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 ...... A hot relationship in the office😜😜😜

Hot story

     "Jenna can you please stop crying for once? Can you? "
  Her twin sister Janet consoled, 

   She couldn't stop, 
  "I loved Mark and I still do"
  "Then why did you divorce him? "
  "What do you expect me to do when he was lying to me? 

  He's always going out to meet his boss in the night leaving me all alone in my wet... In my wet.... "

  "that's enough okay"she patted her back, 
  "I have to wait for Mark every night but he's always going out to meet her, 

You need to see the way he always rushes out when she calls out to him, 

  You need to see the way he acts when she calls, you need to see what I saw two days ago when I followed him to her house, 

  She was on him, she was caressing his body and that fool just stood there looking at her, they're having an affair otherwise she won't have touched him!! "

  "Its okay, stop talking Jenna, I understand but all men are like that, 

 I think he loved you or maybe never cheated on you or even if he did, he didn't do it on purpose, 

  You should've known whom Angela is by now through her actions, 
  She's so rude and dominating.... "

  "I don't want to hear that witch's name! I hate her so much! I don't want to hear that name! I just don't want to! I hate to hear it! " 

  "Calm down sis, okay? "
She still sobbed, 
  "I want my Mark back to me!"
  "Then why did you divorce him in the first place? "

  "I had no choice, I just was so angry... But I still love him"
  "Maybe he misses you too"

  "Would he when that witch keeps on calling him every night to be sleeping with him! "

   "Did he tell you that he had s3x with her? "She asked her sister,  
  She sobbed loudly before nodding her head, 

  "Yes, he said so "
  "Really? Like he had an affair with Mrs. Angela Cortez? Then sue her! "

  "I can't for now, he said that he was a bachelor then and he haven't met me... Like who the hell do I have to belive that crap? "

    Janet sighed, 
  "Its okay, stop talking, just stop crying and let's think out everything carefully okay?? "She patted her shoulder, 


  "It worked!! It worked!! Danny it worked!! "
  "What worked?? "Danny asked as he sat up from his bed, 

   "I saw her! I saw my crush! I saw her! "
  "And... "
  "I'm her about-to-be-secretary! "

  Danny started laughing, 
  "And is that why you're so happy, of course I told you that that plan will work but.... Your step mother came around "

  He frowned as Danny changed the topic into something bitter, 

  "Okay I understand, I know you don't want to be reminded of that and that's why I slept with her on your behalf"

  "What!!?? ! "
  "Yes of course, like we always did "he pushed his waist forward and backward to show him how he fuvked Alice, 

  "She was so hot and she needed someone to fuvk her! "
   Jake scoffed and got off the bed, 
  "You're so disgusting Danny, did she come with my daughter? "

  "Yes, as am speaking to you now, Linda is sleeping in the guest room waiting to see her father and brother "he laughed while he rushed out.... 


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