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 My Dirty Hot Angel 

Episode 47


Harlem drove up to Magic’s spot with his Glock nearby. It was three in the morning and the girls were still clueless about the shooting. He jumped out his truck and rushed toward the club. After calling Crown for hours and not being able to reach him, Harlem went by the house and saw the carnage. He got out of there quickly and then anonymously called the police.

Harlem moved past security and walked into the club with a serious scowl on his grill. Those who knew of Harlem got really nervous.

“Shit,” Angel muttered. His heart raced since he knew of Harlem’s fierce and murderous reputation and it was rare to see him in the club. Magic came upstairs and the two cut eyes at each other. Harlem wasn’t sure if Magic was involved. If he knew for sure, then he would have murdered Magic where he stood.

Cherish was by the bar, talking to a trick, when she saw Harlem. She quickly walked over to Harlem with a curious look on her face. “Harlem, what’s going on?” she asked.

“Go get the rest of the bitches and get dressed. We’re leaving,” he instructed her.

“What happened?”

Harlem looked at her sternly and said, “They gunned down Crown in his crib, along wit’ Toy-T and Sweet. Crown’s in the hospital but the others are dead


“What?” Cherish shrieked.

“I’m gettin’ y’all the fuck outta here. Get the rest of the bitches ready.”

Cherish wasted no time gathering up Casper and Midnight. By their actions, people in the club knew something had gone down. Everyone stopped what they were doing and had their focus on Harlem and the girls.

Harlem moved toward the exit. He turned to look at Magic, who was not too far behind, and said, “I may be comin’ to check you soon, nigga.”

Magic was far from intimidated by Harlem. He was wary of the man but knew how to stand his ground. Angel looked at his boss with a nervous stare but Magic looked back and said, “Just get back to work, Angel.”


The very next night YB was on his way to New York. He didn’t know what the future held for him and Chaos. Word was out about Crown and Toy-T and he knew a war was brewing. The streets of Philly would be spilled with blood. He wasn’t a coward but he knew he had to regroup.

Leaving Philly wasn’t that easy for YB. He was leaving a lot behind, but with $75,000 in the truck and a fresh start with Chaos, he knew anything was possible. Some of the money was his saved from his time in the drug game and the rest came from the robbery. He and Rufus split the $75,000 and the cash they got for the furs down the middle. It was a good take for both men, and Rufus had enough to pay the Mexicans for the four keys of raw H.

The conflict surfaced when Rufus realized that YB was leaving for New York with Chaos.


“Yo, you gonna break out on me, just like that? We family, nigga! We built this shit together, you and me, YB. What the fuck I’m gonna do without you, nigga?” Rufus was enraged.

“Nigga, I can’t hold your hand forever. I gotta do this, my nigga. I need a time out from this,” YB had replied.

Rufus wanted to kill Chaos. She was taking away his cousin, the only cousin he had left in the city.

“Ain’t no time out from this, cuz. We in this for life, you hear me, nigga, early! And what it’s gonna look like, you leavin’ for New York after we done made our move on Crown? It’s gonna look like you running, nigga, running from your battles. We never fuckin’ ran from anything, you hear me?” Rufus exclaimed.

YB heard his cousin but Rufus didn’t understand that it was much more for YB than just running. He never told Rufus that he might be under investigation by the feds or local police and that he was growing tired of the game.

“YB, this is us. This is us, nigga! This is what the fuck we’re about, nigga! You can’t leave. You and me been runnin’ this shit since forever. I got love for you, nigga, and you ready to walk out on your own family?” Rufus’s voice was filled with hurt and confusion.

“Rufus, I gotta do what needs to be done and I ain’t never walkin’ out on you,” YB said.

“Wit’ that bitch, yeah you are, nigga! You gettin’ weak over pussy, nigga. This is how you gonna end this shit? Fuck it then,” Rufus ranted. “I’m gonna hold it down like I always do and let muthafuckas know I don’t run from no man. You think I fear Harlem? You think I fuckin’ need you, nigga?” He poked a finger in YB’s chest. “You think I need you? I’ll be the nigga to run this town when you’re gone. Remember that, nigga. I’ll be the nigga doin’ it big when your bitch ass is rested up in New York wit’ that fuckin’ ho. And when you get tired of her, nigga, don’t fuckin’ come runnin’ back to me; don’t try to come back to Philly to reclaim the throne. I’ll be that nigga runnin’ this shit without you. You hear me, YB? You fuckin’ hear me, nigga?” Rufus turned away from YB. “Run nigga, run . . . run to be wit’ that fuckin’ ho and see how fucked up it will be for you. I shoulda shot that bitch dead when I had the chance,” Rufus snarled in contempt.

YB was upset with what Rufus said but chose not to let his cousin’s ignorance and anger deter him from his plans. He kept his composure. He wanted to beat his cousin’s ass but let it be since Rufus was upset. He simply walked away from.

“Run nigga, run . . . fuckin’ run nigga, run . . . run nigga, fuckin’ run. Go be wit’ that fuckin’ bitch!”

YB got into his truck and just drove off, knowing that he and Rufus would never be the same again. He was still family but YB knew that they were going separate ways. Rufus wanted to run and control the streets and get money and YB only wanted to get money.


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