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(So Called Family 3)
Gu Lingsha could not bear to watch the family fall apart, so she went up to pull at Qi Leis arm as she advised him, Qi Lei, we just wanted you to come home for a meal today. Do you have to make everyone so upset? Whats wrong with you? Qi Lei!

Let go of me! Qi Lei pulled his arm away and looked coldly at the distressed Gu Lingsha. This is between me and him. Dont interfere!

His distant and indifferent voice slammed against her, and she could not help but shudder. Qi Leis strength also made her waver slightly. She looked at Qi Lei in disbelief. Lei, you

Gu Lingsha could catch a hint of apathy from Qi Leis eyes. In the past, at least, he hesitated, but right now, all that was left was hostility and distance.

You best remember the things Ive said to you. Otherwise, youll only make things hard for me. Do you understand? Qi Lei said to her, then continued to look at Qi Qiming on the sofa. The smile on his handsome face did not fade away, and he just smiled indifferently. But since Im back, Ill just take the chance to clear the air. Thats not a bad thing either.

You unfilial son! Are you trying to infuriate me to death? Huh? Do you want to piss me off? Qi Qiming clenched his fists as the veins on his forehead bulged in fury.

Uncle Qi, dont be angry! The doctor says you cant get angry! Gu Lingsha felt like her head was about to explode. She held back the hurt in her heart and quickly rushed to Qi Qiming. While she could not hold Qi Lei back, she could not let Qi Qiming be angered either. Otherwise, this night would not go peacefully. After all, it had not been easy to get Qi Lei home.

Qi Qiming inhaled with difficulty as he looked at Qi Lei who smiled devilishly before him. Just sitting there, he could feel the coldness from him. He pointed at Qi Lei with a trembling finger. How could I have a son like you?!

Compared to Qi Qimings anger that had skyrocketed, Qi Lei seemed much calmer as he answered smoothly,What a coincidence! I dont want a father like you either! Tell me. All these years, youve already harmed and wrecked my mother. Do you plan on continuing to trample all over me?

Xiao Lei, I havent seen you in years. Dont you plan on saying hi to me? Qi Feng, who had been keeping quiet on the side, finally spoke up. His raspy voice sounded nothing like his original voice, and his face had changed a lot too. Nonetheless, the moment Qi Lei walked in, he could already recognize Qi Feng since he already found out from Mu Yuchen how he looked like and had seen him from pictures before, so he was not surprised at all.

Qi Feng had been quietly observing Qi Lei from the moment he walked in. He could also feel that Qi Lei easily recognized him.

When he finished, Qi Lei looked toward the source of the voice, his eyes sweeping past Qi Fengs face. Then, he responded in a lukewarm manner, Do you think thats necessary?

He did not give Qi Feng any face at all and just sneered with disdain. This family has always only been the two of you. I dont know when I ever had any rights. When my mother was still around, I didnt see you lot having the time to organize some fun get-together dinner.

When Qi Lei said that, Qi Qimings expression turned worse. His sharp gaze glared at Qi Lei stonily.

Alright, stop pretending now. I know very well what youre all thinking, and I understand. Ive never wished for anything from you and Im dispensable to you. It was a mistake when you and Mother got married. Giving birth to me was a mistake on top of a mistake. Right now, Im just saying for the sake of our kinship that I hope you can stop making mistakes. Ill leave with nothing on my own. That way, youll have fewer worries too, Qi Lei continued.

The smile on Qi Leis face did not fade, but there was an additional hint of indifference and lack of regard. He flicked the fresh bouquet in the vase beside him, paused, and then continued, This should be a good thing for all of you, isnt it?

Im just hoping that youll let me live the rest of my days in peace. Is that so hard? My mothers freaking dead! Shes gone! Qi Kai is now completely yours. Cant you just let me have some days of peace and quiet? What did I do, Qi Qiming? What did I do wrong for you to hate me so much? This question has always bothered me, and Ive always wanted to know the answer!

When Qi Lei said this, the smile on his face suddenly froze and his black eyes reflected hopeless bitterness as they were fixed on Qi Qiming. Up until now, he did not seem to care much about Qi Qimings answer anymore. He only laughed bitterly and then waved indifferently. Forget it. Theres no need to ask. All these answers are no longer important to me. I dont want to remember everything from before anymore. You can do whatever you want. I just dont want to return to this home. Since you dont like me, why are you pretending like youre hurt?

Apart from taking my mothers things away, I didnt take any of yours. Thats all. Everything between the two of you has nothing to do with me anymore, so you should be happy now. From now on, everything here has got nothing to do with me. I want to just sitcomfortably in my VP office and complete the work I should be doing. My mothers sacrificed so much all these years, so just consider it as repayment to her. This shouldnt be too hard, hmm? Qi Lei finally looked at Qi Qimings rigid face.

However, before Qi Qiming could reply, the phone in Qi Leis pocket vibrated. Qi Lei leisurely took the phone out from his pocket. The screen showed that it was Mu Yuchen.

Qi Lei quickly answered the call, and Mu Yuchens deep, distant voice came through.

I know that you might be in the midst of being punished at home right now. Su Chen, Zhou Zimo, and I are now in Private Room 808 of the Imperial Sky Hotel. You can decide whether or not you want to come.

Upon hearing that, Qi Leis brows raised. He could immediately guess that Yang Sheng had called them. With a wry smile, he said, Youre quite the brother. Ive just landed.

Im just giving you face, Mu Yuchen answered from the other end.

Are there beauties with 38D boobs? The ones who wear that kind of skimpy clothes? Qi Lei answered as he leisurely walked out of the door.

If you really want one, I can find you one no matter the size. Dont speak nonsense now. Come over quickly. Were in the mood tonight, so well play a few rounds with you.

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