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(Concerned For Him (3)

In the Fuhua Property building in City Z, the sky looked a little gloomy that afternoon. The weather was really hot during the rainy summer, so it was very easy to get sweaty after a short walk outside.

Inside Xi Xiayes office, she was standing by her table as she looked around with a complicated expression on her face while Lan Zilang was right beside her.

CEO Xi, how is this? Its designed based on your preference. Elder CEO said the previous design was too traditional. This looks more youthful, but he wasnt sure if youd like it. If youre not happy with it, then we can renovate again. Lan Zilang glanced around the room as well.

Xi Xiaye smiled. She took a deep breath and said, Since when did Uncle Lan change the way you address me? Just call me Xiaye. CEO Xi sounds so odd from you. Im fine with this office. Theres actually no need to change the room. I was fine with the previous design as well. After all, its been Grandpas office for so many years, so Im actually a little not used to it now that it has changed.

Okay, Ms. Xiaye! Dont worry, Elder CEO has passed Fuhuaover to you completely, so everything will be under your command from now on. I hope that you can be happy as you lead Fuhua. I suppose thats what the Elder CEO wants to see as well. How is it? Its not as stressful as being in Glory World, is it? A lot of things are easy once you get used to it, and the team is assembled by the Elder CEO. They have great teamwork.

Lan Zilang had been helping Xi Xiaye get used to the operations and he had been observing her progress. Now that Shen Yue had officially retired, Xi Xiaye had to walk this path on her own. Her performance received recognition from everyone in the company. With Glory World as their strong back up, it would not be difficult for her to sustain in this field.

Lan Zilang had high respect for Mu Yuchen, similar to his attitude towards Shen Yue. Whenever there was a crisis, it felt like it would be fine with them around.

Its alright. I didnt expect Grandpas team to be this exceptional. Im really impressed and I feel lucky. Xi Xiaye took a pause and continued, I still need your help in the future. Plus, Im sure Grandpa is used to have you by his side, so

Before Xi Xiaye could finish her sentence, Lan Zilang interrupted her warmly, You dont have to tell me, Ms. Xiaye. I know. I thought of Elder CEO as my father, and youre sort of like my daughter as well. Ill do my best.

Mmm, Im glad you said that.Xi Xiaye gave Lan Zilang a grateful look.

Lan Zilang then asked, By the way Ms. Xiaye, since youve taken over Elder CEOs position, should we host a press conference?

Xi Xiaye raised her hand and stopped him. Theres no need for it. I like to keep things on the down-low since Grandpa has been keeping a low profile anyway. Ill follow his directions in the future. I suppose we should still keep many of his habits.

Lan Zilang nodded. Its wise to be cautious. By the way, CEO Hua from Hua Heng called just now to ask for an appointment. What do you think?Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

Hua Heng? Xi Xiaye knew about Hua Hengs relationship with Shen Yue very well. When?

3p.m. the day after tomorrow at the golf club in the outskirts.

Sure. Inform him that Ill meet him.

Noted! Lan Zilang then left the room.

Xi Xiaye sat down on the chair before she grabbed a document and started going through the pile.

The sky turned dark, and the surroundings outside looked pale as it was already evening.

On the ground floor of Fuhua Property, a black car slowly approached the entrance. The door was opened when it stopped completely, and Mu Yuchen got out of the car.

The security guard recognized him and quickly greeted,Chairman Mu!

Mu Yuchen nodded and went straight inside. He took the VIP lift and arrived on the top floor where Shen Yues office, no, Xi Xiayes office was now.

Chairman Mu!

He heard Assistant Xiao Meis voice as he was approaching near the office door. Then, heturned over and noticed Xiao Mei right behind him.

Is she inside? Mu Yuchen spoke with his hoarse voice.

CEO Xi is still in a meeting. Chairman Mu, are you feeling unwell? You look a bit pale. Do you want to

Xiao Mei noticed that Mu Yuchen looked sick and his voice was hoarse as well.

Its fine. Ill wait for her inside.Mu Yuchen walked right in before she had the chance to finish her sentence.

Alright, Ill let CEO Xi know when she comes out. Ill get you some water! Xiao Mei knew this was how Chairman Mu like.

Theres no need, Mu Yuchen gave her a brief reply and went inside, closing the door.

The day ended when Xi Xiaye was done with the meeting.

She flipped through the meeting minutes taken by the secretary as she walked towards her office. Suddenly, Xiao Mei quickly came up to her. CEO Xi, are you done with the meeting? Chairman Mu is here! Hes in your office.

Hes back? Xi Xiaye looked at Xiao Mei in surprise.


Okay, rearrange the meeting minutes and send it to me tomorrow morning. Anything else? Xi Xiaye reacted quickly, handing the document back to the secretary.

Yes, CEO Xi! the secretary gave her a swift reply and took the document from her.

You can all go back now. Works over.

Xi Xiaye then returned to her office.




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