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(Counter Every Move (2)

Xi Xiaye suddenly felt grim. Qi Lei really had it rough. With a father and a family like this, he might be better off without one.

Its just my guess, but we still have to be prepared before anything happens. Quickly give Ah Mo a call.

Mu Yuchen patted her shoulder before he turned around and called Li Si.

Qi Lei had no idea what consequences would he face due to his sudden impulse. He just continued drinking away with Zhou Zimo as a sexy lady held an ice bag to his face.

Having not eaten beforehand, Qi Lei was beginning to feel drunk, so Zhou Zimo stopped him.

Thats enough drinking for now! Have something to eat! Zhou Zimo took his glass away.

Qi Lei squinted his eyes at Zhou Zimo. I can hold my liquor. I can still drink more.

I know youre unhappy, but its exactly at times like this that you shouldnt drink that much. It cant solve your problem.

Then, what can solve my problem? Qi Lei asked with a cold smile.

Go back home and get some sleep. Youll be fine tomorrow morning. Eat something now, and then head back.

Zhou Zimo patted his back and looked at Su Chen who was focused on his phone. Su Chen, you can go home if you want, Ill let Ah Chen know later. You should be preparing for your wedding soon. Dont make your wife unhappy!

Su Chen emptied his glass and then stood up. Ill head back now then. Things will get really busy for me tomorrow. Thanks for the tickets by the way! I suppose the two of you will become my best men then. Dont say no to me. You guys should head home earlier too. Oh, and tell Ah Chen for me!

Su Chen left a red invitation card for Qi Lei before grabbing his coat and leaving the room.

Hes already registered, so whats there to rush about? How dare he ask me for a gift?

Zhou Zimo smiled helplessly as Qi Lei glanced through the invitation card. Zhou Zimo laughed. It seems like were going to be the decorations for them. Do you think Ill be your best man, or youll be mine?

Youre kidding me! Youre going to be the last, arent you? I wont be the last with my charm! Qi Lei squinted at Zhou Zimo as he snatched his glass away and started drinking again.

You? Would there be any woman that want you considering your reputation?

How could there be no one? Im pretty sure therell be a queue of girls long enough to surround the whole of City Z if I announce that I want to get married!

Zhou Zimo chuckled, and they had fun chatting with each other.

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye drank a little after they went back into the room. They left the place at 10 p.m. while Qi Leis assistant, Yang Sheng, came over and fetched him back.Read the next chapter on our

Ah Mo and Li Si were already waiting in the living room when they returned to Maple Residence.

Mu Yuchen signaled them to go to the study room the moment he entered the house. Xi Xiaye went to the baby room to see that Mu Xiaocheng had woken up and Aunt Lin just finished feeding him.

Missus! Aunt Lin quickly stood up when she saw Xi Xiaye coming in.

Xi Xiaye nodded and smiled. Its fine. Let me hold him! She then held Mu Xiaocheng in her hands. Baby, did you have enough milk? Look at your adorable smile

As if he could recognize his own mother, Mu Xiaocheng started giggling when Xi Xiaye held him. Her heart was melted by his childish giggles, and her smile grew wider as well.

Missus, Young Master is really obedient. He hardly cried or made a fuss throughout the whole day. Both Sis Fang and I agreed that hes one of the best children weve taken care of. Hes looking more and more like Master as well. Even Elder Madam mentioned this earlier today!

Aunt Lin had a wide smile on her face as she looked at Mu Xiaocheng in Xi Xiayes arms.

Xi Xiaye left a kiss on her sons cheek. Im glad that hes not giving you too much trouble. He was quite naughty the night before yesterday, and his father took a long time to get him to sleep.

She then poked her sons little cheek as Mu Xiaocheng gurgled happily.

Look at his smile. I guess hes beginning to recognize you now. Aunt Lin could not help but play with him a little as well.

Im sure both of you are tired from the past few days. Just leave the rest to me and get back. Hell sleep in my room tonight.

Xi Xiaye had been busy helping out with Ah Mo and Mu Lingshis wedding, so she felt like she had been neglecting her son. She wanted Mu Xiao Cheng to sleep in her bedroom tonight.

The understanding Aunt Lin smiled and nodded. Alright, Ive just fed Young Master and changed his diapers as well, so hell be sleeping all the way until morning.

Alright, time to sleep!

Okay, good night, Missus, Young Master!

Good night!

Aunt Lin left the room, and Xi Xiaye brought her son into the bedroom.

Inside the quiet study, Mu Yuchen took a folder from the tall bookshelf to hand to Ah Mo with a serious expression. This is very important. I need you to handle this personally. Ive had a word with CEO Li just now, so hell understand if you give these documents to him.

Ah Mo had a good grasp of Mu Yuchens concerns. He took the folder and nodded. Dont worry Brother, Ill get it done.

Mu Yuchen took a deep breath, sitting down on the chair by the side. I can feel that things are getting complicated with Qi Fengs return. From what I know about him, he wont justlet this slide easily.




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