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(Concerned For Him (1)

After walking through the chilly rain, he thought it would be fine after taking a hot shower and drinking some ginger tea, but he started feeling uncomfortable late at night. By the morning, his head felt heavy and Mu Yuchens voice was hoarse when Qi Lei met him.

Are you sure youre alright? You better go to the hospital! Qi Lei noticed Mu Yuchens face was pale and he looked exhausted.

Mu Yuchen leaned back against the sofa as he raised his hand and stopped Qi Lei, sounding really weak. Theres no need. Ill be heading back after were done here. Its just a little cold. Im okay.

He picked up the document on the table and flipped through it as he spoke, Weve gone through most of the details with CEO Li last night, so Ill leave this to you to discuss with him. CEO Li is a passionate man, and hes very interested in the show business industry. Vice President Liu is handling this section of Glory World at the moment, so you can approach him if you need anything. Ill inform him.

Qi Lei grabbed Mu Yuchen a glass of warm water. Mmm, Im fine with everything. Ill be staying here for another two days. Ive told Yang Sheng to let me handle the recruitment, hence the suitable arrangements will be made.

Nodding, Mu Yuchen asked as he flipped through the documents again without even looking at Qi Lei, Do you need me to do something about Qi Feng?

With a pause, he glanced at Qi Lei and noticed his expression darken as his mind replayed the scenes of him acting absurdly last night. His quiet eyes dimmed.

Qi Lei knew what Mu Yuchen was thinking about, so he then said, You better forget about what happened last night. Ill kill you if any news that tampers with my reputation gets out! We had fun at CEO Lis place until late at night, and then we went back to our hotel room. Nothing else happened.

He somehow remembered what he did last night when he woke up this morning, and he deeply regretted what he had done. Even he had no idea that his drunken self was capable of such a feat.

Ever since Wang Qins death, apart from the first few days, he did not touch any alcohol because he was unwilling to reveal his true emotions before others, so he just put on a casual, carefree front.

The only family he had was gone. Who else should he be showing his vulnerable side to?Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

Mu Yuchen glanced at Qi Lei before continued reading the document again. I dont remember what happened last night. Anyway, there will be a huge war waiting for you in City Z. Will you be alright?

Can you do anything if Im not? I suppose Qi Fengs hatred towards you is much worse than it is towards me. Dont let what happened the last time repeat again. I understand Qi Feng too well. He hides his blade in between his gentle smiles. Hes a tough opponent. Moreover, this part of him is really excellent! Qi Lei pointed at his head.

Mu Yuchen smiled. There are things that we just cant avoid, and he assumes that I owe him. Didnt you think so too a while ago? With Lingtians death, Gu Lingsha, and Qi Fengs misfortune, arent I the worst? Without looking at Qi Lei, hesounded relaxed, but his eyes reading through the document darkened.

Qi Lei was stunned for a moment. He tapped into his memories before putting on a bitter smile. Yes, I do admit that I hated you because Shasha was still pretty important to me.


Qi Lei hardly mentioned Gu Lingsha in front of Mu Yuchen, but he did know she was an important person to him. Back then, Qi Leis relationship with Wang Qin worsened because of her as well, but it felt like Qi Lei had not really been affected by Gu Lingsha lately.

As he drank some water, Qi Leis eyes seemed to be gazing in the distance. He scratched his head a little and sighed. I guess I was too young. Its all in the past. I was too naive. I didnt care if she was good or bad since I was head over heels for her. Its like a student finding his teacher attractive, but knowing theres no future between them, only pleasant memories are left. Im sure youd understand, he explained.

Mu Yuchen shook his head as he put on a genuine smile. Nope, I dont understand. Then, he took another sip of water and then continued, I have to say that I have no idea about relationships, especially between a man and a woman, be it friendship or love. I have been sick of women all these years. I only knew a little more when I finally met Xiaye.

Frowning, Qi Lei stared at Mu Yuchen in surprise, Are you serious?! I dont believe you! That doesnt make sense!

What doesnt make sense? Im just a normal person. I dont like trouble, and I dont like mistakes. I only need one woman. Otherwise, I wouldnt have the energy to take care of the mess. Im sure you know what I mean. Mu Yuchen gave Qi Lei a meaningful glance.

Qi Leis expression froze. Moments later, he replied with a bitter smile, That makes sense. I understand it way too well. I know my old man had flings with at least four or five women.




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