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 My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 42

“I gotta get this bitch outta here, quickly. You in charge of these bitches till I come back. I want you to have all my bitches clothed and ready when I get back,” he instructed.

“I will, Daddy,” Cherish said.

“C’mere, bitch!” Crown dragged Sweet by her neck toward the club entrance.

Magic emerged from the basement with a serious scowl on his face. What the fuck happened now?

He soon saw Mindy on the floor, clutching her bloody face and crying. Magic cut through the crowd, picked Mindy up and asked, “Who the fuck did this to you?”

“I’m gonna kill that fuckin’ bitch, Magic! I’m gonna kill that bitch,” Mindy exclaimed. “Fuck that lazy-eyed bitch! Fuck her!”

Magic looked around for Crown and saw him dragging Sweet out the door still dressed in her thong and boots.

“This muthafucka!” Magic cursed.

Crown pushed Sweet to his truck across the street. He didn’t give a fuck about the way she was dressed ’cause he just wanted to leave quickly as possible. Everyone outside the club looked on wide-eyed since Sweet’s huge tits and ass were in public view.

“Damn, what the fuck happened up in there?” someone inquired.

Crown pushed Sweet into the truck, jumped in behind her, and drove off hastily. As he peeled off down the street, he glared over at Sweet and punched her in the head.

“You stupid bitch! What the fuck did you do!” he shouted.

He began to hit her again, shoving her head against the passenger’s side window until a small crack appeared. Sweet cried out and tried to shield herself from the heavy blows, praying that Crown didn’t kill her before they got to the house.

“I’m gonna fuck you up when we get home,” he threatened.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I’m sorry,” Sweet sobbed.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch! I told you don’t act up, don’t fuckin’ act up! You cost me money tonight and I’m gonna take it out on your ass, fo’ sure!”

Crown raced home with Sweet still cringed in her seat and shaking, tears of pain and hurt streaming down her face.


YB and Rufus sat patiently in the rust-colored, four-door Lincoln across the street from Crown’s place. The block was quiet and the traffic was sparse. The thick trees that lined the street and a few bushes gave them good cover from the bright street lights and any unwanted attention. It was twelve-thirty, and the neighbors on the block were either asleep or out on the town. The stillness in the area made it seem like it would be a peaceful night.

Rufus gripped the deadly Ruger P89 and kept an eye out for Crown’s truck. He was hungry for murder and said to his cousin, “When I see this nigga, the first thing I’m gonna do is put a hot one in his eye.”

“Relax, nigga,” YB cajoled. “We work this as planned, so don’t go flying off the handle, nigga. It should be anytime now.”

“This bitch better be on point, YB, ’cause I won’t hesitate to shoot the bitch if she fucks us,” Rufus said, referring to Sweet.

“We do it my way,” YB said.

“Just make sure your way is gonna have Crown’s chest burning wit’ a few hot shells, early, my nigga.”

Sweet had given them Crown’s address and let them know the layout of the crib and how many people would be inside. YB and Rufus scoped the place out earlier and noted how many exits were in the house and anything else that might spoil their hit. Both men were dressed in black from head to toe and their car contained a small arsenal of weapons—just in case the gunfire got heavy. There was a MAC-10 in the backseat and a shotgun on the floor. They knew not to underestimate Crown and Harlem and came heavily prepared.

“It feels like old times, YB, staking out a hit. Remember, we used to do this shit when were kids? Robbing muthafuckas and murdering these clown-ass dealers on the block if they tried to come at us on some payback shit.”

YB smiled, remembering how he, Rufus, and a few others got down. They were definitely ruthless, making a name for themselves at an early age. The majority of the crew had been in and out of jail since the age of fourteen.

“Well, we ain’t goin’ after petty drug dealers and wannabe gangsters. This is the real thing, so stay close and be on point,” YB said.

“I got your back, cuz. You just make sure you have mine.”

YB nodded.

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