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(Fragile (1)

The rain continued to drizzle. By the roadside late at night, even the streetlights were dim. The entire world seemed as if it had fallen silent as the boundless rain gradually engulfed the two figures in haziness.

Master Mu thought he was quite unlucky. In fact, he never knew that Qi Lei would be like this when he was drunk.

They chatted quite happily with CEO Li that night. In fact, they came to a deal on the spot. As Qi Lei got along quite well with CEO Li, the three of them talked as they drank. After that, Qi Lei and CEO Li both drank too much, so he had to bring Qi Lei with him to leave.

Qi Leis tolerance for alcohol was rather low. When CEO Li left the villa, he kept on howling out the latest popular songs or bawling out sentences here and there. Most annoyingly, Master Mu only now knew that even though Qi Lei was quite dashing, he sang quite horridly!

The cold winds rise, the drizzle blursI love you. My heart belongs to youI love you for a million years! I love youlove you a million years!

Tone-deaf, he wailed like a ghost, and as he sang, he kept on pulling Mu Yuchens sleeves. After a while, he would reach out to put his arm around Mu Yuchens waist. With their arms around each others shoulders, almost all the passersby gave them weird looks along the way as they walked back to the hotel.

Mu Yuchen was breaking down on the inside with gloom clouding his handsome face. After some struggle, he finally stopped caring about Qi Leis evil clutches around his waist.

He then stopped walking, wanting to see how much self-control Qi Lei could lose, and in the end

He hugged his waist

And stuck himself to him!

Bloody hell!

He was even holding onto his hand with their fingers intertwined!


Dancing in the rain?

Mu Yuchen finally could not bear it anymore. He held Qi Leis wrist and swiftly captured him before pushing Qi Lei down onto a bench. Wake up!

What are you doing?!

Qi Lei was drunk right now. The pain that he suddenly felt on the back of his hand made him very annoyed, so he widened his blurry eyes and glared at the person before him. While he felt the world spinning around him, he felt the hard bench beneath him again, so he subconsciously reached out to grab it but seized Mu Yuchens hand instead.

MotherMotherI know Im wrong now. Dont goMotherMother

Mu Yuchen wanted to struggle free when the wailing Qi Lei suddenly quieted down. He squeezed onto Mu Yuchens hand tightly as he muttered gloomily, drenched in the misty drizzle. Then. Mu Yuchen could suddenly feel the faint warmth that leaked from the corner of Qi Leis eyes.

Mother Qi Lei was still softly wailing as his hand holding onto Mu Yuchens hand stuck close to his chest. Mother, Im very sad. I wont make you angry anymore. Ill do anything you say. Please come backMotherCome back! Come back!

He was considered rather close to Qi Lei, yet Mu Yuchen had never seen Qi Lei so miserable like this. When Wang Qin passed away, he was detained. Even though he knew what happened outside, he did not experience it, and by the time he was released, Wang Qins incident was already a matter of the past.

He remembered that he had even invited Qi Lei over for a barbecue just to see how he was. If there was a need, perhaps he could even console him, but the latter acted as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, Mu Yuchen actually understood how this felt. Back when Lingtian left them

His silent eyes looked through the drizzle and stared at Qi Lei who was struggling in pain. After a long while, he sighed to himself. Just as he was about to help him up, the phone in his pocket buzzed, so he took it out for a quick glimpse.

It was his woman back home calling him, thus he very quickly answered the call.

Are you still out socializing? Its quite late and you havent called. Ive just taken a look at the weather forecast. Its raining in City B. Havent you returned to the hotel?

The call had just gotten through when Xi Xiayes voice that was colored with tenderness and concern came through. It sounded wonderful to his ears. Love could not help but flood his heart.

Mmm, Im about to go back to the hotel while dragging a drunkard with me. I wanted to call you when I got back to the hotel.

Xi Xiaye was at the study desk while being on the call with a document opened before her. Her laptop was switched on too. It was filled with data analysis and conclusions. She leaned back slightly against the chair. A drunkard? Qi Lei?

Mu Yuchen lowered his gaze, and looked at Qi Lei who still held on tightly to him, softly muttering, as he said helplessly,Who else could it be? His tolerance is quite bad. I shouldve called his assistant along.

When Xi Xiaye heard him complain, she laughed, and suddenly she seemed to be able to hear Qi Leis muttering. She then stiffened and hesitated for a moment before she said calmly, If that is so, then its good that youre bringing him back. Is it still raining over there?

Mmm, it looks like its going to get heavy again. Why arent you resting yet? Its already very late.

Without a certain someone around, Im not quite used to it. Theres a huge pile of documents on the study desk, so I decided to manage them. When youre back, make sure you reward me well. Xi Xiayes long and fair fingers gently curled up and flicked the documents before her as she smiled.

Yes, my queen! I got it! he responded as he took his coat offand briefly put it around Qi Lei. The cold and wet rain immediately poured, so he could not help but feel a faint chill, yet his face brimmed with a heartwarming expression.

Alright, I know that you two are still outside right now. Go home quickly. Remember to get the hotel staff to send you two bowls of ginger soup. Dont catch a cold now. Earlier, I heard Qi Lei calling forVP WangConsole him a little.

I will do as you command, Missus! You pack up right now too. Go rest. Ill rush home tomorrow, okay?

Mmm, come home quickly. The little guy couldnt see you tonight, so hes been looking around all alone in bed. He probably noticed that youre not around.


When the call ended, Mu Yuchen put his phone into his pocket as the increasingly heavy rain drenched his shoulders.

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