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 My Dirty Hot Angel 

Episode 59

“That’s all I need to hear. Just try for me, baby.”

YB nodded and Chaos hugged him tightly.

“My fairytale.” Chaos smiled.


“I’m living my fairytale,” Chaos repeated.

“What fairytale?” YB asked.

“With you, being my prince and rescuing me from danger.” Chaos laughed and so did YB.

“So I’m your prince now?” YB asked humorously.

“Yup. My knight in shining armor.”

“Well, I ain’t got no armor, but I got a sword that is deadly,” YB joked.

Chaos playfully pushed YB for his sexual innuendo. “You nasty.”

“Yell, well the nastier the better,” YB smirked.

He held Chaos tenderly. He kissed her on her neck and whispered, “I love you.”

For Chaos, it felt like time had stopped. She thought that she was hearing shit. Maybe I heard him wrong, she thought. Did he say, “I love you?” It was the first time that she ever heard those three words said to her. Her heart fluttered and she felt a tingly sensation throughout her body. “Baby, what did you say to me?”

YB chuckled. “You gonna make me say it again?”

“I liked hearing it,” Chaos said with a big smile.

YB smiled and said, “Nah, once is enough for me. I can’t believe you got me to say it once to you.”

“But you mean it though, right?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“I got a thug in love,” Chaos said in a teasing tone.

“Nah, you know I’m still a hardcore nigga. Don’t let the smile fool you.”

“I know, baby, but you’re my own personal thug. Promise that you’ll never let me go,” Chaos said.

YB hugged his boo tightly and whispered in her ear, “You know, Magic once said to me that we started somethin’ together and that we need to finish it together. No matter what your past was about, you’re still all woman. And that’s what I love about you, Cha—I mean, Danielle.”

Chaos felt tears in her eyes after YB’s words. She looked at him and knew that she wanted to love him for the rest of her life. He was so rough in the streets, but with her, she felt his compassion and his love. She went through hell to meet her soul mate and knew that it was worth the trip.

With tears trickling down her smooth, beautiful, brown face, Chaos looked at her wonderful man and said to him, “I love you so much, baby.” She kissed him passionately. It felt as if they were one and couldn’t be separated. Chaos lay on her back and YB rested between her thighs.

Gradually, they undressed each other as they continued to kiss. YB pushed slowly into Danielle and felt her gasp. She pulled him closer and wrapped her arms around him. YB panted at the sensation of her pussy contracting as he thrust into her.

“Oh God, baby! You feel so good,” YB cried out.

Danielle’s tears of love and joy continued to flow as she felt YB move within her.

“I’m gonna love you, baby. Please, hold me forever . . . please, never let me go,” she cried out, feeling loved for the first time in her life.

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