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(Falling Sick (3)

But if he could just work a little harder, I wouldnt be so disappointed in him! He was spoiled by your Aunt Wang. If she didnt protect Qi Lei since he was young and didnt let him get too close to me, things wouldnt have turned out the way they are today!

When Qi Qiming spoke about this, his tone started to get emotional and his deep eyes gathered with an indistinct light, yet his gaze looked exceptionally complicated.

He did not seem to notice that these days, every time Wang Qin was brought up, the emotions that had been suppressed in his heart would easily be brought up, especially during this time. He even seemed to see Wang Qin in his dreams. When he reached out, he could not touch her, so he became sad again. He had been having insomnia for quite a while now, and it had not improved. Although he even went to see a psychologist, the doctor said that he was too stressed and that he should suitably relax.

After that, he frequently went to exercise and looked for those beautiful mistresses that he had been paying for, but his symptoms did not seem to reduce. With relaxation evading him, he was not in great shape. Exacerbated by the unhappiness with Qi Lei, all of this seemed to have caused a blockage in his heart.

Alright, Uncle Qi, Qi Leis like a rebellious teenager right now. As long as we care about him more on the daily, I think that hell be able to see it. Was he not close to Aunt Wang before this? Once Aunt Wang was gone, he suddenly came to a realization, so I believe that hell understand, Gu Lingsha consoled softly.

Im afraid I wont live to see that day. Hes usually quite protective of his mother in front of me. He just has too much against me and Ah Feng. Your Aunt Wang always had her guard up against Qi Feng. Im sure you know about that too. She thinks that the whole Qi Kai should be Qi Leis, but look at Qi Lei! Look at him! With the way he is and that image of his, do you really think Id be happy handing Qi Kai to him?

When Qi Qiming said this, he could not help but feel a strong headache come on. He could only lower his head and lift a hand to massage his temples. In fact, your Aunt Wangs stubborn. Even in death, she wouldnt say anything affectionate to me. She thought that she was the queen and would just disregard all men, including me!

Fury built within him as a cold light flashed in his eyes.

As for Wang Qin, Qi Qiming did not know exactly how he felt. If he were to say he hated her, he did not feel happy at all after she passed away. Instead, he felt like he was in pain and suffering, but if he were to say she reigned in his heart, he was never actually pleased with her intentions, and had always wanted her to be defeated with nothing left!

Uncle Qi, are youare you alright?

Gu Lingsha had never seen Qi Qiming like this. With both hands holding onto the cup tightly, it seemed like his grip was going to shatter the cup, and he looked a little out of the ordinary.

Qi Qiming quickly reacted, lowering his gaze and concealing all his emotions.


Gu Lingsha was about to say something when at that moment, the door was suddenly pushed open slowly. The soft sound came through, and the two of them subconsciously looked towards the door to see the calm Qi Feng in his wheelchair.

He was dressed the same as usual in gray casual clothes and that black cap on his head, covering that extremely handsome face of his while Morrison pushed him slowly from behind.

CEO Qi, Miss Gu! Morrison swiftly greeted and politely bowed slightly at the two of them.

He had just reached the bedside when Qi Fengs raspy and dry voice was heard.You can go out first.

Morrison nodded and then turned to silently leave the ward.

Why did you rush over so early in the morning? Watch your health, Ah Feng. Gu Lingsha very quickly went up to him.

Qi Feng took a look at her, then gave her a gaze that told her not to worry. He turned and swiftly focused on Qi Qiming. Father, how are you feeling?

Im fine. Theres no need to rush over if youre not in the best of health. Its enough with Lingsha and the butler here. Qi Qiming looked at Qi Feng with a slightly gentle gaze while his tone held a hint of concern too.

Qi Feng just smiled calmly as he responded with a lowered gaze, Its fine. I couldnt sleep anyway. I was worried, so I came over to visit. Then, he turned to Gu Lingsha. Have you gotten through Xiao Leis phone? Have you told him about Fathers condition?

Gu Lingshas face turned rigid for a moment and her eyes dimmed. She subconsciously looked at Qi Qiming whose expression instantly froze before she shook her head gently and said helplessly, Not yet. When I called him earlier, it kept saying that his phone was switched off. Ill call him again right now.

She swiftly took her phone out and called Qi Lei, but soon, that beautiful face of hers darkened again. She sighed deeply and looked at Qi Qiming. Upon seeing that his expression was already very gloomy, she could not help but look worriedly at Qi Feng as she said softly, Its still switched off. I think he probably doesnt want anyone to contact him and needs some time alone. Theres nowhere else he could go, so hes probably at the Grand Lakes Villa area. Ill get someone to take a look.

Forget about him! I dont need him to visit me!

Before Gu Lingsha could finish, Gu Qiwus cold and gloomy voice immediately came. He barely caught his breath before there was a wave of intense coughing, Gu Lingsha was so frightened that she quickly called the doctor in. Morrison and the rest rushed in too.

Afterwards, the doctor had to inject Qi Qiming with a tranquilizer before he calmed down a little.

The doctor handled everything and then sighed before advising Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha,CEO Qi cant be provoked. Its best not to provoke him anymore. Just let him rest well right now.

Gu Lingsha quickly nodded apologetically. Alright, we understand. Thank you so much. We wont.

Qi Feng studied Qi Qiming who had fallen asleep again. After a while, he spoke up raspily,You two, stay here to watch over him. Morrison!

Got it, Master! the two bodyguards responded before Morrison wheeled Qi Feng out of the doorway.

When he passed by Gu Lingsha, Qi Feng said,Lets go home first. They will report it right away if anything happens here. Youre worn out from the night. Go home and rest well. Ill think of something with Qi Lei.




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