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(Concerned For Him (2)

As Qi Lei spoke, the bitterness on his face could not help but be suffused with a faint sadness. Although it was not obvious, Mu Yuchen’s eyes that could see through everything sharply caught it.

“Very sadly, my mother was also one of those women. Not only did she and Qi Qiming not love each other, but they even hated each other. What’s funny is that a marriage like theirs actually lasted for decades. I don’t know how my mother even got through all that. She had no interest whatsoever in how many women Qi Qiming had. As long as the old man didn’t bring the women home, she’d never make life difficult for those women.”

Qi Lei could never understand this, but now he realized that he understood too little about his mother who raised him, and this made him feel even more hurt over Wang Qin’s miserable and bleak life.

Mu Yuchen fell silent for a while. Moments after that, he smiled and said, “It’s not hard to see that if your mother didn’t love Qi Qiming and didn’t care about him, then all these things would mean nothing to her. As long as it didn’t cross her bottom line, it obviously didn’t matter to her. That is quite similar to how Xiaye’s like, but she’s not as strong as your mother. However, I know that VP Wang loved you very much.”

Upon hearing this, Qi Lei suddenly felt his heart sink and ache. His eyes turned hot, so he blinked and combed his hair with his fingers as he said difficulty, “I know. I just found out too late.”

“Okay, let’s not talk about this anymore. Since you’ll recall these memories, that’s a good thing too. At least, you dare to face it head-on. As for me, when it comes to being a man, the thing that’s worth being proud of isn’t about how many excellent women you’ve had, but having a wife that you can love wholeheartedly for a lifetime, and to stand through the test of time and endure all sorts of temptations. Whether it’s in love or in marriage, they aren’t that complicated to me,” he said pensively, then stopped at this point while Qi Lei looked at him with a gaze that brightened up. There was an anticipation that he could hold back within him.

“I only have one principle—you can only love your wife, and you can only treat her well since this is your duty. Xiaye says that women actually want simple things. As long as the man is good to them, they are fine with anything. I don’t know how true that is, but I’m willing to share it with you, so we can encourage each other.”

When he finished, Qi Lei was startled and did not quite know how to react.

“Letting go of everything and starting over isn’t hard. Even Su Chen and Ah Mo are married now. Only you and Zimo are left. Zimo’s family seems to be choosing quite some young ladies from prestigious families while you…you’ve been loitering around. Haven’t you thought of ending this lifestyle?”

Mu Yuchen sounded just like an older brother asking about his little brother.

When Qi Lei heard his question, he immediately could not help but smack his head as he said puzzledly, “Are you going to introduce girls to me? They must be taller than 1.6 meters, and have a knockout body and proper manners. The best is someone with a refreshing and elegant aura. Her skin should be fair, and I like long hair that reaches the waist, someone considerate like Xiaye…Oh right, Xiaye’s chest is too small, so it can’t truly reflect a woman’s beautiful curves. I like larger ones that look really nice when she wears strapless tops…”

“I’m telling you this is the last straw. Can you stop harping on my woman? It’s not like you only know Xiaye. Can’t you use other women to describe your ideal girl? Her size has nothing to do with you!” Mu Yuchen could not bear to keep listening, his eyes darkened as he became protective and his pale expression started to redden with irritation.

Qi Lei raised his brows and cleared his throat before he smiled and said, “Pfft, how petty of you! You should know that back then I…”

“Your first love is Gu Lingsha, I know. I’ll help you look out for girls with these standards.”

Mu Yuchen gave Qi Lei a lukewarm glance before lowering his head to continue looking through the documents. He did not have the time to speak about such foolish things with him!

“Women don’t like hypocritical men like you who pretend to be calm on the outside, Chairman Mu!” Qi Lei responded unhappily, “Also, Shasha’s not my current standard. My standard is…What look is that? I’m being serious!”

“This discussion ends here. Let’s talk about work. Here’s the document. I’ve filtered through it for you, so I’ll let you play by ear yourself after this.”

“I don’t have three heads and six arms. Can I borrow a person or two from you?”

“Why do I feel like things aren’t going right? Qi Lei, you’re clearly trying to curry more favor after getting an advantage, yet you blame it on me? You can’t wait for me to help you do everything. You’re just waiting for everything to be ready-made. You can’t ask for my people too. Are you clear about our relationship? We’re in a partnership. Don’t you understand?” Mu Yuchen frowned, his slightly darkened gaze glaring at Qi Lei.

Meanwhile, Qi Lei rubbed his nose and said innocently, “Is that so? Didn’t you say we were friends? In fact, before my mother passed on, Xiaye personally guaranteed my mother that the two of you would treat me like a younger brother.”

“She only said that to console your mother, so it’s a white lie. Couldn’t you tell?”

“What white lie? I only know that a promise must be kept!”

Mu Yuchen never knew that Qi Lei could be so shameless. His handsome brows furrowed even more as he squinted at Qi Lei who was really depending on him!

Qi Lei just grinned innocently with a gaze that was clear and bright as if he were looking at his biological parent. Mu Yuchen was fuming with rage on the inside.

“You’re quite thick-skinned. If you were to fall in Su Chen’s hands, you’d probably be all bruised up by now.”

Mu Yuchen glanced at Qi Lei before he tossed the document to him. He cleared his throat and got up with the help of the sofa. “Consider it. If there’s anything, you can look for VP Liu. Also, I’ll tell Ah Mo. You should know about his abilities well enough. I’m going to rush back now. Call me again when you return to City Z in two days.”

Then, he reached out to take the coat on the side before walking out.

“I’ll get Yang Sheng to send you to the airport. Is your cold really okay? You don’t look too good. How about…”

Before he could finish, Mu Yuchen’s figure had already vanished out of the door. Qi Lei then picked the document up and got up to chase after him.

“No need. It’s fine. I never came here and was at Maple Residence because I’m sick,” Mu Yuchen said firmly before his tall figure walked ahead.




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