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My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 41

YB sat back and just kept his mouth shut. Rufus was going to continue to be Rufus; but he was still family and YB always had love for family.


It was a Thursday night and business at Magic’s spot was slow. Sweet was working the stage, making her ends for the night and waiting for YB to come through. For the past four days, they’d been relaying info through Bobby and he got free pussy from Sweet in return. It was risky, knowing how Crown felt about fucking niggas for free but Bobby was doing them a huge favor.

It was routine for Bobby and Sweet to talk at the bar while he bought her drinks. She would tell Bobby what she wanted to relay to YB and Bobby would subtly go over to YB and pass on the message. Sometimes they would meet up in the VIP room to talk.

Chaos was still on house arrest, and that worked out perfectly for their scheme. Somebody had to remain in the house to supervise Chaos and it would either be Toy-T or Crown.

Sweet had to figure out a way to remain home with Chaos while the other girls went out to make Crown’s money. She wanted to be there when YB came in with his cousin to rob and kill Crown. The only way she saw that happening was to be on house arrest like Chaos and make money at home. But that meant that she’d have to take a chance on getting her ass beat like Chaos and a beating from Crown might cost her baby’s life.

Sweet came up with another plan that she thought would work. She told YB about it and they both knew how to execute it. With Chaos informed about everything that was happening, Friday night was the time to make things happen.


Friday night was business as usual. Crown kept a sharp eye out for his chicks and drank cognac. Tonight he was wearing a brown silk suit with a wide-brimmed hat tilted to the side, carrying the true pimp image.

Sweet walked around in a pair of knee-high leather boots and a G-string. Her bikini top was in her hand. She had just finished fucking a trick in VIP and was ready for a drink. When she got to the bar she glanced at Crown, thinking he was going to say something to her. However, Crown just looked at her, sipped his drink, and then left the bar.

Sweet was extremely nervous as the night progressed. YB wasn’t around, but she didn’t expect him to be. She knew he was parked somewhere, waiting for everything to take place.

Chaos was at home under Toy-T’s watch while the other strippers were working the crowd in Magic’s. Harlem was nowhere around and that was the only thing that worried Sweet. He was unpredictable and everyone knew that he was likely to show up at anytime. Sweet knew that she had to chance it. It was now or never.

Bobby stood around minding his business. He knew his role in the scheme was over and he was relieved. They didn’t tell him much, but he knew that something heavy was about to go down. He was no gangster and the only things he loved were pussy, beer, and his job. He wanted no extra drama in his life. He knew it was wise to stay away from Sweet that Friday night because she warned him to do just that. Bobby set his eyes set on another stripper and went about his business.

Sweet took a few sips of her drink and scanned the place. Casper was onstage making the crowd go wild. Cherish was working a nigga in the corner who had his hand down her skirt. Midnight walked off toward VIP with a trick, and Crown stood by the front doorway to the club talking to another known pimp in Philly.

Sweet took a deep breath and thought to herself, I got this.

She looked around for the right bitch to fuck with and found Mindy had just come from the changing room. Sweet gripped her drink and walked toward Mindy who was the perfect woman to start a fight with. When they were close to each other, Sweet purposely bumped into Mindy and spilled her drink onto Mindy’s cute, skimpy outfit.

“Bitch, watch where the fuck you goin’!” Sweet screamed.

“What, bitch? You bumped into me, you lazy-eyed bitch!” Mindy yelled back.

“What the fuck you say, you dumb clown bitch?” Sweet stepped to Mindy.

“You heard what the fuck I said—watch where the fuck you goin’! But I can’t blame you; you probably can’t still see shit wit’ that one good eye,” Mindy shot back.

By now, everyone noticed the scene brewing between the two strippers. Crown cursed loudly and moved through the crowd to grab Sweet and keep her from doing something stupid. He and Magic had an understanding that there would be no more drama with him and his girls in the club. Sweet was breaking that agreement and Crown was upset.

Sweet and Mindy got into a shouting match, throwing fingers and hands into each other’s faces. Sweet took the altercation a step further and smashed her partially-filled glass over Mindy’s head.

Mindy screamed and stumbled while liquor and blood trickled down her face. Sweet threw some punches and yel

led, “Don’t you ever disrespect me like that again, bitch!”

The fight didn’t last long. Sweet got the best of Mindy before Crown pulled her away from the scene. He grabbed Sweet by the back of her neck and screamed at her.

“That bitch started it, Crown,” Sweet pleaded with him.

“I don’t give a fuck, bitch! You don’t lay a hand on anyone without my approval. You fucked up my money!”

“I’m sorry, Daddy! I’m sorry,” Sweet cried.

Crown looked over at Mindy and saw that her face was a bloody mess. “Fuck me! Cherish, get the fuck over here!” Crown called out.

Cherish hurried over. She looked at Sweet and knew she was in a lot of trouble.




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