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 My Dirty Hot Angel 

Episode 43

They continued to stare at the block, watching the house and watching traffic pass by. YB had his 9 mm Beretta lying on the dashboard and an extra clip in his pocket. He took a lengthy pull from the burning spliff Rufus had rolled up and sparked while sitting in the car. He let the excess smoke escape from his nostrils.

He passed the weed to his cousin and thought about Chaos being locked up in the house like some child on a harsh punishment. He had plans on leaving town after the hit. He didn’t tell his cousin anything else, knowing how stubborn Rufus could become. YB knew that Philly could no longer be the place for him after what they planned on doing tonight.

A new life outside of Philly, shit gotta be crazy, YB thought. He gazed out at the night and reflected heavily on his violent past. He thought about the murders he and his cousin committed. He thought about the tons of drugs they sold throughout West Philly. He thought about the women he fucked and the short time he spent behind bars when he was in his teens. He knew that he was fortunate to be free and alive and then the thought of him being under investigation had him thinking. He knew that he had to be very careful and watch his back.

For YB to walk away from everything he knew and loved would be challenging for him. He had his mother, Magic, and Rufus in Philly. It was a hard choice to make because he only knew how to do two things: sell drugs and murder. He hoped Chaos would be worth it. He finally convinced himself to put her infamous past with Crown behind and move on. He wanted them to live a better life in another state with the money from tonight’s heist.

“This shit is takin’ forever,” Rufus muttered.

YB just sat back in his seat and remained patient. This was a one-shot deal, and if they fucked up, it would be costly.


Chaos got out of bed and walked to the window in her bra and panties. She peered down the block to see the old Lincoln that YB and Rufus were in. They were waiting for her to give them the signal.

Chaos felt that tonight would be the last night of bullshit she would ever have to endure. She cracked a smile, feeling like YB was that prince on a white horse and she was the lady in the tower, waiting to be rescued.

Is this my fairytale? She asked herself.

She sighed and then turned to see Toy-T standing in the doorway in his wife-beater and jeans. “Bitch, we gonna have some company again tonight. I got Jumbo coming over again to fuck you.” He chuckled. “You got that nigga open off your pussy. I know the feeling ’cause your shit is good.”

Chaos sighed again and turned her attention back to the window. She wasn’t trying to hear Toy-T’s mouth tonight.

Toy-T got upset. He wanted to be like Crown so he knew he had to lay the smack down if he wanted respect from a bitch. He walked into the room and shouted, “Bitch, you don’t ever turn your back to me when I’m fuckin’ talkin’ to you!”

He grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him. Toy-T glared at Chaos, but his bark was louder than his bite. “Get dressed, bitch. We got some money to make tonight.”

Chaos sighed a third time. She could get away with the attitude with Toy-T, but if he were Crown, her jaw would have been filled with blood.

Toy-T pressed himself against Chaos and rubbed his hands against her butt. “Damn, you’re so soft, bitch. I like that. I do, I do,” he said in a sleazy tone.

Chaos wanted to pry herself out of his greasy hands. She hated the smell of his breath when he tried to kiss her. Chaos closed her eyes and tried to pull away, but Toy-T wasn’t having it. He pressed his crusty lips to hers but became startled by the sound of the Escalade pulling into the driveway. Toy-T released Chaos and rushed downstairs to meet his cousin and to see why he was back from the club so early.

With Toy-T finally gone, Chaos sat on the bed and prayed that tonight went down smoothly. She couldn’t take another night of Toy-T’s shit and his greasy hands.


Rufus and YB perked up when they saw Crown’s Escalade pull hastily into the driveway. With his eyes fixed on the truck, YB reached for his gun and cocked it back. Both men saw Crown drag the semi-naked Sweet out of the truck. He was so busy assaulting Sweet that he didn’t look around to see if there was trouble.

“Look at this bitch nigga here. You think he knows it’s comin’ to him?” Rufus asked. “I should just go over there right now and fire some hot ones into his face and chest.”

“Just chill, Rufus. We need to work this as planned,” YB said.

“I’m gonna work it, YB. I’m gonna murder this nigga.” Rufus kept his eyes on Crown, watching the man’s every move.

Crown pulled Sweet toward the door, causing her to stumble over the steps. He pushed her inside and slammed the door behind him.

YB and Rufus waited for the signal from Chaos.

“That should be four inside, right?” Rufus inquired.

“We’ll see,” YB replied.

They sat and looked up at Chaos’s bedroom window and continued to wait for the signal.


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