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(Counter Every Move (4)

Mu Yuchen nodded gently. His deep voice was sensitive as he replied, Mmm, theyve left. Its already so late. No bringing such topics into the bedroom the next time.

Then, he reached over to Mu Xiaocheng before gently picking him up. Come here, my son. Let me carry you.

Go and shower first! You smell like alcohol. Youll suffocate him. Ive gotten your clothes out for you. Chop chop! Xi Xiaye stopped him, snatched her son over, and looked at him in disdain.

Mu Yuchen spread his palms openhelplessly, took a look at Xi Xiaye, then leaned down slightly to say in his sons ear softly, Son, do you see that? Your mothers beginning to not like me now.

Go now. Youre so dirty! Xi Xiaye reached out to push him away, but he just chuckled softly and then stole a peck on her lips before going to the bathroom.

More than 20 minutes later, Mu Yuchen finally came out of the bathroom refreshed, then he swiftly plonked himself on the bed before pulling Xi Xiaye into his arms as he lowered his head and watched Mu Xiaocheng in her arms.

It was late at night, but Mu Xiaocheng had just woken up from his sleep, so he now seemed quite energetic. He widened his bright eyes and watched the two faces before him while his mouth kept making cooing sounds as if he was talking to his parents. At the same time, Xi Xiaye seemed to be having a great chat with him too.

Upon feeling his warmth behind her, Xi Xiaye turned and looked at him, then she said gently to her son, Baby, whos this? Look, can you recognize who this is?

Even if he can, he cant answer you. Come, son, let your me carry you. See if youve gotten heavier, hmm?

Mu Yuchen took their son from Xi Xiayes arms, lifting him slightly. His calm eyes gathered with a faint hint of tenderness as he planted a kiss on his sons face while Mu Xiaocheng laughed happily, reaching out to hold his cheek.

Father, son. Call Father. Remember that this handsome and dashing man before you is your father, and this beautiful woman beside you is your mother. Remember that? Little one, dont put your hand into your mouth. Thats dirty

Xi Xiaye looked helplessly at the vain man. She just pursed her lips and smiled, not disturbing this adorable father-son interaction.

Mmm? What do you want? Your eyes are so wide open. This is a lightIsnt it quite bright? Does it look beautiful? Let me teach you how to differentiate colors. Hmm, do you see that? This is a dim yellow, warm light. Isnt it quite beautiful? Give me a smile.

Mu Xiaocheng widened his eyes and blinked at the light shining overhead. He seemed to have suddenly noticed something very fun, so his hands kept waving about while his mouth mumbled a cheerful sound.

Come on, give me face. Give me a smile. Call Father, FatherLook at me, little one, look at me. Whats so nice about the light? Look at me

Mu Xiaocheng ignored him and kept staring unmoving with his eyes widened at the light above him.

After that, Xi Xiaye reminded amusedly,Alright now. Quickly coax him to sleep. The little guy isnt used to sleeping late.

Mu Yuchen pinched Mu Xiaochengs little cheeks. How naughty of you. When will you grow up? When will you call Father and Mother, hmm? When youve grown a little more and have learned how to talk and walk, I will bring you to have fun, little guy.

Later on, they still chatted and played with Mu Xiaocheng till past midnight before the husband and wife coaxed him to sleep. Then, Xi Xiaye slipped into Mu Yuchens arms.

When they were about to fall asleep, Xi Xiaye who laid in his arms suddenly asked softly,Did Ah Mo say anything about Ah Shi?

Still the same. It will still take some time for her to accept it. Mothers been going over these past few days, so dont worry. His deep voice came unhurriedly.

Xi Xiaye sighed softly before she said a little helplessly, Ill go over to see her tomorrow too. Have you arrange the work matters for her?

I let VP Wen arrange it. Alright, sleep earlier. Well talk about tomorrows matters tomorrow.

Xi Xiaye then plainly responded, Mmm, I hope that the days to come wont be as you guessed. Otherwise

Weve done our best. Dont worry too much. Ive sent Ah Mo to City B. He left tonight, Mu Yuchen told her about Ah Mos movements in the end.

While Xi Xiaye was stunned, she did not ask further about it. Instead, she said calmly, Mmm, Ill let you handle these things. If you need anything, let me know. Right, are you going to prepare the gift forSu Chens wedding or should I do it?

Theres nothing more suitable than giving him a huge red packet. I initially kept a villa for them in the Grand Waves Villa area too. I was planning on giving it to them as their wedding gift, but Ah Mos not willing to move over. As for Su Chen and Zimo, that depends on their wishes too.

Mmm, if we were in the same villa area, Xiao Rui and Xiao Cheng would have friends to play with as they grow up, just like how you were with Su Chen and Zhou Zimo. That was your plan, wasnt it?

She had been with him for a while, so she could naturally see through his intentions. After all, he was someone who valued relationships, kinship, brotherhood, friendship, and even his love for her.

Yeah, Ah Mo and Su Chen are done now. Its just Zimo left.

Alright, theres still Qi Lei too. Ive been thinking about it these past few days. I think that hes quiteMr. Mu, youre a very broad-minded person. Please watch over him more.

When he heard that, he started to feel a little jealous. His hand slid around her waist and he gently pinched her.You care about him more than you care about me, Missus.

Xi Xiaye shrunk back ticklishly and then put her hands around his shoulder as she smiled. The whole world knows that I care about you the most.

Is that so? He chuckled. His hands reached to her back and explored upwards.

With a shudder, she reached out to caress his chest too. How annoying! I know how to as well

He immediately laughed out softly, and went to her, pulling her into his embrace and holding her restless hand down. Alright, I admit my wrongdoing, Missus. Lets go to sleep.

Xi Xiaye then stopped. In the dim light, she stared at him for a very long while before asking, Mr. Mu, will you always be this good to me?

His large hand gently patted her head, yet he did not answer her. He only pulled her into his embrace.

Without an answer, Xi Xiaye fell asleep, yet right before she did, she seemed to have heard him say.




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