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Lorraine Ohmshford

“Babe, Babe!! I have a surprise for you” I heard the bawling sound of Xazix. I rolled my eyes sarcastically as I used a napkin to wipe the wetness in my hands. It’s been years now and life with him is really fun, filled with love and happiness even though I told him I’m not ready for children yet. Though my twin sister’s already given birth to a girl and she’s really sweet too. My mind drifted back to Xazix again and I pondered on what surprise he has, again this time.

“What surprise again???, last time you surprised me with cooking and you almost burnt the entire Kitchen” I laughed mockingly as he chuckled, holding my waist as he led me to the parking lot. He brought out a nylon from the car, his face was that of an angry person.

“Why the hell did you eat Bacon in the new car I brought!!” He yelled throwing the nylon of Bacon to me and I almost drifted to tears.

Why’s his expression changing????

“Just check the nylon!!! Check it!!” He yelled angrily again as I slowly checked it and my mouth hanged open in the sir when I saw a carkey placed inside neatly for me.

“That’s my surprise Babe! Happy Birthday my sugarplum” He smiled at me as I gasped again in shock starring shockingly at the new black limousine.

Oh my gawd!!

“Baby!!” I shrieked excitedly rushing towards him as he laughed before hugging me tightly. “You brought me a Car!!” I shouted again and he nodded affirmatively. I threw my arms around him, pulling him in for a kiss. He held my waist tightly, deepening the kiss


“Don’t you think it’s too early this morning??” He whispered shakily as I placed my polished fingers on his lips, sitting gently on his thigh. He placed both of his hands around my waist as I moved slowly on him, moaning out in pleasure. It lasted for some minutes before he rolled me over, taking full dominion.


Sherry Washington

“Push Ma’am” the nurse pressured as I shut my eyes in tears, breathing out painfully.

“You can do this babe” Oliver soothed assuredly as I nodded positively, trying to catch my breath.

“Mhmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!” I pushed again and I could feel my lungs aching from how I screamed.

“Breathe Ma’am, breathe”

“I’m trying….” I muttered breathlessly as I squeezed the bedsheet hard, pouring all my anger on it. “…….to breathe!!!”

“Mmmmhmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!” I screamed again as tears poured down my eyes as Oliver tried to kiss me but I slapped him immediately.

“You caused this and yet you’re trying to make us another baby. You want us to have three kids right??” He rubbed his red cheeks, groaning in pain.

“Let me pin you down, so you could breathe, okay??” He whispered holding my hands as his face faced mine. I pushed him away out of frustration and he almost fell but staggered. “Shut up Oliver, I know it when we pin ourselves down on the Couch, this is nothing compared to that. Don’t use it to pacify me!!!” I screamed very loudly and the nurses had to control themselves from laughing hard. One of them looked beneath me. “I can see the head of the baby. Push hard Ma’am!”

“Mmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!” I screeched out painfully and hurtfully as beads of sweats rolled down from my forehead. I breathed hard muttering incoherent words. I felt like something huge removed from beneath and I heard the crying of a baby.

“It’s a boy!”

“I want to see my baby” I stuttered weakly as they brought it to me, dropping it slowly beside me. Oliver walked close to me, squatting to our direction.

“Little Jenny would be excited to have a little brother” I smiled out in tears as Oliver helped me wipe it off.

“Can I kiss you now??” Hr groaned as I laughed, nodding in affirmation. He smiled excitedly, drawing me closer for a Kiss.

Can’t wait to tell Liana this good news.


Las Vegas


Amanda Brooms

I breathed out, slowly unloosing the rope of my nightie, facing Oval who was on the Bed. It’s our wedding night and I’m damn nervous. I finally took my jacket off, taking off the silky gown… I climbed to the bed, encircling my arms around him, with my heart beating really fast.

“Oval, I’m new in this kind of stuffs and…I..I’ve been deflowered and I….”

“Shhhhh, I don’t care” He whispered placing his fingers on my lips and I nodded positively. He locked his lips on mine, pushing me gently on the bed.

“I’ll take it slow with you. I don’t want your brother cutting off my head” He joked and I laughed softly, moaning out in the kiss. I felt something inside me and I gasped tearfully, as he found his way inside my honeypot, thrusting deeply into me slowly while my loud moans filled the room.


Liana Ohmshford

I placed the pot on fire, stirring the soup when I heard Carolina cries. “Daddy, stop, you’re hurting my hair” She cried and I quickly made my way to the luxurious living room. Lo and Behold, Xavier was trying to pack my baby’s hair into a ponytail but he kept squeezing her hair, almost tearing off her scalp.

“Xav!!! Do you wanna make our daughter hair bald huh!!” I screamed mockingly as he brought up a puppy face, I pushed him away with my hips applying oil on her soft curly hair, packing her hair into two ponytails…. I starred angrily at Xavier and he muttered a “Sorry” I rolled my eyes at him as I walked back into the Kitchen. He followed me coz I heard his footsteps.

“Babe, I’m sorry” he pleaded but I kept mute still stirring the soup. I felt his hands on my waist, trailing kisses to my neck… I moaned out, suddenly forgetting the soup I was cooking.

“Mom! I’m almost late for school!!” Carolina’s squeaky voice boomed as she starred at the both of us weirdly and I quickly pulled away from Xavier.

“Daddy, what are you doing to my Mommy??” She asked innocently, blinking her lashes.

“Uhm … I’m making babies into your mommy. Like when I put something inside her and she screams”

Oh my gawd!!

I slapped him on the shoulders before he teaches our baby something else.

“Go ahead, I’ll join you shortly” She starred at us confusedly before walking away.

“So much for a Naughty Daddy huh??”

“I’m trying to make her understand how we gave birth to her babe” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Wait, you haven’t told me how you knew I was coming to the airport seven years ago” I smiled as he sighed excitedly. “I had this crazy dream that I proposed to you, and I decided to always keep a ring inside my pocket. Who knows?? I might see you… And them boom! My dream came to pass!!” He smiled and I laughed softly dishing out the soup, when I felt his hands under my skirt.

“Xav… I still have a lot of things to do”

“Like whattt…. They can all wait” he drawled temptingly, pushing me gently to the Kitchen counter, turning my back to him.

I bit my lower lips, moaning out. “I still have to take Carolina to school, visit Sherry in the hospital and give wedding presents to Amanda” I moaned out as he took off my underthings, squeezing my boobs softly as he teased my V. exasperatedly.

“Oh….. Gawd!!” I whispered yelled as he slowly thrusted into me making the Counter excavate noises.

“Do you want us to make another baby again?”

“I don’t care, as long as I’m buried deep inside of you, we can give birth to a hundred of children”





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