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(Ill (1)

Qi Lei picked up the water and drank a few gulps of it as he began to flip through the materials in his hand. Youre quite efficient. Once South River Project No. 2 was finalized, you managed to get all this done.

Then, he flicked the document and said leisurely, I thought youd need at least half a month! You even came to me so rushed, and it was Mu Lingshi and Mu Lingmos wedding yesterday too. Even though I couldnt make it, I did send a gift over.

Mu Yuchen straightened up slightly. Now, you could see the faint fatigue between his brows. Dont you feel threatened yourself? Who do you think Im so zealous about? Once Qi Fengs back

Suddenly, he did not continue and only met his gaze meaningfully.

I know that hes not simple. When it comes to my brother, Im far inferior to his scheming. Faint loneliness flashed in Qi Leis eyes, yet there was even more bitterness that appeared in them as he frowned and took the cigarette box from the table. Taking a stick out, he lit it up and puffed, then he handed it to Mu Yuchen wholifted a hand up to reject it.

Not going to have one? Qi Lei squinted at him and asked.

He took a look at the words on the cigarette box, then looked to him with shifting eyes as he said,Smoking is bad for health.

Qi Lei sneered. Since when did you start cherishing life? Ive seen you touch these things before.

Mu Yuchen got up a little exhaustedly and reached out to pat Qi Leis shoulder as he said calmly, Okay, you take a look at them yourself. My rooms right across yours. Ill go wash up. Come over to call me in an hour.

Qi Lei squinted at him from the side, Do I need to call any girls for you? I heard the skills of the waitresses in this hotel are pretty good.

Mu Yuchen did not even turn. He just responded, I think you need it more than me right now.

Then, his clear figure vanished out of the door. Qi Lei shrugged before taking a deep drag of the cigarette and picking up the document to flip through.

Night quietly came. It had just entered nightfall when the entire City Z lit up. The whole city remained bustling with noise and excitement while hidden amidst this radiant splendor was the Qi residence which, at this moment, was engulfed in gloominess.

Inside the warmly decorated pink bedroom, Gu Lingsha was sitting at the bedside, looking worriedly at Qi Weier who was sleeping restlessly while looking pale. Her azure eyes were slightly moist, and from time to time, she reached out to feel the temperature on Qi Weiers forehead.

On the sofa not too far away, two doctors and the helper, Mary, were waiting anxiously while the other two maids stood aside trembling, their faces filled with panic.

How do you two take care of her? Dont you know how to add an extra layer of clothing for her before going out in this cold weather?! What did I tell you two before? I told you that you have to take good care of her and not let her leave the house as she wishes. Shes still jetlagged. Dont you two understand?

Gu Lingsha felt Qi Weiers forehead. Her temperature was still high, causing her temper to rise.

Yes, Miss Lingsha, it was our negligence, but Miss Weiwei didnt want to put it on, so we the maids said helplessly and uncomfortably. They did not know that Qi Weier was so weak. It had just been a slight draft, but in the evening, she suddenly had a high fever. In fact, she had fainted.

I dont want to hear any excuses. There are quite a few of you, but you cant even take good care of one little girl. Im very disappointed. Forget it! You two go out first!

Gu Lingsha looked very irritated. Even though she did not want to be angry, looking at her daughter who was unconscious, she could not help but be worried. She did not how to release this fear she suppressed inside, so her tone was clearly annoyed.

Miss Shasha, please dont worry. The doctor has said that Miss Weiwei just caught a common cold because of the long flight and shes a little worn out. Now, shes taken her medicine, so she should recover by tomorrow with some extra care. Mary could not bear to watch the way Gu Lingsha was extremely worried, so she went up to her and consoled her softly.

All of you, go out first. Before Mary could finish, a gentle voice came from the door. The few of them looked at the door subconsciously and realized that Qi Feng was standing there. Behind him was his personal bodyguard Morrison.

Ah Feng, youre here! When Gu Lingsha saw Qi Feng, she relaxed a little and her voice calmed down.

Qi Feng made a gesture towards Morrison who then wheeled him into the room. Mary and the others respectfully bowed before silently retreating.

Morrison pushed Qi Feng to Qi Weiers bedside. Qi Feng reached out to feel her forehead and felt the slightly warm temperature. With a slight frown, he then pulled his hand away to help her fix her blanket. He looked up to Gu Lingsha. Has she been fed her medicine?

She was just given an injection and had her medicine too, but I still dont see the effects. Its all my fault. I know that shes weak and shes just returned. She might not be used to things, yet I carelessly handed her over to be watched by those maids who werent wholehearted. Look at her now. Im really worried! Gu Lingshas voice was mixed with hints of anxiety and sadness.

Just watch over her for now. She should be fine. Weve done a checkup for her before this, and the doctor said shes much better now. These few days, shes probably jetlagged, but shell recover in a few days, Qi Feng consoled calmly.

Gu Lingsha sniffled, then she nodded gently and looked up silently at Qi Feng across her. Then, she glanced at Morrison behind him, seeming like she wanted to say something.

Qi Feng caught her glance, so he gestured to Morrison who knowingly retreated.

Ah Feng, is Uncle Qi planning on letting you join the company? Gu Lingsha asked, more or less aware of Qi Qimings intentions. Did Gu Qiwu not remind her of this before this?

Qi Feng looked up to meet her gaze too. Arent you already very clear about this? But look at me now. How am I supposed to go to work? His still voice was colored with self-mocking coldness.

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