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(Oncerned For Him (4)

It was quiet inside the office as a fresh floral scent lingered around the entrance when she entered the room. It came from the flowers near the window.

Xi Xiaye looked around the office and did not find anyone, so she walked further in and heard deep breathing. Quickly, she glanced over.

She then noticed someone lying on the sofa. As expected, she found the man sleeping there. He even had her small coat on him, but he looked very pale and was frowning as well. He did not look comfortable at all.

Whats wrong? Xi Xiaye asked.

Mu Yuchen did not reply Xi Xiaye as he started hacking. His coughing sounded really hoarse, so she put her hand to his forehead uneasily. To her relief, his temperature seemed to be normal.

She did not want to wake him up upon seeing how exhausted he was. Then, she took a blanket out from the nearby cupboard and covered him.

Mu Yuchen felt sick and sleepy. He could sense someone feeling his forehead and putting a blanket over him. Although he did not open his eyes, he was sure that it was his wife. He grabbed her cold hand and forced himself to look at her.

He sat up immediately when he saw her face. Are you done with your meeting?

Xi Xiaye just let him hold her hand. Youve become like this after just one day. What happened? She got him a glass of water.

He quickly drank it and assured her, Its fine. Ill recover after some rest. Dont you have some medicine in the car? Ill take some later.

You really are quite frail. Just look at how many times youve fallen sick this year. Xi Xiaye glanced at him helplessly before she went to grab some flu medicine for him.

He ate the pills obediently and emptied the glass of water, then returned the glass to her.

My antibodies get updated every time I get the flu. He chuckled.

Xi Xiaye sat down beside him and removed his necktie. Why did you come here directly?

He pinched the space between his eyebrows as he replied,Just to take a look.

Xi Xiaye noticed that he was visibly exhausted and his expression was still pale. She put an arm over his shoulder and made him lie down while her voice became gentle, You just had some medicine. Get some rest. I have some work to do as well. Ill wake you up when Im ready to go home.

She covered him with the blanket again before he could reply.

Mu Yuchen nodded and put a pillow below his head. Mmm, you do your work. Heres my phone. Help me charge it and answer if someone calls. He then began his rest on the sofa, his gaze still fixed onto her.

She nodded and took the phone from him before leaving a kiss on his lips. Have a good rest.

The office became quiet once again as he fell asleep on the sofa.

The medicine had a drowsy effect, so he was deep in sleep moments later, but his breathing became smoother. Xi Xiaye was sitting by her table nearby as she worked through the documents, glancing at him from time to time. She was relieved to hear his even breathing.

The sky turned dark very soon, and it started to rain as soon as night arrived. The little gust of wind that sneaked into the room brought in some rain as well. Xi Xiaye looked over at the window.

She unlocked her phone and noticed it was almost 8 p.m.

It was so late!

Xi Xiaye frowned and packed up her stuff before heading towards the sofa. Mu Yuchen was still sleeping, so she did not wake him up and only adjusted his blanket for him. However, the man grabbed her hand as she was about to get up.

Mu Yuchen woke up from the din of the rain. By then, it was already late at night. He opened his eyes and noticed the little woman sleeping in his arms beside him.

He glanced at her gently. Then, he grabbed his phone and noticed that there were several missed calls from Ah Mo, Li Si, and Qi Lei.

As he was about to put his phone away, another call came in. It was from Qi Lei.

He turned around and looked at Xi Xiaye who was deep in her sleep now, so he declined the call and sent Qi Lei a message instead.

However, he noticed something moving beside him only to realize she had already woken up and was looking at him intently.




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