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 ...... A hot relationship in the office😜😜😜

Hot story

      "Big brother! Brother!! "She squealed as she finally set her eyes on her brother for the first time in months, 

  He smiled as she flung herself into his arms, he carried her shoulder high while she giggled kissing his face over and over again, 

   "I missed you so much brother"
   He smiled, 
 So him! She looks so much like him! This girl is really his and not his father's. 

    She's the guilty that he's trying to erase in his life, why he had been with his step mother all these time without mercy until he beget this little kid surprised him so much. 

  How can he do it to his father? And the worst part, she doesn't even know that he's her father and not brother, 

How heartbroken she will be when she grows up to find out that he's the father and not a brother. 

   She's going to be in pain for a very long time, 
    "Linda, I'm sorry I left but I had to"he replied her at last after a brief thinking with himself, 

  "Why did you have to go like that without letting me know"he smirked and with her still in his arms, he moved over to the bed and sat down, 

   He smiled at her and gave her a little pat on her back which made her relax her head on his huge masculine chest, 

    "You know Linda, I am sorry "he pecked her forehead and she closed her eyes softly with her little fingers roaming about on his chest, 

   "Don't leave me again brother, I mean it else I'm going to find you wherever you're "

   "I won't "
  "Better be brother "she looked up to his face and stared into his eyes "I love you so much brother"

   He smiled softly into her eyes and patted her long ponytail before planting a kiss on the middle of her forehead. 

   "You know that I always love you sweetie "


  Next day, 

  "Pack my bag, am leaving for Asia right this minute! "She yelled at her maids as she saw that they were getting really un serious about packing her things. 

   "Call my secretary now! I need to move as soon as possible! "
   "Yes ma, "
  "Get me my phone!! I need it now?! "She shouted to no maid in particular but one ran out of her room rushing to the elevator and found her way downstairs where she grabbed her phone from the couch that she sat few minutes ago before coming upstairs and then headed back just the way she came. 

   "Here it is ma"
  She took it from her forcefully and dialed her secretary's number, 
His voice showed up on the line, 
📞Cancel all my schedules for today, I want to go to Dubai right this minute and I need you to fix my flight in less than fifty minutes, 

📞But ma... 
📞I can't repeat myself Mr. Mark!! 

  He jerked, this was the first time she was calling him by his name..... 


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