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 My Dirty Hot Angel 

Episode 50

Chaos was caught off guard by his sudden appearance and quickly dried her tears. “YB, what are you doin’?”

“Ssshhhhh,” YB gestured with his finger to his lips.

He tenderly embraced her from the back. Chaos began to cringe, feeling his broad chest against her back and his arms around her. It was the closest she had ever been to YB, and the feeling was somewhat strange to her.

“We made it this far so let me take you further,” YB whispered in her ear.

Chaos tried to let herself go. She wasn’t used to a man’s love. Sex with her was always paid for and fast. When YB gently ran his tongue across the back of her neck, she closed her eyes and bit down on her bottom lip. She felt YB hardening behind her. His dick felt long and thick and she knew he was a blessed man.

YB continued to hold Chaos under the hot shower and licked every inch of her until her body shuddered with pleasure. He cupped her breasts and massaged her wet nipples with care.

Chaos began to pant, loving the sexual encounter. Both their bodies were dripping wet with lust and passion for one another. Chaos turned to face YB and stared into his dark face. She loved what he did for her. Because of him, Crown was dead.

Chaos pressed her moist tits against YB’s naked chest and ran her tongue across the deep scar that lined his cheek. YB palmed her phat ass firmly as Chaos’s tongue moved toward his fleshy lips. She kissed him intently, feeling his tongue swimming around her throat. Her pussy was throbbing and wet.

“Fuck me, YB,” Chaos cried into his ear.

YB was so hard that it hurt. Chaos’s body was in perfect form. He moved his hand up and down her wet thighs and then across her shaven pussy. He picked her up and she wrapped her thick, smooth thighs around him. Chaos held onto him tightly, preparing herself for the ride that he was about to give her.

YB slowly pushed himself into her. Chaos held him closer and let out a loud yell that echoed through the bathroom. She felt herself opening up from below with YB thrusting in and out with one arm secured around her and the other clutching the safety bar in the tub for support. She had her back against the wall, the hot water still cascading off them.

They fucked hard. YB tore into her pussy like a beast, sucking on her neck and nipples, feeling heaven within her. For Chaos, it was the first piece of dick in a long while that that wasn’t paying or forced upon her, and she was enjoying every moment of it.

They didn’t care about condoms; they just wanted to feel each other raw. YB exploded inside Chaos and trembled a little as he pulled out and took a breather.

It was an encounter that the two would always remember. On that night, Chaos fell in love with YB and knew that he was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. For once, she wanted her life to end like a fairytale, even if the idea was farfetched. For once, being back in New York, she finally felt free.


Harlem walked into Delaware County Memorial Hospital with his usual scowl. He heard that Crown was still alive and he needed to get a word with him. He moved through Security and the nurses’ station with a concealed Glock and dared anybody to stop him.

“Sir, excuse me, sir. You just can’t go through there,” a nurse called out, trying to stop him.

Her pleas fell on deaf ears. Harlem pushed through the doors to the emergency room and scanned the room quickly. The only things he saw were doctors, patients, and all kinds of other shit that he didn’t need to see.

Harlem stood out in the emergency room like Al Sharpton at a Klan gathering. He wore a long, dark parka that was wet from the rain, dark jeans and black Timberlands. Everyone in the ER quickly took notice of the harrowing figure among them and grew wary.

Harlem was about to start searching room to room for Crown but stopped in his tracks when he noticed two Philadelphia cops in the distance, talking to a patient. He knew it would be stupid to act a fool. Soon, the nurse who tried to stop him earlier appeared in the emergency room with two security guards who gave Harlem contemptuous looks.

“You got a pass to be in here, sir?” one of the guards asked.

Harlem returned the man’s hardened gaze with his own, knowing that if they were in another place, at another time, the two toy cops would be dead where they stood.

“I’m lookin’ for a friend,” Harlem said.

“Well, you need to sign your name at the front desk and give us your friends first and last name. You just can’t be charging past us like that. We got rules here, sir, so c’mon, let’s go,” the second security guard said to him sternly.

Harlem smirked at the two toy cops and wished he could kill them both but he let his murderous temper subside. “A’ight. Whatever!” The two uniformed cops were now paying attention to Harlem and watched him closely.

Harlem followed behind the guards to the front desk. Harlem hated to wait, but he did. He took a seat in the waiting area and eyed the two security guards like they were prey to him, making one of them kind of nervous by the look he was giving them. He wanted to kill both of them for coming at him disrespectfully, but he knew their deaths would have to wait. He had to see about Crown. He wanted the west side of Philly to run red with his vengeance. Harlem knew in his gut that YB and Rufus were behind the shooting, but he needed to get Crown’s approval and assurance before he could strike back.

Unfortunately, Harlem got word that Crown fell into a coma and the doct

ors were doing everything that they could to save his life.

Harlem hated to hear the news and knew when Crown awoke Philly would not be the same for a lot of people. Harlem was a killer, and he knew not to strike at those responsible for Crown’s shooting until he personally got the word from his boss’s lips that YB and Rufus were the ones involved. Fortunately for Rufus and his peoples, Harlem left town for a while and vowed to come back to settle the score with his enemies.

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