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Gu Lingsha caught Qi Fengs reaction too, and she felt her heart sink. Inhaling deeply, she calmed herself down before saying, Its fine, Ah Feng! I trust that with your intelligence and wisdom, taking over Qi Kai and letting those people serve you wont be a hard thing to do. Havent you done that all these years too?

Upon hearing that, a sneer flashed at the corner of Qi Fengs lips. His gaze at Gu Lingsha suddenly seemed a little sharp and pressing, yet his tone was cold as ice. Shasha, Im sure you know what kind of person I am.

Ah Feng

Gu Lingsha peered down at Qi Fengs legs with a mixed expression as she muttered, Do the doctors abroad have no way at all? I just dont believe it. If even your face and your voice can be cured, theres no way your legs cant recover.

If it can be cured, do you think Id be willing to stay on this wheelchair? Qi Fengs voice was cold, and you could hear that hint of hostility in it.

Gu Lingsha also felt taken aback by the hostility that he exuded. After she thought about it, she turned to her daughter sleeping restlessly in bed as her beautiful face instantly darkened. Its all because of Mu Yuchen. If it were not for his cruelty back then, all of this wouldnt have happened. Lingtian already begged, and still, he wouldnt let go of us.

When she recalled this, Gu Lingsha could not help but tear up. She covered half her face and said in a raspy voice, Lingtians gone, and youve become like this. Then, theres Weiwei and that child we had no fate with while everyone still thinks Mu Yuchens really innocent! Lingtian died to protect me and our child. All these years I wake up almost every night from nightmares. I see Lingtians face covered in blood and he couldnt say a wordIIt hurts so much

At this point, Gu Lingsha could not continue anymore. She covered her face with both hands and breathed heavily as she started to tremble slightly.

Qi Fengs indifferent and gentle face flashed with gloominess. She looked silently at Gu Lingsha who was trembling slightly. For a long while, he did not say anything, but he clenched his hands that lay by his sides.

Only we know best the pain weve gone through these past few years, but Mu Yuchen lives freely. I thought that he would feel a hint of guilt or a bit of uneasiness, but no, he didnt! Hes just like before, and now, even Qi Leis changed too. I Gu Lingshas voice sounded a little clogged while her azure eyes could help but tear up too.

Upon hearing that, Qi Feng looked even gloomier and upset. Has Qi Lei been in contact with Mu Yuchen all this while?

Gu Lingsha breathed in, hesitated, and then shook his head. Not really, but when Wang Qin was around, Qi Kai had collaborations with Glory World. Qi Lei took charge of that project. Hehe seems to be interested in Mu Yuchens woman, Xi Xiaye. Earlier, when Uncle Qi wanted me to take over Qi Leis work, that woman made things tough for me. She was very protective over Qi Lei.

When she said this, Gu Lingsha suddenly got up and walked to Qi Feng until she reached him. She stopped and suddenly gripped Qi Fengs hand that was on the armrest as she said, In fact, I suffered quite a few times with her. That womans not simple, so we have to be more careful.

Qi Feng did not say anything, yet his eyes flickered from dark to light. His expression was so calm that you could not tell what he was feeling then.

He fell silent for a moment before he asked Gu Lingsha softly,Are you saying Qi Lei likes Xi Xiaye?

Gu Lingshas eyes flickered for a bit, then she smiled a little desolately. There was an unexpected sadness in her heart as her mind flickered with those things Qi Lei had said to her before. She felt a bitterness rise in the back of her throat.

She calmed herself down and said softly, Qi Leis changed a lot these past few years, especially after Aunt Wangs unfortunate passing. When hes back and you meet him, youll understand.

By the sound of that, I should really get to know my younger brother properly again. Qi Feng suddenly smiled. His silent eyes flashed as he silently pulled his hand awayand held them together. He studied Qi Weier in bed, then continued, Alright, dont be too worried about Weiwei. Shes been doing quite well. I think when her condition stabilizes, well just let her be like normal children and let her have her childhood. Its not a good thing to coop her up at home. Shes got to go out eventually.

But shes so weak. What if Gu Lingsha looked at Qi Feng hesitantly.

You cant stay by her side forever, and if she keeps being cooped up at home, shell become a useless person like me after that. Will you be happy to see that happen? Qi Feng frowned and fixed his gaze on Gu Lingsha.

Gu Lingsha was dazed for a moment. She turned to look at the little one on the bed, suddenly feeling her heart clench. When she looked away and saw Qi Feng looking down calmly at his own legs, a cold light flashed in Gu Lingshas eyes.

Alright, theres no use being sad right now. Lets just think about how to take good care of her. He lifted a hand and gently patted the back of Gu Lingshas hand. Then, he turned around in his wheelchair and slowly left.

Gu Lingshas eyes became blurry. She looked up and breathed in deeply a few times.

When he was about to leave the room, Qi Feng suddenly said, Visit Lingtian with me in a few days. Since he passed, I havent had the chance to pay respects to him. Before Gu Lingsha could answer, he had vanished out the doorway.

Compared to City Zs liveliness, City B seemed much quieter. Late at night, a heavy storm that had been brewing finally poured, engulfing the entire city in wetness. The warm air finally cooled down. The heavy rain continued till late at night. When it was close to midnight, it finally slowed down.

At this moment, on the pedestrian walkway of Fatong Avenue near Hua Tian Hotel inCity B, the dim streetlights elongated the two tall figures shadows, so you could see that the duo was not walking very steadily.




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