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(Fragile (3)

Yang Sheng sounded cautious as he went to help Qi Lei, who hadalready found out about Qi Weier from Mu Yuchen, so he was not surprised by it. As a matter of fact, he had already prepared for it a long time ago anyway.

What does that have to do with me? I Qi Lei hiccuped. I have nothing to do with that family anymore. Tell them that things are difficult over here, so itll take several days for me to get back.

But, Master Qi, what about things at the office?

I know what to do. Just do what Ive just said. Besides, its going to be the hiring season soon. Tell Manager Wang to let me handle the hiring of the fresh graduates.

Qi Lei splashed some water on his face before he got up and took out his key card from his pocket. Then, the two of them quickly entered the room.

Master Qi, havent we always let the HR Department handle the hiring? If you need someone specific, Ill tell them and Im sure theyll get it done.

Yang Sheng thought Qi Lei needed another assistant since he had mentioned to Wang Qin before that he wanted another assistant, but it was delayed ever since her death. Now that Qi Qiming made Qi Lei take over Wang Qins position, possibly out of guilt, Qi Leis workload had skyrocketed.

Qi Lei lay down on the sofa and put a hand over his head. Get me some water!

Yang Sheng nodded and quickly got him a glass of water. Here, Master Qi, have some water. Ill call the receptionist and ask them to send some ginger tea over.

Qi Lei felt better after he chugged down a glass of water as his hiccups stopped and Yang Sheng quickly made a call to the receptionist.

Just do whatever I told you. Tell them I want to personally find an assistant. By the way, dont you think the same few faces in the company are getting boring? They are either old, short, or fat. Cant we have some good-looking employees? Tell them not to hire anyone ugly in the future. I get a headache whenever I see them. Qi Lei sounded annoyed.

Yang Sheng himself felt a headache instantly!

It was common practice for Qi Lei to prioritize good-looking people in the company. He even promoted several employees because of their attractive appearances although some of the older higher-ups got into some issues with him. For some reason, Qi Lei had been looking for trouble with them lately, so it came with some negative consequences.

Qi Leis reputation was already pretty bad. His influence got weaker because Wang Qin left, thus Yang Sheng was really worried. If it were not for the efforts of CEO Wangs loyal followers, Qi Lei probably would not be the person-in-charge of this new film project.

Master Qi, thats not nice, isnt it? There are rules in the company

Assistant Yang! Am I your superior or are you mine? Just do whatever I say! As the Vice President, dont I even have the liberty to hire who I want to? Ill personally conduct the hiring interviews. You dont even have to tell that man. Just let the HR Department know and cooperate with me. Qi Lei waved his hand impatiently as he shot Yang Sheng an unhappy glance.

Naturally, Yang Sheng had no idea about his bosss intentions.

With Qi Fengs return, if Qi Qiming really intended to hand Qi Kai to Qi Feng, then he did not have much time left. After the deal was closed with CEO Li tonight, he thought he had to accelerate the pace. Mu Yuchen had already helped him out by speeding things up at Chenye Movies and Television, so this was the time he should gather some people, especially the fresh graduates. If they were trained for some time

This was part of the reason why Mu Yuchen wanted to get this done quickly. Many recruitments campaigns were ongoing at the moment, so it was the best time to recruit new talents.

Yang Sheng did not question Qi Lei anymore. He quickly nodded. Yes, Master Qi, Ill let the HR Department know.

Mmm, tell them to wait for me. I remember that University A, University C, and several art schools in town have a joint recruitment drive next month. Am I right? Qi Lei turned around and asked.

Yang Sheng nodded. Yes, I heard the people from the HR Department mentioning it.

Make some preparations, and dont let anyone know that Master Mu and I met up in City B. Just act as if you didnt know he was here. Dont even mention it. Understand? Qi Lei reminded.

Yang Sheng somehow grasped what Qi Lei was trying to do. Yes, Master Qi, I understand.

Good, you can go and rest now. We still have work to do tomorrow. Qi Lei got up from the sofa. I should take a shower and then sleep as well. Remember to wake me up at 7.30 a.m. tomorrow. I have something to discuss with Mu Yuchen.

Master Qi, wait for the ginger tea first. Ill prepare the bathwater for you.

The ginger tea was delivered moments later, and Qi Lei drank it quickly.

Alright, you can go back to your room now. Remember to inform them. Qi Lei put the bowl on the table and walked back into his bedroom.

Yes, Master Qi! Yang Sheng was relieved to see the empty soup bowl. After all, he was the only one left to care for Qi Lei now.




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