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(Rushing Around (2)

When he arrived back in the room, Xi Xiaye had just put their son to sleep and was taking a nap on the sofa. She opened her eyes slightly when she heard some noises. Then, she saw the man playing with the baby.

When did the little guy wake up?

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows. Mu Yuchen was holding Mu Xiaochengs tiny hand as he smiled. He said in a gentle tone, Sleeping already? What are you doing opening your eyes this wide now? Is there something on my face? You have your mothers scent over you. Do you want me to sing you a song?

The sky turned dark, the stars showed up

His deep singing voice was magnetic. She was not sure if it was a good lullaby, but if he actually wanted to become a singer, with his outstanding appearance and charisma, he would become popular very quickly.

She was a little dazzled as her eyes were glued to him.

Mu Xiaocheng went back to sleep again moments later, and Mu Yuchen noticed the womans gaze, so he went towards her.

You have the potential to be a good father.

Xi Xiaye moved over toward the baby and left a kiss on his forehead. She studied her son for a little while before looking back at him.

He put on a gentle smile, poking their sons cheek gently. It seems like he can recognize my voice now.

Hes getting used to us, but it feels like he likes you more. Xi Xiaye lowered herself and pulled up the blanket for her son.

He smiled and put an arm over her shoulder. After she was done tending to the baby, he sat down on the sofa and grabbed her waist as he spoke gently beside her ear, Im going to City B to handle some emergency later. Grandmother and the others are probably staying here for another day or two, but I wont be back tonight.

City B?

An emergency?

Xi Xiaye was in doubt as she asked, Whats the matter?

Mu Yuchen frowned and hid the darkness in his eyes, refusing to answer her question.

Xi Xiaye stared at him and teased, Cant you tell me? Are you meeting a secret lover?

Mu Yuchens expression softened as he hugged her tightly and made her sit on his lap. I only have one woman, and thats you.

Her heart melted as she wrapped her arms around his shoulder and smiled. Mr. Mu, I realize that youre really sweet with your words lately.

That depends on who Im talking to.

He then casually kissed her lips. They parted moments later as he took a deep breath and started to explain, Im meeting CEO Li, and Qi Lei is there as well. Qi Feng is back and Im worried that our plan might be foiled.

Silly, you dont have to explain to me. Ill believe you no matter what. Where is your sense of humor? Still, she was glad that he told her about it.

He looked deep into her eyes. Im not explaining. I just wanted you to know.

Alright, be careful over there. When are you coming back? Ill pack for you. She got up.

Theres no need. Ill be back by tomorrow. Regarding my grandparents

I get it. Ill tell them youve got some work to do. Are you leaving now? Have you booked your flight? Xi Xiaye stood up before he could finish his sentence, knowing full well about his intentions.

Im waiting for Vice President Liu to deliver some documents over. Lets head back to Maple Residence since its closer to the airport. He let go of her and grabbed his sleeping son.

Okay, Ill let Grandmother know.

Xi Xiaye followed him outside the room.

The man was already waiting for Xi Xiaye in the car after she was done informing them about it. They put their son into the bassinet and fastened the seatbelt in the back passenger seat.

Xi Xiaye got into the car quickly and put down some bags that were full of delicious food made by Zhuang Shurong.

Sit tight. Vice President Liu is almost there.

He quickly fastened her seat belt for her as soon as she got into the car, and he started the car swiftly after that.

It did not take long for them to arrive back at Maple Residence. They already saw Vice President Liu and Li Si waiting for them at the door when they were still some distance away.

Chairman Mu, here are the documents!

Liu Lingyu came up to him and handed a folder to him after a simple greeting to the both of them.

Mu Yuchen took it out and looked through it. Nodding, he handed them to Li Si. You can head back now. If Im not back by tomorrow afternoons meeting, please chair it for me.

Noted, Chairman Mu,

Before waiting for Vice President Lius reply, he turned around and picked up his son from Xi Xiaye as he walked into the house.

Xi Xiaye swiftly packed up his documents and grabbed a coat for him as he placed Mu Xiaocheng back into the baby room.

Xi Xiaye handed the stuff to him at the bottom of the staircase as she gave him some reminders, The weather forecast says itll be raining in City B. Get a coat and dont catch a cold. Remember to call me when youve arrived.

He nodded. Mmm, okay. Go back in now.

She tidied his slightly creased collar. Off you go!

He smiled and patted her head before leaving since Li Si had been waiting for him since a while ago.




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