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(Counter Every Move (3)

Masters right. After your analysis, if anything bad happens to Qi Qiming, he will very likely use this opportunity to take lead. At the same time, he needs to make Qi Lei suffer serious damage. That way, no one can waver his position in Qi Kai, Li Si, who had not said anything, spoke up worriedly too.

It looks like Qi Leis not in a great position, Bro. Shall I rush to City B tonight? Ah Mo gripped the document in hand and asked.

Mu Yuchen propped his head up with one hand, then sighed. Yes, you must go right away. You have to settle this matter properly. Make sure CEO Li and that other partner protect Qi Lei. If there are any losses, Ill bear the burden, so they should feel assured.

Yes, I got it, Brother!

He thought about it before adding on,Also, you must keep this thing top secret. Even Qi Lei himself cant know. If anything, Ill tell him myself, got it?

Ah Mo nodded in response.

Ive prepared the private plane for you. Get Li Si to send you over later, Mu Yuchen said as he picked up his phone from beside him to take a look at the time and continued, How are things on Lingshis end? Its been quite a few days now. Has she calmed down?

Knowing that her relationship with Gu Qiwu was undoubtedly a huge hit to Mu Lingshi, although Mu Yuchen did not call Mu Lingshi all this time, he had no doubt that she needed to calm down alone and do her best to accept the facts as soon as possible.

When Mu Lingshi was mentioned, helplessness and concern could not help but flash in Ah Mos eyes as he sighed. Shes still the same. She cant quite accept it. When she got home, she didnt say anything. She just stays home alone in a daze. Im worried about her, so I called Mother who has been going over to be with her these past few days.

Upon hearing that, Mu Yuchen lowered his eyes sadly. He thought about it, then responded, Because it happened so suddenly, you must rush over to City B, and youll probably have to stay there for a few days. How about this? Ill called Mother later and tell her to stay at your place for the next few days. Coincidentally, Mothers studied psychology before this, so being with Lingshi more should help her.

Alright, thank you, Brother. Ill call Lingshi later and let her know, Ah Mo responded solemnly.

How about me, Master? What else can I do? Li Si asked worriedly.

You pay attention to how things are on Qi Kais end for now. Also, give Xi Xinyi a stern reminder. On Qi Leis end, if things pan out as our predictions, do your best to cooperate with Assistant Yang and see if they need anything.

Okay, Master!

Ah Mo hesitated and finally could not help but raise his doubts,Right, Brother, based on what you said, Qi Kais shares will definitely fall. Will Qi Feng take such a huge risk? After all, he wouldnt want himself to get Qi Kai into crisis, will he?

Upon hearing that, Mu Yuchen just smiled calmly. His profound eyes flashed with an unfathomable cold light as he calmly responded, Youve asked a good question. Indeed, this is quite risky, but what if Qi Feng has something else up his sleeve and has a way for Qi Kai to recover?

What could that be? Ah Mo frowned, and asked.

I dont know what it could be. In fact, everything were doing right now is just my preparation for the worst. I hope that Im being too cautious about it all, and that Im just overthinking. Otherwise, well be crossing swords with Qi Feng! Mu Yuchen said with a mysterious smile.

When he saw the smile on Mu Yuchens face, Ah Mo was relieved. As long as he saw this smile on his face, he felt more assured, so he then laughed, Brother, we havent seen him, yet there seems to be traces of shots fired. Id really like to see how capable Qi Feng can be!

When Li Si heard Ah Mo, he could not help but spill all the gossip he heard from around, Speaking of that, Ive sourced information about Qi Feng before. I really do think this person is quite unfathomable, and hes good at pretending. Many people in the circle admire him. They all say hes an honorable son of the high society, humble and polite, friendly, and an elegant gentleman. Many women treat him like their Prince Charming. In fact, that face of his is quite mesmerizing!

Hehe, but as charming as he may be, he cant compare to our Master! Li Si added on.

Mu Yuchen just smiled calmly. Alright, thats him. Im me. We havent met for a few years now. In fact, with such a deep grudge between us, I have a feeling that well be meeting very soon.

But, Brother, you should be more vigilant. We cant be sure that he wont play any tricks again. Ive already found Lingshi a personal bodyguard wholl be on duty tomorrow onwards. The people that Gu Qiwu has hired are still in hiding, Ah Mo explained Mu Lingshis situation clearly as well.

Mmm, got it. Let Li Si arrange things if theres anything required. Theres no need to pack your things either. The people there will arrange everything. Go right away. Li Si, send him to the airport, Mu Yuchen ordered in a deep voice.

Yes! The two of them answered at the same time, then rushed to leave the study room. Afterward, the sound of the car engine starting was heard.

Mu Yuchen stood at the window in his study room and watched as the car drove further away. After a long while, he turned around to leave the study room.

When he returned to his bedroom, Xi Xiaye was done showering and was lying in bed, flipping through some documents while their son, Mu Zicheng, lay beside her.

Xi Xiaye was clearly so focused on the document that she did not notice even when Mu Yuchen walked to the bedside. It was only when she felt the bed sink beside her, and the faint fragrance drifted into her nose that she looked over subconsciously.

Mu Yuchen reached out his long fingers and pinched Mu Xiaochengs cute little face. When he noticed the target before him, Mu Xiaochengs black gem-like eyes immediately widened. His two little chubby hands gripped onto Mu Yuchens hand before putting it into his mouth as he made a tiny gurgle. The gloom in Mu Yuchens heart vanished at the sight of this as loving warmth flashed all over his handsome face.

Have Ah Mo and the rest left? Xi Xiaye closed her document and set it aside on the table as she asked softly.




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