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...... A hot relationship in the office

Hot story

Episode 2

Mrs. Bella paced about her office really in serious anger after Mrs. Angela Cortez's secretary called her and told her that their deal have been called off,

Why would she do that? Why would she all of a sudden cut of such a big contract?

what's she going to tell her clients? She can't believe this! After all the money that she had spent?

She called her secretary into her office immediately ;
"Check our record book or anything and tell me where we wronged Mrs. Angela Cortez immediately!! "

"Ma... "She was confused on what to say,
"Do as I asked please!!!! "

She touched her hair and flipped it backward really confused, she can't loose that money and she can't loose Angella's help,

She just can't! Ahhhh!! Why is she doing this now?
"Ma,"her secretary interrupted into her thoughts and she turned her head to look at her,

"Yes, what does it say? "
"Nothing, we didn't do anything wrong to her"
"Then why will she suddenly call off our contracts?? I'm finished!!

She can't be doing this to me please!! "She shouted in frustration as she started pacing the whole place while her secretary kept looking at her,

"Are you going to keep on looking at me like that? Huh! Is that so? Suggest something fool!! "She yelled at her secretary who jerked really scared at the way she shouted at her,

"Well ma... I think we should call her and ask her for her reasons of being harsh "

She shook her head at her suggestions,
"No, I think I've gotten a better idea, I will visit her myself this evening"

"Ma, you know the kind of person Angela is and... "
"Book an appointment with her please "she snapped catwalking out of the room with her heels clicking on the floor as she walked


Yes hello?.... She spoke as her caller pulled in,
Mrs. Angela Cortez, right?

Yes, that's me,
She swivelled on her office chair feeling so proud of the name which she had made for herself,

Uhm... Its about your schedules with my company tonight....

Well am sorry but I can't make it to your rubbish gathering tonight,
Am pretty busy with work and erm.... Am so worn out and tired that I think I will be needing a leg massage in the evening so please, don't disturb my line and erm... You're so stupid to have called me instead of calling my secretary!!

You're a fool!!!
She hang up feeling so tired,
"Gosh!! That was so disrespectful of that person to call me!!

Why do I have a secretary? Huh! She's so stupid!! Phew!! I want her fired else am not stepping my feet into that company ever again! "She soliloquizes,

She rang her secretary,
Come to my office now!
She hung and then concentrates on her laptop before her secretary walked in and stood,

"Ma, you sent for me? "
She looks up and abandoned what she was doing nodding her head,

"When is my board meeting starting? "
"I think any moment from now "

"Okay, do I look okay in what am wearing? "She asked trying to smile innocently while her secretary scrutinized her with his eyes,

She looks so bad in all that combination on her body, how can she wear green heels over a black skirt and red blouse?

Who does that? But will she want to know? She will feel like she's the only right person in this world,

"You.... You look... "He bit his lips regretting the fact that he's going to lie to her,

She perked up her brow waiting for him to speak,
"You look nice "he lied and she smiled,

" am always looking nice, now arrange my things let's leave for the meeting "




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