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(Mu Yuchens Ruthless (1)

Oh my god, isnt this Miss Gu? She actually shamelessly seduced Master Mu!

Its her alright. Why would she do that? Doesnt she know how Master Mu is like? I thought she was an elegant goddess!

I think shes more like an unhinged woman. I knew that there was something odd about her. Shes released an excessive amount of estrogen all over her, pfft!

All sorts of whispers started to go around. The reporters that rushed over were not shy to take many pictures of this scene in fear of missing firsthand news.

Afterward, when Zhou Zimo came, he was astonished! My gosh, thats bloody thirsty of her, isnt it?

Gu Lingsha did not know what happened. She only felt that her head was heavy, and she did not feel well as she felt warm over. She seemed to have said many things she should not have to Mu Yuchen, then she

The cold floor made her instantly clear-headed. She looked up at the people around her and was dumbfounded on the spot. There were already reporters surrounding her, but Mu Yuchens bodyguards held them back.

Mu Yuchens expression was stormy and upset as he stared coldly at Gu Lingsha, pursing his indifferent lips tightly. Moments after that, he put gloomily took off his coat and tossed it to her before walking away without a word.

Make way! LI Si very quickly went ahead to pave the way while the black-clothed bodyguards quickly went up and tried to hold the reporters back.

Master Mu, what happened? Was Miss Gu trying to seduce you?

Chairman Mu, whats your relationship with Miss Gu?

One question after another was asked, but Mu Yuchen did not answer anything. His expression was terrifyingly clouded, and anyone could feel the chill that gathered around him. His mysterious eyes looked at the crowd dangerously, so they dared not go up to him before they all moved away on their own.

Mu Yuchen did not even stop walking for a moment as he just left the banquet venue.

No! No, its not like that! Mu Yuchen! Gu Lingsha then snapped back as she shouted on the verge of breaking down. She covered herself with the coat that Mu Yuchen had tossed her, yet after losing the protection of Mu Yuchens bodyguards, the crowd and reporters swarmed up and surrounded her!

Miss Gu, whats your objective of seducing Chairman Mu like this?

How long have you known Master Mu?

No! No! Its not like what you think! Its not! Dont take pictures! Im telling you to stop! Go away! Go away! Gu Lingsha was practically breaking down as she held Mu Yuchens shirt to her face! She did not know what had happened.

Why would she suddenly lose control? Did she have too much to drink? But why was she so clear-headed now? What happened?

Gu Lingsha wanted to scream at the top of her lungs. However, she calmed down very quickly. Since things were at this point, she probably could not protect her reputation anymore, but she definitely could not let another problem sprout!

Fazed, it took a lot of effort for her to push through the surrounding crowd amidst all the questions and smirks. She quickly got up angrily. Without caring about the onlookers, she speedily went through them and wished she could just disappear!

Unfortunately, the reporters did not let Gu Lingsha off so easily. While they could not stop Mu Yuchen, it was easy to stop her since she had only brought her personal secretary, Secretary Qin, today. Even if Secretary Qin came up to help her, it would be hard to hold back these mad reporter. Besides, Gu Lingsha did not have Mu Yuchens imposing manner to hold down this crowd.

There was quite a commotion at the entire banquet venue. Later on, even the organizers were alarmed and called security over before they managed to control the crowd.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

Her assistant tried to help her out in her sorry state. Her gown was wrinkled, and they rushed to leave the event in a low profile manner because she was about to break down!

She did not know where it had gone wrong. Why would she say those things to Mu Yuchen, and why did she suddenly lose control to think about

On the other end, Mu Yuchen left the Emperor International Hotel in huge strides. They had just stepped out of the entrance where the car was waiting.

He got into the car with a cool expression. Zhou Zimo immediately got into the car too. The incident tonight seemed a little odd, and he had to find out why!

They had just driven out of theentrance of the Emperor International Hotel when Mu Yuchen said indifferently, Go straight to Maple Residence.

Okay, Master! the chauffeur responded, then sped up slightly as the car drove steadily ahead.

Master Li Si quickly handed over a wet handkerchief.

Mu Yuchen took it calmly and then carefully wiped his chest and his hands before returning the handkerchief.

Now, can you tell me what happened? By the looks of it, did Gu Lingsha force herself onto you? Zhou Zimo, who had been silently observing him, suddenly said and blinked in puzzlement.

You should ask Gu Lingsha about this, not me. When this was mentioned, there was a hint of unhappiness and disgust in Mu Yuchens eyes. Anyone could tell that he was in a bad mood.

You didnt do it? Zhou Zimo squinted at Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchens handsome face slowly returned to its usual calm as he met with Zhou Zimos eyes without batting an eyelid and did not explain. However, just with that look, Zhou Zimo already understood him, so he shrugged. Alright then. Pretend I never asked. Youre quite something. You were willing to sacrifice yourself. Gu Lingsha really got lucky!

Before Zhou Zimo could finish, Mu Yuchen ordered the chauffeur to stop the car, Stop the car!

Yes, Master!

Zhou Zimo brushed his nose and looked innocently at Mu Yuchen. He was about to say something when Mu Yuchen leaned over and opened the car door beside Zhou Zimo. Staring at Zhou Zimo, his intentions were clear.

You petty fellow! Watch out or I might exaggerate things when I tell Xiaye! Ah, bloody hell, cant you be more gentle? Ouch!

Before he could finish, Mu Yuchen had already kicked his butt and Zhou Zimo fell out in a sorry state as he cried out in pain


Mu Yuchen swiftly closed the car door, before telling the chauffeur to continue driving.



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