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(Counter Every Move (1)

He could not help but comment,Mu Yuchen and you really love each other deeply.

Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment, but she just smiled and replied casually, Hearing you say that reminds me of something. Maybe its time that you got yourself a partner. Ill be monitoring you for that.

Im not interested in getting one at the moment. Ill wait until when my career is secure. Qi Lei sighed as he felt pretty lost and helpless right now. He could not get a clear vision of his own future as if a thick fog was blurring his vision.

Its not bad to have someone else to care for you. Keep that in mind. Xi Xiaye took a brief pause. I think that its easier to keep going when you have someone else with you. Dont you think so?

I dont know. Ive always been alone as far as my memory serves me right.

He then stopped talking afterward while Xi Xiaye studied him with a gloomy expression. Unsure what was going through his mind, she did not say anything either and sped up.

It was already 9 p.m. when they arrived in Room 808 of the Imperial Sky Hotel. Mu Yuchen, Su Chen, and Zhou Zimo were playing cards as they drank. There were also three cute girls in sexy outfits serving them drinks.

They looked at the door when Xi Xiaye and Qi Lei entered.

Xi Xiaye glanced at Mu Yuchen, and her eyes quickly noticed the girl right beside him. She gave him a meaningful gaze.

Mu Yuchen calmly gave the girl a signal. She then called the other two girls and left the room promptly.

Are you done already? Mu Yuchen looked at Xi Xiaye, and then his gaze shifted to Qi Lei.

Its just about the contract. I met him on the way here. Get someone to send some ice over! Xi Xiaye sat down on the sofa while Su Chen and Zhou Zimo both gave Qi Lei a doubtful glance.

They definitely noticed the slap mark on Qi Leis face, so they traded glances before Zhou Zimo asked, Who did that?

Qi Lei shrugged as he sat down on the sofa and helped himself to some wine on the table.

Mu Yuchen signaled his bodyguard to get an ice bag.

What happened? Ah Chen said you just got off the plane, didnt you? How did that happen? Did your old man throw you out of the house?

Su Chen knew a little bit about his family. Mu Yuchen had been talking to him about it, so he had a rough idea about what Qi Lei was going through.

The real prince came back, and youre exiled. I really do pity you, Qi Lei. Id have turned the world upside down already if I were you! Zhou Zimo continued the conversation as he poured Qi Lei a glass of wine.

Qi Feng? Su Chen glanced at Qi Lei in curiosity. Hes back?

Yeah, I just saw him earlier. Although his appearance has changed, I was still able to recognize him at first glance. Qi Lei emptied the glass of wine instantly.

Mu Yuchen frowned at Qi Lei before glancing over at Xi Xiaye. Immediately, he went out, and Xi Xiaye understood him as she followed behind.

What happened? Mu Yuchen stopped at the end of the empty corridor as he looked at her.

Xi Xiaye sighed. Im not quite sure as well. I guess Gu Lingsha slapped him. I bumped into him near the bridge, so I brought him over. I feel uneasy. Will he be alright?

Dont worry. Well see what happens next. Ah Bao has been observing Qi Fengs movements, and hell call me if he does something

Mu Yuchens phone suddenly rang before he could finish his sentence. He quickly took out his phone and noticed it was a call from Ah Bao.

He seemed to have realized something, so he frowned and quickly answered the call.

Master, Qi Lei just got into a fight with Qi Qiming at the Qi residence. Qi Qiming was so outraged that he started vomiting blood and was sent to the hospital. His situation is still unknown at the moment. Ah Baos voice reached him.

Mu Yuchens expression darkened. Continue to monitor them. Let me know if anything else happens. He hung up on the call after that.

What happened? Xi Xiaye noticed that Mu Yuchens expression had changed all of a sudden, and he was deep in thought.

Qi Lei had a fight with Qi Qiming just now. Qi Qiming was so outraged that he started vomiting blood and was sent to the hospital, Mu Yuchen gave her a simple reply.

Xi Xiayes expression darkened. How could that be? Qi Qiming

From my understanding of Qi Feng, Qi Lei is probably in trouble this time. Mu Yuchen was getting a headache.

Trouble? What trouble? Xi Xiaye did not understand what was happening.

Mu Yuchen closed his eyelids as he put an arm over her shoulder. I hope Im overthinking, but we have to be prepared. Give Ah Mo a call and tell him to come to Maple Residence immediately. I need to give CEO Li a call.

Whats happening? Xi Xiaye pulled his sleeve and asked.

It was not easy for Qi Lei to close the deal with the company in City B, but the contract isnt signed yet. From what I know, Wang Qins team fought for this chance for Qi Leis sake, so it would be disastrous for Qi Leis position if this deal broke off. If someone made a big fuss out of the incident this time, Qi Kais shares will definitely suffer, and the contract wont happen.

Mu Yuchen knew about Qi Leis visit to City B this time very well. CEO Li had some ties with that company, and because of his encouragement, Qi Lei was able to close the deal successfully.




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