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 My Dirty Hot Angel

Episode 39

“Like what?”

“We gonna rob him and leave his ass but we need a nigga like you to have our back on this.”

YB snorted. “Y’all gonna do what?”

Sweet spoke in low, urgent tones. “Listen, I’m pregnant and I know when Crown finds out, he’s gonna kill me. Now, I know what happened with Harlem and your spot but you can get back at him. I know everything about that nigga and you can make up on what you lost by taking from him. I know where he keeps his safe and the combination to that shit.”

YB was definitely listening. He had too much hate in his heart for Crown and wanted to hit that nigga where he lived. Taking away two of his main ladies—and robbing him too—would be a definite slap in the face.

“What you need from me? I’ll do it to get Chaos free from that nigga.”

“We tryin’ to set this shit up, but the only way we can talk like this is through Bobby. He’s gotta be our middleman. If they see me talkin’ directly to you then Crown and his peoples are gonna know what’s up. And I can’t afford to get my ass beat.”

“I’ll be back through here all week and we’ll set this shit up. I’ll put my cousin Rufus on. He’s dying to fuck that nigga up,” YB said.

Sweet smiled. Their plan had been set in motion and the wheels of their fate were starting to turn.

“Let’s do this right,” YB urged, unafraid. “You lay me down the information about his spot, like how many rooms and how many chicks or soldiers or anything I can use and we’re gonna do this.”

Sweet nodded. She knew that she didn’t have that much time so she let YB leave. Bobby walked back into the room.

“Damn, it’s about time,” Bobby said. He unbuckled his jeans and was ready to get back down to business.

Sweet smiled, feeling good about things. She got back into the doggy-style position and waited for Bobby to hit it from the back again.

Let it be a new day for us, she thought to herself as Bobby grabbed her hips and pushed himself into her.


It was six in the morning and the sun was fresh in the sky, breaking night into day once more. The Escalade pulled into the driveway and the girls stepped out and walked sluggishly into the house. They all had a long night of turning numerous tricks, dancing, and making plenty of money for Crown.

Sweet was the last to walk into the house. Her body was limp and her pussy sore from the penetrations she endured. She accomplished a lot with her talk with YB. She smiled to herself as she walked up the steps and thought about Chaos.

Crown was in the basement, counting the night’s earning from his hoes. He smiled when he saw that they grossed over $7,000 for him. He placed the cash in the safe and poured a drink before he sat on of the couches and called for Cherish.

Cherish ran down the basement steps in tight shorts and a small halter top. Her smooth, curvy figure gave Crown a huge hard-on.

“I need to celebrate. Tonight was a good fuckin’ night,” Crown said, unzipping his pants.

Cherish already knew the routine. She walked over to her pimp, unbuttoning her snug shorts. Crown remained slouched on the couch, fondling his crotch. Cherish squatted between his legs while Crown removed his large member from his jeans and stroked himself.

“It’s time for you evaluation, Cherish,” Crown said.

Cherish smiled ’cause she was getting ready to work her Daddy something lovely. Out of all the girls Crown had fucked, Cherish was the only bitch that knew how to fuck and suck him right—and Crown was not an easy man to please.

Cherish took over with stroking his big dick, while Crown spread his arms across the couch and watched her. She licked him up and down, curling her tongue around Crown’s tip, sliding her full, glossy lips around the width, and swallowed him whole, down to the base. Deep-throating was her thang, and that was one of the reasons why she was Crown’s bottom bitch.

“Mmmmmmm, shit. Suck my dick, bitch. Yes, do that shit,” Crown moaned.

He grabbed a handful of Cherish’s long black hair and forced her head farther down onto his dick. Cherish slid his dick out of her mouth, spit on his nuts, and then sucked them dry. She nibbled and licked on them for a moment and then went back to sucking his dick.

Crown let her do her thang for a long while. Cherish was a professional at giving head. When he was satisfied with the blowjob, he ordered, “Stand up and strip, bitch.”

Cherish quickly got naked. Crown completely removed his clothing and sat back down on the couch.

“Now ride me crazy.”

Cherish smiled and mounted Crown. She cringed for a moment as Crown’s dick felt like a truck parked in her stomach.

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