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 ...... A hot relationship in the office😜😜😜

Hot story


    Seeing her struggle to get into the company, seeing her for the first time apart from pictures and in TVs was the best ever! 

  He had so much longed for this and he's seeing her for real, she's even more beautiful in real life than in pictures, 

  Her curves, her skin color, all of them, everything is in the right shape, 

   He's feeling so horny right now as he looked at her, he couldn't take it so he had to summon up courage and walk up to her before she dissapears into the inner part of this big company and he won't be able to see her again, 

  "I'm Jake Thompson"his voice flowed out in a reply to what she said and she looked at him, 

   Wow! He's tall and handsome but who cares? Doesn't he have manners? Walk up to me like that? 

  Call me by my name as if I was his commoner friend... Pssst! All these men and their ego.... 

She hissed at him and then walked away but he followed her from behind... Where is the courage coming from? 

He couldn't tell where it was coming from tho but he had to follow her, 

  "For God's sake why are you following me? I'm not in the mood to talk to anyone and you're the least person I will want to talk to in this world"

   He smiled even though she was harsh;
  "Hearing your voice is okay for me"he replied still following her and she heaved stopping for a minute, 

All eyes on the both of them, 
  "What do you want and stop causing a scene in my company! "She yelled, 

  "I need a job in your company"he replied, 
  She scoffed, he's really brave enough to be speaking to her the way he likes, 

What a manner! She sighed and then turned to look at him very well, 
  "Okay? And you want to meet me? Can't you see that I have manager, asst manager, secretary, production.... "

  "I don't want to meet them, I want to meet you and see your face for the first time, 

I've always longed to meet you"
   She scoffed, 
  She looked around the whole place and how quiet it was but they were all looking at her, 

  The moment her eyes came to them, they looked away and concentrated on what they were doing, 

  "Come to my office"she mumbled and took her elevator moving upstairs, 

  He smiled even though he's still surprised from where his courage is coming from, 

Ten minutes later, 

He knocked on her door after fruitless search on where her office is located, 

  "Come in and please be reasonable enough to explain to me why you're coming to work by this time of the day!!! "She yelled from inside thinking that the person knocking was her secretary but she was mistaken, 

   Jake walked in, 
  "I think that wasn't for me but for someone else"he replied winking as he advanced towards her, 
   She realized her mistake and then sighed before she frowned her face, 

  "What is it? "
  "Well, you asked me to come to your office "
  "Did I? "

  "Yes of course "he laughed a bit, 
  She sighed not even staring at his face very well

    "Okay, fine, go down stairs and meet my production manager and he will give you a job"

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