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 ...... A hot relationship in the office😜😜😜

Hot story


    "I don't need to walk alongside him, "
  "What do you mean young man? "She asked not giving regards to the way she looked at him, 

  "My name is Jake Angela and not young man"he snapped, 
  Maybe he's from a rich home... She thought because of the way he spoke to her as if they were mates, 

   "I want to walk alongside you, 
  Like being your secretary or something "
  She smirked, 
  "Why would you be my secretary? "She asked him
  He smiled, 
  "Because my friend told me that to get close to someone you love especially someone like you, I will have to be so close to you, 
Closer enough to be your secretary "

  She let out a wild laugh, she laughed out so hard that she was almost choking, 

No one have ever amused her just like he did, he started to laugh too watching her laugh, 
  That's when her secretary came into her office to meet her laughing with a total stranger, 

    Something he have never witnessed before, something that is happening only today and he's seeing it with his own eyes, 

  That hurt him so much, how much he have tried to make her laugh but he have never succeeded for once and here a total stranger is making her laugh, 

   He gulped and then cleared his throat, 
   She stopped laughing immediately and then;
  "Get out! Get out whatever you call yourself.... "

  "Mr. Jake actually Mrs. Angela "
  "Just get out! "She yelled but he refused to move, 

  "Ma... "He cut in feeling better as he saw her yelling at the young man too, 

     He's not left out anyway no matter whom he is, 
  Her attention came to her secretary and she wanted to raise the whole office down with her loud voice, 

  "What kept you from coming to work? You were banging your wife up to now? Huh! You're horny up to now?

   Or what? She held you inside... What reason!!! What!!! "
  "My wife broke up with me and I'm just coming out of the court, we... We divorced "he mumbled and she was touched a bit but she dare not show it, 

    She couldn't speak for the next two seconds as she tried to balance her rude feelings and be nice for once

   "Mr. Jake, can you leave us now? "She asked politely, 
  "Wow! I knew it! I knew that there was a sweet voice behind your rude voice "

    She scoffed, this guy is something else, 
  He winked at her and that got Mark eyeing him in a hateful manner, 

    "Am I going to work with you now? "
  She sighed and then ;
  "Mark, he will be working alongside you "

  Their eyes met as she gave the order, 
   "Ma... I don't understand "he's speaking about his divorce and she's speaking of this strange guy walking alongside him?

What kind of work? 
  "He's your intern now, train him into becoming my secretary "
  "Ma but... "

  "No buts Mark, your punishment for lying to me yesterday "she snapped turning her gaze to the young man before her gaze went down to her desktop leaving the two men staring at each other with so much hatred which just started building up inside of them...... 


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