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 ...... A hot relationship in the office😜😜😜

Hot story



     The moment his hands brushed against her naked br*ast, he wanted her more, 

He scooped up her bre*st and kissed her nΓ―pples before he squeezed them gently, 

   "Ahhhhhhh"she moaned spreading out her legs and crossing them against his manly back, 

   It was a sign that she loved what he was doing, it was a sign that she won't reject him, 

  He wanted to do more, he fixed his mouth into her left bre*st and gave it a gentle suck at first but as time passed, he was being rough and she loved it so much, 

She loved how rough he was, it was making her w*t and want for more, 

   She searched for his divk with her hands until she found it and how hard it was in her hands, 

   She pressed it a bit and he gave out a loud groan, 
  "Mmmmmphhhh, oh yeah! Do that again "he screamed and she did that again while he grabbed her two nΓ―pplΓ©s pressing them and teasing them with his tongue, 

  She was going mad, she stopped squeezing his divk after sometime and then stuck his divk into her w*t hole and then gave out a loud moan before crossing her hands around his neck, 

   "Fuvk me "she moaned kissing his neck and ear, 
  She sucked on his nΓ―pples, 
  "Fuvk me baby, I need your divk Mr. Secretary "

  He smiled looking at her face which was all squeezed up in pleasure and then her lips which she was biting times without number, 

   He bent his head lower and then pushed in an inch of his divk into her hole, 

  "Ah... "She moaned, 
  He kissed her lips as he thrusted in, she wanted more, she needed more and the more he gave out, the more unsatisfied they got, 
   He sucked her bre*st roughly, he fuvked her roughly, that's what she wanted, 

   He fingered her roughly too and how much she enjoyed, she even wanted more, she was an insatiable sexual monster, 

   He fuvked her a$$hole, he sucked her a$$hole, he sucked her pu$$y but she won't stop hunting for more and that energy thrilled him the more, 
He have never seen that kind of s3x energy before until he met her, 
  "Give me more, I need more!!! "She moaned loudly, 

  "Give it to me!! Give me your divk!! "She yelled sitting up and grabbing onto his divk and he groaned, 

  She sucked...... 


   As he thought about these, he got horny once more, Jenna can't give him half of what Angela gave him that day, 

  It was a surprise s3x but the best he ever had, 
  But then, he hated it that he hurt her, that he made her leave, he didn't want to do that but it had to happen, 

  A wild s3x on the beach, 
His phone rang and he rushed to his phone, 
πŸ“žHello ma... 
πŸ“žWhere are the documents which I asked you to send to me before I left for work today? 

  Oh shit! How did his mind skip it? 
πŸ“žI'm sending them now, 
πŸ“žLook Mr. Secretary, I know you lost your wife but please don't mix it with my work did you get me? 

πŸ“žYes ma, 
πŸ“žBecareful and how is the new intern doing? Have you checked on him? 

And why would he do that? That bastard who came out of nowhere? Why would he do that?! 


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