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...... A hot relationship in the office

Hot story

Episode 3

He faced his father but their eyes never met, what's he going to say to his father?

That all these time that he was away for business, he had been sleeping with his very own wife! How insulting!!!

There was absolute silence between, he was too guilty to even utter the word SORRY, it just doesn't make sense for him to even think of saying that,

His father cleared his throat looking at his son and wondering if he's the one that he used to know all these years or he's another person,

He couldn't just place why all these had to happen,
He can't believe what his eyes saw three days ago,

It just doesn't make sense at all, the more he look at his son, he gets more angry and hates him the more,

It breaks his heart each time their eyes met,
"You see Jake, I provided everything that you needed right from the time that we lost your mother,"he paused so that his words will sink down into him,

"I know.... "He continued taking his eyes off him "I know it was my fault that your mother died but I made it up to you, didn't I?? "He asked bitterly looking at his son who gulped but can't speak,

"Father.... "He tried speaking but he was hushed,
"Don't ever call me your father, I'm not your dad and never will I be! "

He gulped,
"Tell me the truth, Little bby Linda, who is the father? "He asked his son who had goose pimples immediately,

He felt so bad and weak, how can his own half sister be the same person as his daughter,

What have he been doing all these while?
"I'm really sorry dad and I will I can... "

"That's not question young man and please don't get more angry!! Answer my question!!

Who's baby is it? Mine or yours? "He asked and he looked away regretting the fact that he's going to tell his father the bitter truth now,

"Linda is my daughter and not yours" he replied slowly and his father hit his face immediately,

That punch was huge cuz his lips started bleeding immediately,
"Get out of my house Jake! Take your things away from my house!! I don't want to ever see you again! "

"Father are you disowning me?? "
"Yes!!! And I will make sure that I rewrite my will before I die!!

A useless somebody like you can't inherit my things in life!! Never!!! I rather give out my things to charity than let you take any of my things"

He became scared, how is he going to cope without his father's wealth?

How is he going to live without his father's money always rushing into his account?

"Father... I'm sorry father! "He went on his knees, "
"Don't touch me!! Just get up and get out of my house and don't ever show your face to me again!

Evil child! I cursed the day that you were concieved.... "




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