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My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 45

Rufus and YB looked at each other for a brief moment, reading each other minds. They’d been in situations like this many times before.

“Fuck this shit!” Rufus exclaimed, violently kicking the door open, shocking Crown.

YB rushed in behind Rufus with his gun aimed at Crown’s head.

“What the fuck!” Crown screamed.

YB and Rufus quickly took in the scene. Sweet was chained to a long pipe, naked with her arms outstretched. Her back was scarred with burn marks and she was also bleeding. Sweet looked up at YB with her beaten and tear-stained her face. She looked so pitiful and distressed. Crown, who was shirtless and sweating, stood over Sweet with a hot comb in one hand and his thick leather belt in the other. He was burning Sweet with the hot comb and then beating her.

“You sick muthafucka!” YB shouted.

“Fuck y’all niggas,” Crown retorted. He threw the hot comb at Rufus and tried to run for it, but Rufus was on his ass quickly. He bashed the Ruger across Crown’s face. Crown dropped to the floor, scrambling to get away but Rufus, was all over him. Rufus beat Crown the same way Crown beat his bitches. The Ruger came viciously across Crown’s face several times until it was red with blood.

Chaos walked in behind the duo and her eyes were drawn to her friend Sweet. “Oh my God! What the fuck?”

She quickly went to her friend’s aid, tears trickling down her face. She took Sweet in her arms but forgot that she was still handcuffed to the pipe. She wanted Sweet free immediately. Chaos filled with rage, pulled her gun from her jeans and rushed over to where Rufus and YB were kicking and pistol whipping Crown brutally.

“You fuckin’ bastard,” she screamed. “Why you do that to her?!”

Chaos kicked at Crown while he was still on the floor. “Give me the fuckin’ combination! Give me the combination!” she screamed. She knew that the combination was written on a slip of paper somewhere in his office in case of an emergency.

“Fuck you and that bitch!” Crown retorted with a smirk on his blood-spattered face.

Chaos hit him again and again. YB pulled her off him and said, “Let us do this!”

“Fuck him! Fuck that bitch-ass nigga! Kill that muthafucka!” Chaos cried.

Crown lay sprawled on his marble floor, looking helpless. His nose was broken and his face was covered in blood. He panted but he still had some sarcasm in him. He looked up at YB and Rufus and stated, “Both y’all niggas is dead. I’m go

nna make sure Harlem sees to that, and your families.”

“What, muthafucka?” Rufus said, towering over the beaten Crown. He kicked Crown in his mouth and made him spit out two teeth.

Crown cried out in pain, clutching his bloody jaw and squirming over the floor. Rufus laughed. They went through his pockets until he found the key to the cuffs and tossed it to Chaos who quickly uncuffed her battered friend and held her in her arms.

“Where the money at?” Rufus asked.

“Fuck you!” Crown snapped.

Rufus beat him again and then asked again, “Where the fuckin’ money at?”

“Fuck you!” Crown repeated, spitting up blood.

YB tore through the room, turning over furniture while Rufus continued to torture Crown. Chaos helped Sweet to the couch and draped a sheet around her nude body. Suddenly, Toy-T burst into the room, firing a .45 wildly.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

“Fuck y’all niggas, man! Fuck y’all!” Toy-T shouted.

YB and Rufus quickly ducked behind furniture and returned the gunfire, unloading on Toy-T heavily. Crown scurried to get his Glock 17 from his hidden spot while Toy-T had their attention. Crown was hurt badly but anger and vengeance kept him conscious enough to reach for his gun.

Chaos pulled Sweet down to the floor and looked up to see Toy-T charging into the room with wild eyes, letting off numerous shots everywhere. She gripped the .380 in her hand and fired off two shots at him. The gunfire was chaotic and soon Toy-T was down with a shot in the head and chest.

Before anyone could exhale, Crown moved forward with the Glock gripped in his fist and aimed it at YB.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

He hit YB square in the chest three times, sending YB crashing against the wall. Chaos’s eyes widened with shock when she saw her nigga go down. She jumped up from the floor and rushed to YB, not realizing that Crown had his gun aimed at her head and was about to squeeze the trigger.


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