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 My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 56

Harlem sat parked down the street, keeping a keen eye on Rufus as he moved out of his crib. He observed how tight Rufus’s security had gotten over the months since YB’s departure. He also knew that the Escalade had a bulletproof covering. Despite the security measures, the guards and bulletproof truck wouldn’t keep Rufus from being slaughtered by Harlem’s hands.

Harlem gripped his 9 mm with the silencer at the tip. Rufus is going to die, but not today, Harlem thought. As he watched the truck turn the corner, he got out of the blue Chevy and approached the house cautiously. The gun was in a holster under his jacket and the block was quiet. He walked toward the house and quickly took in everything—the windows, the doors, the porch, the driveway. Harlem made a mental note to himself and then walked back to his car.

“Bars on the windows, armed security, and bulletproof cars won’t keep your fate from happening, Rufus. You will die for your actions against my boss. You will die,” Harlem said aloud.

He drove off. There were others to deal with.


Magic puffed his cigar and leaned back in his plush leather chair. He was trying to relax in his office and get some work done. He heard the bass from the music upstairs and knew his club was packed. He looked at the clock and saw that it was 11pm.

Magic was reading a book about black enterprises and thought about investing his money into more progressive things like franchises. He was already into mutual funds, bonds, and black-owned businesses and wanted to move from Philly and retire from the club scene within a year. He thought about moving to Virginia to be with his only daughter, Shannon, and be a grandfather to his granddaughter. He was getting old; dealing with the strippers and their problems, the young crowd, and trying to handle the constant drama was tiring for a man his age. He still was a gangster on the outside and kept in good shape, but his heart wasn’t into the urban lifestyle anymore.

The streets of Philly were getting more violent and deadlier every year. Young men were killing each other for senseless shit they called disrespect.

Magic saw that these young people today were shooting each other senselessly with MAC-10s and Tec-9s. Sometimes they missed the person they wanted to hit and killed innocent people instead. When an innocent bystander who had nothing to do with the game was killed, it only brought down more heat from the police.

Magic was tired of watching the news about children being killed in crossfire or innocent families killed over a senseless twenty-dollar debt. Philly wasn’t the same anymore. The youth were more stupid and more heartless than his generation, and snitches were everywhere.

Magic sighed and placed the book on his desk. He stood and stretched, still clutching the cigar. He took another pull and thought about YB. It had been months since his departure, and Magic had to admit to himself that he did miss the boy. He hoped that his young friend was getting his life right.

Magic heard about Crown being shot down and being in a coma. He knew that it was inevitable that YB and Crown would soon clash and one of them would end up dead.

Magic knew that it was good that YB left town for a long while. Cops were investigating the shooting and asking questions everywhere. The streets were definitely talking, and that talk linked the robbery and murders back to YB. Harlem would be looking for vengeance, so Magic always stayed alert and carried his .38 special. He moved through the city with caution and tried not to be too predictable with his actions.

Upstairs, the club roared with “Big Pimpin’” by Jay-Z and the stage was crowded with the beautiful strippers. It was a peaceful night. The ladies were getting money and the fellows were drinking and enjoying themselves.

Angel was content and kept busy by the bar, mixing drinks and talking to the ladies. Even though the club had been peaceful, he did miss Chaos. She was his friend and was always good to talk to. Angel wished her the best, wherever she was. He smiled at the thought about her being happy for once. He made a rum and Coke for a customer and did a little dance to the song that blared throughout the club. Angel was happy and had a new boyfriend. When he heard the rumors of Crown’s murder, a smile appeared on his face. Good riddance, he said to himself.

Magic emerged from the basement with the cigar still in his hand. He observed the place for a few moments, making sure everything was in order and going well. He walked over to the bar and said a few words to Angel, poured himself a drink, and had a few words with a stripper. His mind was at ease because Crown wasn’t around any longer. Even though he brought good business to his club, it had come with drama that Magic didn’t need.

Magic lingered upstairs for about a half hour and went back to his office to chill for the night with the company of Candy, one of the strippers.

Candy was a tall, caramel-skinned beauty who stood erect in six inch wedge heels. She wore her hair in two long pigtails and had smooth, flawless skin.

Candy strutted happily downstairs with Magic. Magic locked the door

behind him, making sure that they wouldn’t be disturbed. Candy giggled and was ready for Magic to work his charm and sweet daddy moves on her. She had fucked him before and loved the dick. He was able to take Candy places that no other man could.

Candy sat gracefully on his desk and pulled up her skirt. Magic moved closer as he unbuttoned his black silk shirt. Candy smiled, unhooked her bikini top, and let it fall to the floor. Her dark, round, nickel-sized nipples stood erect.

“It’s been a minute since you fucked me, Magic,” Candy said eagerly.

“I’ve been busy with all kinds of shit,” Magic replied.

He moved his broad body between her open thighs and placed his hands against her hips. He pressed gently against her as he maneuvered his tongue into her mouth. While they kissed, Magic ran his hands across her breasts and palmed her ass, squeezing her thick cheeks.

Candy’s body began to tingle as Magic’s touch enticed her from head to toe. He sucked on her neck and nipples, while Candy reached into his pants and stroked his thick dick. Magic moaned at Candy’s soft touch. She stroked him till he grew hard in her hand and she felt all nine inches of him ready to enter her.

“Um, I love the feel of your big dick,” Candy whispered to him.

Magic pulled off her skirt and panties and then removed his slacks and boxers. He positioned Candy in the doggy-style position, parted her ass cheeks, and thrust himself into her. Candy gasped and gripped the desk tightly. Magic fucked her hard, causing ripples in her ass cheeks. He cupped her tits and thrust himself into her harder, causing Candy to cry out.

The bass from the speakers could still be heard from upstairs but the two were making music of their own, drowning out every other sound around them. Candy felt Magic’s rock-hard dick opening her up like a canyon and her legs quivered.

They fucked for a while, ignoring everything else around them. Candy was spent after an hour of wild, sweaty sex with Magic. She lay on his leather couch, trying to take a breather. Her clothes were still in a heap on the floor and she was very well satisfied with the dick action that had gone down. She was thirty years younger than Magic, and she thought she loved him.

Magic pulled out another cigar from his desk, quickly lit it up, and took a deep drag. He smiled at Candy and stood naked in front of her.


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