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...... A hot relationship in the office

Hot story

Episode 1

"That lousy bitch is here again! "She yelled as sh slumped into her sofa,

"I don't just understand what her problem is!! "She added taking off her heels as she fumed speaking to her secretary who just stood beside her listening to her nonsense which never made sense,

"How dare she insult my dressing mr. Secretary? Why would she do that? Who does she think she is? "

"Ma.... "
She scoffed,
"Oh C'mon! That was so annoying! Does she have money more than I do? Does she control money more than I do?

Does she buy jewelries? Even if she does? How much does it worth?
Does she know how expensive these tattoo of mine is?? "She touched her neck which is where her tattoo is located,

She looked around her room,
"Look around my huge penthauze! Can she afford it? Then why the hell will she say that to me?

Who does she think she is? She's nothing but a pauper and am gonna make her pay for making me so angry"

Her secretary went to her refrigerator and helped her get a glass of water,

"Ma, I think you need a glass of water now ma"
"Oh stop it! I don't need water!! I need.... "Grabs the glass of water and gulps down,

"Phew!! Can she even afford this tumbler of mine? "She asked the secretary further and he shook his head,

"No ma, "
"Good, terminate the contract that we have with her, I don't need her anymore "

Confused as he was;
"Ma... "
She eyed him,
"Didn't you hear me? I said that you should terminate our contract with Mrs. Bella, I don't need her again! "

"What about.... "
"Take it out! Call her and tell her that its nice doing business with her all these time but we don't need her again.... Tell her I said so!.... "She looks at him to see that he's still unable to do what she asked him to do,

"Didn't you hear me very well!! For Christ sake!! Why are you my secretary if you can't do what I want!?

You want to get fired? "She threatened,
"No ma, I'm sorry, I will do quickly "

She heaved and relaxed on her chair,

He sat up on his chair as his step mother walked into the room,

He hissed and threw his face away as he tried to avoid her gaze on him,

She didn't care to know if he was ignoring her or not as she shouted to him that breakfast is ready,

"Breakfast is ready"
"I'm not eating"he snapped still not looking her way,

She smirked,
"Why? You still angry with me? "
"We shouldn't have done that! "He reminded her looking bitter,

She laughed,
"what's wrong with having s3x with your step mother? We've always done that so why is yester night so different? "She asked looking radiant as she vomited those words,

He eyed her, he can't believe he had been sleeping with his own step mother all these while until his father found out about their awful act behind his back!

How shameful!
"My father.... "
"Forget about him! He's not so good in bed as you and you know it"
"Do you know the pain of being betrayed?

Well, if you don't know Mrs. Stepmother, let me remind you that I just betrayed my own father!!! "



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