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 My Dirty Hot Angel 

Episode 44

Chaos heard the commotion downstairs. She heard Sweet crying out to Crown saying that she was sorry but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Chaos soon heard the sounds of Crown punching Sweet. She crept out of the bedroom and looked over the banister.

“Bitch, you don’t fuckin’ think! That’s the fuckin’ problem wit’ you hoes. You cost me money tonight wit’ your bullshit!” Crown ranted.

He grabbed Sweet by her long weave and dragged her across the marble floors toward the basement.

“Crown, I’m sorry. Daddy, I’m sorry!” Sweet tried to resist being dragged into the basement. She accidentally scratched Crown on his wrist and he became even more furious. He punched her in the face with his cell phone. Blood trickled from Sweet’s lips and her right eye was almost swollen shut.

“Fuck is wrong wit’ you, bitch? You gon’ fuckin’ scratch me, huh? I’m gonna fuck you up downstairs.”

“Yo, Crown, everything good?” Toy-T asked. He stared at his cousin and then at the battered and bruised Sweet. “What she do?”

“Mind your fuckin’ business, Toy-T. I got this. Where the fuck is Chaos?”

“She’s upstairs gettin’ ready for business,” Toy-T informed him.

Crown had the look of the devil on his face. His eyes were sunken with rage. “You tell that bitch to get my money right tonight or she gonna have the same fate as this bitch.”

“A’ight,” Toy-T responded.

Chaos was horrified look as she continued to watch from the staircase. She wanted to cry. She wanted to help Sweet. It wasn’t too long ago that Chaos found herself in the same situation as Sweet. She knew that once Crown got her down into that basement, the punishment would only get much worse.

Sweet’s horrifying cries made her cringe and she decided that it would be best for her to walk back into the bedroom and continue with the plan. Chaos took a deep breath, shed a few tears and then walked over to the window. She once again looked for the Lincoln, glad to see it was still there. She pulled back the blinds and curtains and opened the windows. She walked over to the light switch and flicked it on and off twice.

“There we go,” Rufus said when he saw the lights flick off and on.

Both men secured their weapons and then pulled on dark knitted ski caps. They got out the car and walked calmly toward the house, keeping a keen eye out for anything unusual.

Chaos looked out her bedroom window again and saw the men coming and smiled. She held a set of house keys in her hand. Toy-T was unaware that while he had been groping Chaos for his own pleasures, she had picked his pocket and removed his house keys, sliding them quickly into her panties. Chaos used to be a thief and pickpocket back in the Bronx when she ran with an all-girl crew.

Before anyone saw her, Chaos tossed the keys out the window. YB caught them and knew it was on and poppin’. With Toy-T and Crown being the only men in the house, YB and Rufus knew that it was easy picking. They could do almost anything with the element of surprise.

By then, Crown had dragged Sweet kicking and screaming into the basement. Chaos could still hear her pleas for help, and she knew help was definitely on its way. The house had motion sensor lights but no alarm system. YB and Rufus walked to the back door, not wanting the neighbors to become suspicious of two young black men dressed in all black with guns in their hands. They easily opened the lock to the rear and moved inside the darkened kitchen. Once the men were in the living room they could hear vicious screams coming from the basement.

“What the fuck is he doin’ to her?” Rufus whispered.

The house was large. YB wondered where Toy-T was and then he thought about Chaos. Soon he saw her coming down the steps dressed in jeans, a denim jacket, and Timberlands.

“Where’s everyone?” YB asked in a low voice.

“Crown took Sweet downstairs. But Toy-T, he’s in here somewhere,” Chaos told them. “Fuck that nigga up, YB. He ain’t right.”

YB didn’t say a word. He and Rufus moved toward the basement and opened the door carefully, ready for any kind of trap. They crept down the rickety wooden steps and heard Sweet screaming which was a plus for them because her screams drowned out their approach.

“Crown, Daddy . . . I’m pregnant wit’ your baby! I’m having your baby,” Sweet screamed out.

“What the fuck you say, bitch? You’re what?” Crown exclaimed.

“I’m having a baby,” Sweet cried.


Sweet gave an agonizing wail.

Rufus whispered, “Damn, what the fuck is he doin’ to the bitch?”

The basement was a big, open concrete area with one closed-off room. It was the room where Crown had his safe and file cabinets and where he held meetings with his people. It was also the place where he disciplined his chicks.

YB quickly scanned the basement as he neared the door with his gun clutched tightly in his hand. He passed Chaos a loaded .380 and hoped she knew how to use it. Chaos nodded.

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