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My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 62

“Danielle, I’ll be there in a half hour. Just stay calm and we’ll talk.”

Danielle hung up and didn’t know what to do with herself but to worry. She dialed YB’s number a few more times, but to no avail. She sighed heavily and plopped down on the couch, her eyes filled with tears. She kept the phone in her hand and was determined to get through to her boo somehow.

Forty minutes had passed before Wendy finally arrived. Danielle hugged her tightly and began to cry on her shoulder.

“I need him back, Wendy. I need him here wit’ me. We’re having a baby,” Danielle sobbed.

Wendy comforted her friend and walked her over to the couch. Wendy sat next to Danielle and held her hand while the young girl cried. Danielle told her about the danger YB would be in if he went back to Philly. Danielle was honest with Wendy and told her about Sweet’s death. She described how she used to turn tricks for a gorilla pimp named Crown, under the stage name of Chaos. She disclosed more information about her former life in Philly. Even after she could talk no more, Wendy still didn’t judge her. She was still a friend and let her know it would be okay.

Wendy prayed for Danielle and prayed for YB to have a safe return home. Danielle appreciated the prayers but wanted Wendy to help her drive to Philly to find her boo. Wendy was against it. She told Danielle that it would be foolish, since she was six months pregnant and Wendy had to open her shop tomorrow. The best they could do was pray, wait for his return, and continue to try YB on his cell phone.

It wasn’t what Danielle wanted to hear, but after about an hour, Wendy finally calmed her down and made her some hot tea to soothe her nerves. Wendy spent almost the entire night at Danielle’s apartment. She was a friend and wanted to be there for the young girl, knowing that she’d been through a lot. She needed a strong friend by her side.


Word about Magic being murdered at his place of business spread quickly throughout the city and everyone suspected that Harlem was the killer. Still, no one would speak to the cops about it. They feared Harlem and didn’t want to be next on his list. Many took Magic’s death really hard—including Angel, who had grown close to him over the years he’d worked at the club. He was the one who found the body when he went to work that afternoon. Angel was emotionally distraught at the sight of his dead boss but he immediately called police.

When Rufus heard the news, he knew it was time to step up his gunplay and security on the streets. He had a gut feeling that Harlem would be coming for him soon and didn’t want to take any chances.

Rufus put out a $10,000 contract on Harlem’s head and hoped someone would bite at the chance to put that nigga in the ground. He started to carry two guns plus a shotgun for extra fire power just in case he got into a heated gun battle with his enemies.

However, the threat of Harlem didn’t deter Rufus from doing business. He still ran his organization with an iron fist and wouldn’t hesitate to shoot a man or woman down if they fucked with him or his money.

When Rufus heard the news about his Aunt Monica’s execution, including nine shots to the face, he was furious. He knew it was Harlem’s doing and vowed to hunt the madman down and murder him for what he did to his family.

He put extra soldiers out on the streets to hunt Harlem down. He upped the bounty to $60,000 and made sure security around him was tight. He also tried not to be too predictable in his movements around town. Rufus’s wrath would be felt throughout the city, and he wanted people to know that he was the man in charge.

The news of Monica Toma’s murder made the evening news. Many viewers were appalled by the gruesome death she suffered in her home. Police were all over the scene and declared that they would find the persons responsible for her death.

The homicid

e rate in the city was high, and the mayor wanted the violent murders to stop. He made an on-air statement in front of the city of viewers about forming a task force for the drugs and gangs that plagued his city. He seemed highly upset about the death of Monica Toma, as if he took her death personally.

With the police stepping up their investigations and patrols, Harlem decided to take a time-out from his killing spree and rethink his plans on exacting revenge. Rufus was his number-one target and he wanted the man’s head on a silver platter to serve up to his boss.

Everyone thought that Crown was dead when, in fact, he was alive and well. He wanted to keep his condition a secret and had Harlem pay off the doctors and staff to keep their mouths shut or else there would be hell to pay. When Harlem came to see Crown to report the murders, Crown smiled wickedly and said, “You are one cold muthafucka! I heard the news about YB’s mom. You shot the bitch nine times!”

“The bitch pissed me off,” Harlem replied.

Crown laughed. “I want YB and Rufus’s deaths to be even more gruesome. I want them two niggas to feel pain, and I want that bitch Chaos brought to me. Fuck her up in the process if you have to.”

“I’m on it. They’re in New York,” Harlem informed Crown.

“New York?”

“I checked the mother’s phone and noticed a few incoming calls from a 718 area code. I figured it had to be from her son.”

Crown smiled. “The fuckin’ Bronx.”

“What about the Bronx?” Harlem questioned.

“That’s where that bitch is from, the Bronx. Them two fled there for safety because it’s the only borough that bitch knows and calls home. So far yet so close,” Crown stated.

“You ready to take a trip out there and deal wit’ them bitches?” Harlem asked.

“Fuck yeah, but before we leave here, I want Rufus dead and in the dirt. And we need to pay Chaos’s cousin Bubbles a little visit. I’m sure she can give us some personal information about that bitch.”

“It’s already done,” Harlem smirked.

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