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(Fragile (2)

He looked down at Qi Lei who had curled up on the bench, not sure how much time had passed, but finally, he held his forehead helplessly. He calmed down before looking up at the drizzle before him again. In the end, he could only bend down and pull Qi Lei up, then turn around. He carried the delighted Qi Lei on his back.

Even when Su Chen and Zhou Zimo end up like this, I only drag them home. Here you are, enjoying such special privileges. Youre only the second person to enjoy them!

Yes, the second!

Of course, the first one was his Xi Xiaye.

Even though he did not look large, when he was picked up, he was actually quite heavy. Mu Yuchen subconsciously frowned. He calmed down before walking ahead.

Carried by Mu Yuchen, Qi Lei softly called out, Mother

Mu Yuchen paused and turned to look at him to realize that he had fallen asleep. Suddenly, he remembered that many years ago, he seemed to have once carried Lingtian like this too. At that time, Mu Lingtian had sprained his leg while playing football at school.

Im not your mother. Your mothers gone. If only youd live well, shed be happy, he answered softly after thinking about it for a moment. Then, he continued walking ahead.

Mother Qi Lei began to cry out sadly again. Mu Yuchen felt a warmth blossom on his shoulders. From the corner of his eye, he could see Qi Leis slightly moist eyelashes.

He could not help but sigh to himself as his low voice was colored with concern. Im not your mother. Your mothers gone.


Im not your mother.

Dont go

Shes gone.

Qi Leis weakness poured out in torrents. All the pain and sadness that he had kept in for a long time could no longer be held back like a dam had just been broken.

The night was already very silent. The cold winds and rain continued to assault them. As it blew on Qi Leis face, he actually began to regain consciousness. Mu Yuchen was carrying him back to the hotel and kept patiently responding to him.

For some reason, at this moment, Qi Leis cold heart suddenly felt an indescribable warmth. While he continued to pretend like he was still asleep, he did not make a sound.

Perhaps, this was the affection of an older brother. The coat that was put on him seemed to be interspersed with some warmth too.

He would not tell anyone that actually he had always been envious of Mu Yuchens brotherhood with Su Chen, Zhou Zimo, and even Ah Mo too.

Even though he had an older brother, they were arch-enemies. Qi Feng probably wished the worst for him while he did not quite like Qi Feng either because he had taken away all of Qi Qimings fatherly love and was the reason the Qi family was not harmonious. In fact, Qi Feng was not very courteous to his mother, Wang Qin, before either. No matter how large or small the conflict was, Qi Qiming would forever be on Qi Fengs side. Because of this, Wang Qin suffered a lot from Qi Qimings angry rebukes, but she was too lazy to explain anything.

Since she did not care, those rebukes did not matter to Wang Qin. Qi Lei did not understand this before, but now he seemed to have suddenly understood.

After walking ahead for quite a distance, Mu Yuchen started to find it difficult to manage the mans weight. He could be sure that Qi Lei was definitely heavier than he was, but of course, Master Mu definitely would not have known that throughout this distance, Qi Lei had been watching him with his misty eyes.

He finally made it back to the hotel carrying him. On the way to their rooms, Qi Lei took a deep breath. His raspy voice contained a hint of weakness as he said softly, Mu Yuchen, I really wishedwe couldvemet a few years earlier. That way, maybe I wouldve at leastfound things less exhausting, and I wouldnt be as sad

Qi Lei did not know why he was saying all that.

While upon hearing that, Mu Yuchen stopped and turned to look at Qi Lei with a slightly odd expression.

Qi Lei caught Mu Yuchens gaze, so he hiccuped and quickly explained, Bloody hell! Dontdont look at me like that. Imstraight. I like women like XiXiaye. If I meet someone like that, Ill propose to them immediately! Im saying asas buddiesbrotherhood, friendship!

I think maybe you should get down first and then talk. Mu Yuchens voice was calm, yet you could hear he spoke through gritted teeth.

This fellow was already awake, yet he made him carry him all the way back!

No, wait, right nowImy whole bodys weak, and my heads spinning. If I get down, IllIll faint right away. Chairman Mu, Master Mu, please justcarry me back. Dont worry. I wont cling onto you, wanting to be your wife. When we get back to City Z in two daysIll treat you to a drink. The 38D kind with the face of an angel and the body of a devil, and Ill thank you well! Qi Lei said with a grin although he felt his head hurt and the world around him was spinning.

Nonetheless, Mu Yuchen did not care. He just let go and Qi Lei slid down, quickly holding onto Mu Yuchens shoulders.

Master Qi! Master Mu! Right at this moment, Yang Shengs voice suddenly came from ahead.

Mu Yuchen immediately frowned and pulled Qi Lei off his back.

He drank too much. Ill hand him to you. Remember to get him sobering up pills, Mu Yuchen said as he pulled the coat off Qi Lei and silently walked away without taking a second look at Qi Lei.

Yang Sheng quickly went up to hold Qi Lei who was stumbling as he stared at Mu Yuchen who was gradually walking awaywith widened eyes.

If he saw it correctly, he seemed to have seen Master Mu personally carrying Master Qi back. In fact, had that coat been on Master Qi?

What was going on?

Yang Sheng looked oddly at Qi Lei who was tipsy with one hand on the wall, somehow managing to steady himself.

Stop looking so pervertedly at me. I managed to get him back. Now, I feel better. Lets go! Qi Lei hiccuped a few times, trying hard to explain himself as he staggered forward with the help of the wall.

Yang Sheng just scratched his head in confusion, still not understanding. Earlier, he even saw that Master Mus clothes were drenched by the rain.He thought about it before going after him.

Master Qi! Master Qi, CEO Qi just called. Hes telling you to settle matters here as soon as possible to return to City Z. Theyre waiting for the results. In fact, Master Fengs back, and they even brought back a little girl. I heard that shes Miss Gu and Master Fengs daughter, Qi Kais little princess. When I called the Qi residence, they were all talking about it and wondering if Master Feng would be marrying Miss Gu!




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