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(Falling Sick (2)

As morning came, the sun rays crept through the windows and the curtains swayed with the breeze.

Gu Lingsha was exhausted because she had been up the whole night. It was very quiet inside the ward. She could only hear the sound of the curtains and the beeping from the machine.

Qi Qiming looked weak as he lay down on the bed, still unconscious at the moment.

Since Gu Lingsha was too tired, she had fallen asleep on the chair.

A row of bodyguards stood outside Qi Qimings room.

After Qi Lei left the Qi residence last night, Gu Qiwu was sent to Hospital T almost right away. They managed to keep him alive and his condition was stabilized. However, he still needed to be under observation for now.

Gu Lingsha heard the door opening while she was asleep, so she quickly woke up and looked towards the door to see the doctor.

Morning, Ms. Gu! the doctor greeted her and walked towards the bed. Then, he gave Qi Qiming a simple check-up.

Hows Uncle Qi? When is he going to wake up? Gu Lingsha asked the doctor in a worried tone.

The doctor replied after he recorded his observation, His heart stopped due to overstimulation, but thankfully he was sent to the hospital in time. His health has been deteriorating as of late, and he cant take any more impact. Although hes safe at the moment, I recommend that he stays in the hospital for observation. CEO Qi should wake up in a while. Dont worry.

Gu Lingsha was relieved to hear the doctors words and she nodded. Okay, I understand. Thank you. Ill cooperate with you on whatever you need, but please help Uncle Qi to recover no matter the cost, alright? she begged. She was really worried about Qi Qiming as he looked lifeless on the bed.

She had finally witnessed Qi Leis cruelty although she never expected him to become like that. Qi Lei had always been a gentle and humble person in her impression, especially in front of her. He would do almost everything she said in the past, but he had turned into a completely different person in just a few years.

Time could really erase a lot of things, but some hatred was not easily forgotten.

Dont worry, Ms. Gu. We will do our best. It shouldnt be a huge issue if he rests well, the doctor said.

Gu Lingsha nodded. Thank you!

Youre welcome!

The doctor then left the room.

Gu Lingsha stood up and massaged her back a little before she walked to the window and opened the curtains so that the room seemed much brighter.

As she stretched her back, she was about to call Assistant Song, but she heard someone coughing nearby. Turning around swiftly, she noticed that Qi Qiming had woken up.

Uncle Qi, youre awake! Gu Lingsha quickly went over and helped him to sit up.

Qi Qiming coughed and looked at his surroundings in confusion before he asked in a weak tone, Lingsha? What happened? Why am I here?

Uncle Qi, thank goodness youre awake. I was so worried! You suddenly passed out last night. We sent you to the hospital in time, or else, I really dont know what couldve happened. Uncle Qi, you shouldnt get angry so quickly anymore. Youre the one who suffers when you get angry. Gu Lingsha was evidently relieved to see him awake.

Qi Qiming instantly remembered what happened last night. He wore a darkened expression on his pale face as he felt a suffocating pain in his chest. That bastard of a son! I really dont know what to do with him anymore!

Alright, Uncle Qi, calm down. Remember that you cant get angry or itll damage your health. I understand that Qi Lei has indeed hurt you, but you cant let your health deteriorate because of him. Qi Lei is still young. Ah Feng and I will talk to him. Im sure hell understand soon. Dont be so angry about it, Uncle Qi. Drink some water!

Afraid that Qi Qiming would get worked up again, she gently comforted him and gave him half a glass of water.

It took him some time to calm down. He took a sip of water before asking, What time is it now?

Youve been in the hospital for two days now. Its the morning of the second day. The doctor said its recommended for you to rest for a few days. Well head back once youve fully recovered, said Gu Lingsha as she sat down on the chair, By the way, Ah Feng went back home after midnight. I was worried that he was forcing himself to stay up, so I told him to go back first. He should be coming over later.

Qi Qiming went quiet for a while. It must be tough for him to face something like this right after he came back. Qi Lei has always been so cruel, and he is extremely biased against Ah Feng.

You dont have to blame yourself, Uncle Qi. This happened because of me, so I just wanted to ease the situation, especially since Aunt Wang passed away. I know both Qi Lei and you are having it rough, and you guys miss Aunt Wang. I suppose the relationship between you two will continue like this forever. Its just that the way you two communicated all these years was wrong, hence the conflicts and misunderstandings. Gu Lingsha frowned and she tried her best to provide him with some comfort.

Its not your fault. Who wouldnt wish to have a harmonious family? However, you underestimate the conflict between us. Qi Qimings tone was cold.




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