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(Falling Sick (1)

Of courseI only treat you like this

The night was getting late. She fell asleep in his arms, but Mu Yuchen was still awake. He longed for this warmth to the point that he was afraid to close his eyes because he was fearful that he would lose this once he woke up.

He was very careful, especially towards her.

He looked at her under the dim lights in the room. Then, he glanced at his son who was sound asleep. Ill love you forever, Xiaye He hugged her tightly and slowly fell asleep.

Tonight, it was not just Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye feeling the warmth.

Inside Su Chens villa, they just got into bed after a long day.

Lets sleep earlier, were going to be busy starting tomorrow, we need rest to deal with them. Su Chen snatched Ji Zitongs phone away and switched it off. He put it on the table on her side and switched off the table lamp as well.

Are you sure I dont have to help out with the wedding at all? Ji Zitong lay down and asked.

Su Chen replied, Just let them handle it. Theyll be able to give you any wedding you can think of.

I just think its us who are getting married. My parents arent really knowledgeable about this sort of thing

Just think about it. What do you think wedding planners are for? Just prepare yourself to be my bride. Theyll be really happy if you give them a child soon.

Child? We havent even been together for long! Ji Zitong glared at him and frowned.

Su Chen frowned as well when he heard Ji Zitong. He looked at her and said, Are you doubting me right now?

Ji Zitong turned her face away helplessly. Okay, just pretend like I never said that.

How could you be so irresponsible with your words? Who knows if there might be a little seed growing inside you right this moment!?

Su Chen was already touching her belly as her cheeks were burning red. She pushed his hand away. Youre getting more and more lecherous every day. Are all men like you?

What do you mean? Dont you see that Im totally being serious right now? No man wouldnt be interested! Su Chen suddenly hovered his face above her as he was talking.

Ji Zitong struggled. Please forgive me, Chief Su. The day before yesterday

Just one time tonight, he said quietly.

Afterward, she thought to herself, Su Chen, you liar!

The night was short during summer. Soon, the morning sunlight sneaked through the gaps of the curtains, entering the room.

Mu Yuchen woke up from the gurgling of the baby. He slowly opened his eyes and looked over at the source of the noise to notice that Mu Xiaocheng was already awake and talking to himself at the moment while putting his hand into his mouth. He was definitely having fun with himself as he flailed his limbs around.

When Mu Xiaocheng noticed his father watching him, he turned his little head around and stared straight into Mu Yuchens eyes.

Noticing him staring, he glanced at his little woman before gently extending his arm over and grabbing Mu Xiaochengs hand to carefully stop him from putting his hand into his mouth.

Mu Xiaocheng was unhappy that his fun time was interrupted, so he frowned and started moving around. Then, he grabbed one foot and put it into his mouth.

Who taught you this bad habit? Stop putting your hands and feet into your mouth! Are you hungry?

Mu Yuchen frowned and tried to keep his voice low. His expression was strained as he tried to put on a strict face.

Although Mu Xiao Cheng was young, he could somehow understand Mu Yuchens expression. His cute face started to frown and he was about to cry, so Mu Yuchen poked his cheek and put a finger on his lips. Shh, dont cry, you little brat. Youll wake your mother.

As Mu Xiaocheng paused before putting his hand back into his mouth, Mu Yuchen started frowning and dragging his hand away again. Upset, the little baby waved his hands around as he stared at his father and started a hiccup sort of sob.

Be hygienic, my son!

Mu Xiaocheng continued to pout even more.

Alright, open your mouth then. Mu Yuchen was patient as he quickly took Mu Xiaochengs hand away the moment he put it into his mouth. Frustrated in the end, Mu Xiaocheng started crying.

You little! Mu Yuchen pinched his cheek gently and wanted to calm him down, but Mu Xiaocheng was crying to his hearts content, waking Xi Xiaye up.

Mu Yuchen pinched his sons cheek again before pretending to be asleep.

Whats wrong? Why are you crying? Xi Xiaye opened her eyes and got up. She quickly held Mu Xiaocheng and comforted him, Are you hungry? What time is it now? Why are you up so early?

Alright, stop crying. Let me take a look. Its alright. Ill give you a shower and get you some food. Lets have your father make you something

Xi Xiaye could not bear to see her son crying helplessly. She was getting worried as she kicked the man beside her. Stop pretending to be asleep. Go and make some milk!

Mu Yuchen almost fell down from the bed, but he barely avoided the fall by grabbing the blanket. He picked his sleeping robe up from the floor and put it on before heading outside.




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