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Mu Yuchen hung up. Qi Lei looked at the screen helplessly,then leisurely put the phone back into his pocket. He did not take another look at Qi Qiming before he walked towards the entrance.

Stop right there! Where are you going?

Qi Qiming restrained his temper a little after what Qi Lei just said, but he still did not look calm.

Where am I going? Obviously, Im going to meet some good buddies. Where else could I go? Qi Lei retorted, and as he was about to walk ahead, the butler and the two bodyguards who were guarding at the door went up to him to stop him.

Move aside! Qi Lei said coldly with a frown.

Second Master, please respect CEO Qi! the butler pleaded.

It would have been fine if he did not say this, but the moment he did, it ignited an explosion that had long been hidden in Qi Leis heart. He glared at the butler, then suddenly pushed his shoulder aside.

Since when is it your turn to speak now? Respect? Has he ever respected me? Move aside! Qi Lei pushed the bodyguards before him away hard, and then quickly moved ahead. What else can you do besides using violence? QI Qiming, you treated my mother like this too, didnt you? You scum!

Shut up! Stop him! Qi Qimings expression darkened, and he went up to him too!

Upon receiving Qi Qimings orders, the bodyguards that had been guarding by the door practically went up to stop Qi Lei simultaneously, yet the latter was quick. He clenched his fists and angrily charged forward. With one hand, he struck a few vicious punches at the bodyguards, then shoved the butler aside.

The butler could not stand steadily, so when he hit the bodyguards that Qi Lei attacked, he immediately fell backward and collided with Qi Qiming!

Uncle Qi! Gu Lingsha called out, anxiously rushing to him, but Qi Qiming was already knocked to the ground.

Bastard! Are you trying to anger me to death! Ah!

Anger you to death? Are you even worthy? I dont want you to go and see my mother so soon. Youd better not contaminate her reincarnation. I dont have a father like you either and I dont want to see you!

Qi Lei did not even take a second glimpse at the furious Qi Qiming behind him before his tall figure walked ahead!

You unfilial son! Unfilial son! Come back!

However, as much as Qi Qiming shouted, Qi Lei pretended like he did not hear him at all.

His tall figure walked ahead without a trace of reluctance to leave.

When she saw Qi Leis figure vanish out of the door, Gu Lingsha immediately chased after him.

Qi Lei! Dont go! Come back! Come back right now! Stop right there, Qi Lei!

Gu Lingsha swiftly rushed out to grab Qi Leis arm. A hint of anger gathered in her blue eyes. Youve really disappointed me, Qi Lei! Dont you know how hard it was for Uncle Qi to make up his mind to have a proper talk with you? Hes your father. Do you think you could just erase this relationship of yours?

Let go, Shasha. Qi Lei was firm although he slowed down his steps and looked at Gu Lingsha with a lukewarm expression.

Im not letting go! If you wont speak properly with Uncle Qi today, I wont let go. Since when did you get such abhorrent temper you showed today? Qi Lei, have you forgotten what you promised me back then? Why cant you just sit down and have a good chat? As for Aunt Wangs passing, were all very heartbroken over it. Youre not the only one who misses her. Uncle Qi does too! You dont have to treat him like that

Gu Lingsha was trying hard to relieve Qi Qiming and Qi Leis relationship, yet before she could finish, Qi Lei had already spoken up to stop her, Enough! Stop using my mother. Shes dead! Shes gone! If she were still around and saw this scene, she would probably be furious! Let go of me! Theres nothing for us to talk about. He doesnt deserve to be my father. He doesnt deserve


Before Qi Lei could finish, a bitter wind blew, then there was the clear sound of a slap. Qi Lei instantly felt pain stinging his face.

Gu Lingsha looked a little startled at her hand that was numb from the pain. Her gaze moved and stopped on Qi Leis face. With the lights, she could see a red slap markon Qi Leis handsome face, and there was even a hint of blood at the corner of his thin lips.

Qi Lei did not move. He stood there and silently looked at Gu Lingsha who was already stunned. Moments after that, he smiled coldly and lifted a hand to wipe the corner of his lips. When he saw the blood on his fingertips, his cold and devilish laugh was heard.

Great! I dont owe you anymore. From now on, I no longer owe you anything, so take care of yourself!

He lifted his sleeve to nonchalantly wipe away the blood that had appeared at the corner of his mouth as he looked indifferently at Gu Lingsha. Before he walked ahead, his proud and aloof figure very quickly blocked the dim lights ahead.

Everyone could not react immediately. By the time Gu Lingsha did, Qi Qiming had marched out with the help of the butler, but Qi Lei was already gone.

Lei, that wasnt my intention! I just wanted you to wake up! Gu Lingsha looked at her trembling hand, then shouted towards the direction where Qi Lei had vanished in.

This bastard! This Qi Qiming was extremely angry. When he saw Qi Lei vanish, he could not catch his breath and fell backward.

CEO Qi! CEO Qi, are you okay?

Uncle Qi, are you okay?

Uncle Qi has fainted! Send him to the hospital! Hurry!

In an instance, the entire Qi residence was in chaos.

The night breeze was getting a little colder now, especially after the uninterrupted heavy rain from a few days ago. With the weather not being as hot as before, it was quite cool at night.

Qi Lei left the Qi residence without another word, and soon he got himself a taxi.

Imperial Sky Entertainment City, he said as soon ashe got into the car. Then, he quietly shut his eyes.

The driver in front dared not say much. He just silently started the car and drove towards Imperial Sky Entertainment City in the city center.

It was quite a distance from the Qi familys residence to Imperial Sky Entertainment City, so Qi Lei felt like he had slept in the car for a really long time before he woke up. He was still in the car, and when he turned to look out of the car window, he realized that the car had already driven into the city center and was about to cross theJiangzhong Bridge.

At this moment, he suddenly spoke up.




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