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(Rushing Around (3)

The sky in City B turned rather dark in the evening, and it looked like it was going to rain.

Inside a VIP room in Hua Tian Hotel, Qi Lei headed back to the hotel after he was done meeting the collaborators and had his lunch.

He played computer games late into the night again yesterday. When he entered the underground dungeon, he met another player called Swift Snowy. Not only did this player trap him, but he also stole a lot of his equipment after hunting him down.

Qi Leis in-game name was Eastern Gust. He was one of the top three players in the game, and this particular player was giving him trouble! He had faced the other two of the top three players before, so it was definitely not them. Then, who could this person be?

He never knew such a strong player existed before! He was looking around and waiting for him to go online.

After some observation, he found out that Swift Snowy only went online in the evenings. There was very limited information on the player profile. Qi Lei only knew it was a female avatar. With the players skills and equipment, he seemed like a highly experienced player.

Qi Lei asked around in his guild. The player seemed to be a young 20-year old man in real life who managed an antique shop, but he was a very secretive person, so there was nothing else known about him.

At 5 p.m. in the evening, the players icon lit up. Immediately, Qi Leis relaxed body tensed up. He let go of his teacup as his fingers danced away swiftly on the keyboard.

Swift Snowy noticed him right away and avoided Qi Leis ambush as he started chatting.

Swift Snowy: Dude, are you still chasing me?

Eastern Gust: Give me back my equipment and beg for my forgiveness.

Swift Snowy: No way. Ill never give away whats mine. Youll be beaten into pulp anytime I want to. Give me a million coins and Ill forgive you for being rude!Read the next chapter on our

Eastern Gust: Beat me up? Ill slice you into pieces now!

Swift Snowy: Damn it. Youve been after me for several days. Can you stop being so annoying!? I dont have time for you now. Get lost!!!

As Qi Lei was about to reply, his doorbell rang. He frowned and went to get the door reluctantly.

Qi Lei was dumbfounded when he saw who was outside the door. He widened his eyes. Mu Yuchen? Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

He glanced around and made sure Mu Yuchen was alone outside. Why are you here?

Mu Yuchen looked like he just arrived, and he held a black briefcase. Im here to see you. Lets talk inside.

Qi Lei shrugged and made way as Mu Yuchen swiftly went in.

Why did you come here so suddenly? Qi Lei got Mu Yuchen a glass of water and he shot him some doubtful glances before asking, Did you meet Qi Feng?

Mu Yuchen took a sip from the glass of water before taking out several photographs from the briefcase to give to Qi Lei.

Qi Lei sat down and glanced at him curiously, then he picked up the photos and took a good look at them.

They were photos taken right after Qi Feng landed yesterday. They clearly showed Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha, but

Whos this little girl?

Qi Lei was shocked to see Gu Lingsha acting so intimately with Qi Weier. Although it was not very clear in the photograph, he noticed the girl had blue eyes and blonde hair. She was a pretty little girl.

Was this Shasha and Qi Fengs daughter?

They looked just like a happy family together!

If that was true, why had Shasha never mentioned it to him?

Qi Leis expression darkened as his hands that held onto the photographs froze.

For some reason, he felt bitter inside.

What a happy family

No wonder Qi Qiming was so nice to Shasha. She was part of the family all along, and he was the outsider. He felt like he belonged to the family a little when his mother was still alive, but nothing seemed to matter him anymore right now.

Mu Yuchen noticed Qi Leis reaction, and he put on a cold smile. It seems like you got the answer. I investigated and confirmed the child is Gu Lingsha and Qi Fengs daughter. Her name is Qi Weier. Qi Qiming and Gu Qiwu knew about her existence. Because her body has been frail since birth, she was staying in Australia with Qi Feng all these years.

Why didnt Shasha tell me? Qi Lei mumbled as he looked at Mu Yuchen.

You have to ask her about that. Im not here to talk to you about them. Its about our partnership. Take a look at these, and ask me questions if you have any. Ill be having dinner with CEO Li in a villa in the south of City B. Its up to you to decide if you want to come.

Mu Yuchen gave the documents Liu Lingyu prepared to Qi Lei. Qi Kai is producing a huge budget fantasy movie, isnt it? CEO Li will be very interested. His voice was calm, but the light in his eyes dazzled Qi Lei.

Qi Lei scrutinized him for a long time before reading through the documents. His face was strained, and he took a deep breath before looking up at him.

Mu Yuchen, Im really glad that Im working with you. Itd be a pain if I were your opponent. Id probably live a few years less as well. You see, I dont really like to use my brain, but youre using your brain way too well!

Mu Yuchen raised his eyebrows and looked back at him.




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