked,Why are you here?

Li Si shrugged as he handed a big bag of items to Yang Sheng. Here, this is for you! Earlier, Missus was shopping at the supermarket, so she decided to get some for him too. She told me to bring it over. Take it!

Yang Sheng subconsciously reached out to take the bag. Peering down, he realized that the shopping bag was filled with nutritious ingredients and some healthy snacks. He was stunned by the gesture. How did your Missus know that our Master Qi was running out of food at home?

No one knows whether Master Qi has food at home or not. Missus just thought that she bought too much, so she decided to give him some and got me to bring it over. Right, hows Master Qi? He mustve drunk a lot last night, didnt he? Li Si took a peek inside and asked.

Yang Sheng turned to his side and indicated for Li Si to go in as he responded, Hes still asleep. When we left the Entertainment City, he was fine. it was when he was getting down from the car as we reached home that he threw up a lot, and suffered through the night. Want to come in?

Its fine, I wont. I was just asking. Take good care of him. if you get any news later on, or if theres something odd about him, just give our Master or Missus a call. Ill leave now. take good care of yourself! Li Si did not stay longer and he turned around to leave.

When he saw Li Sis figure vanishing out of the doorway, Yang sheng closed the door slowly.

Who came over?

Yang Sheng had just returned to the living room when he saw Qi Lei walking unhurriedly down the stairs in his dark blue pajamas. He had a large towel in hand to dry his damp hair.

Master Qi, youre awake!

Yang Sheng quickly walked over and considered the large bag in his hand before he smiled and said, Li Si sent these. He said that Director Xi got them for you. Quickly have some food. I know that you were quite drunk last night, so I specially made you some light porridge. Have some.

Li Si? Xiaye?

Qi Lei was surprised as he slung the towel over his shoulder, raising his handsome brows. Why does it look as if she were keeping a pretty boy? Do you think I have the potential to be a pretty boy lover?

As Qi Lei said that, he walked up to Yang Sheng and peeked into the huge bag. Then, his handsome face flashed with a smile. Not bad. Its all the good stuff that suits my taste. Quickly bring it to the kitchen,he seemed to say a little happily as he walked to sit at the dining table where the breakfast that Yang Sheng prepared was already served.

Got it, Master Qi!

When Yang Sheng saw that Qi Lei was in a pretty good mood, he was relieved. He continued to respond to Qi Leis words, Master Qi, if we were to talk about pretty boys, you, of course, arent inferior to anyone else. Everyone in the circle says youve got charisma, the looks, and especially that the consideration. Werent there two popular female artistes who fought over you a few days ago? This goes to show that you have pretty good value!

Thats true, but can we not use those vulgar people to praise me? Qi Lei leisurely ate the porridge and said.

Yang Sheng could not help but force a smile. Actually, Master Qis standards were quite high. All these years in the circle, he walked past many beauties and did not feel charmed. He had never seen him fancy any woman either. Every time he probed him, Qi Lei would just use the words vulgar people to describe those women.

He wondered what kind of woman would Master Qi like. Could it really only be a woman like Director Xi?

But that was Master Mus wife!

Most importantly, the husband and wife were very loving and had a kind of eternal harmony, so Master Qi would not stand a chance at all!

At this moment, by the roadside not too far away from the entrance of the Grand Waves Villa area, inside a black Phaeton parked by the roadside.

In the backseat, Mu Yuchen was typing away on the laptop on his lap as he very skillfully and quickly keyed in a bunch of words. The screen immediately produced a series of data. The blue light reflecting from the screen made his handsome face reveal even more hints of coldness.

Just as he was quite focused, the front car door opened. Li Si slid in all sweaty as he fanned himself with a magazine. He reported respectfully to the person behind him, Master, Ive sent it over. He hasnt woken up yet. From how Yang Sheng seems, Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha probably havent come over yet, and Qi Lei probably doesnt know about Qi Qiming either.

After Li Si finished, Mu Yuchen did not quite react, yet Li Si did not continue. He knew that when his Master was working, he did not like to be disrupted.

The chauffeur in front did not start the car either as he waited for Mu Yuchens orders.

A while passed before Mu Yuchen eventually stopped typing away on the keyboard. His raspy voice then said, Lets get going.

Yes, Master!

With that single order, the car started.

The car had driven for quite a distance when the ever wary and vigilant chauffeur spoke up from the front,Master, that car behind seems to have been trailing us ever since we left the office.

When he said that, Mu Yuchen slowly closed his laptop and looked in the rearview mirror ahead with profound eyes. His calm lips immediately flashed with a smile. Li Si, guess whos in the car behind us.

Gazing into the rearview mirror, Li Sis expression was slightly solemn. Could it be Gu Qiwu? Didnt Gu Qiwu get people to spy on Miss Lingshi before this? Whats he trying to do!?




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