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👢🍆{Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined} 👠🍆

Episode 37


Liana Ohmshford

I breathed out intensely as I stepped my feet out of the plane. The breeze blew immediately, making me to easily cohabit in the atmosphere I was. It blew my blonde hair romantically and I heaved out a sigh…

It’s been five years already…. Five years since I broke up with Xavier, five years since I saw him last. Five years since he gave me this special pendant. Five years since we made our promises to each other.

Five years since we never saw each other.

College life was great, but I only had few friends, and then I successfully graduated and I am officially now a dietician. Something I loved doing, since a Kid. I touched my dyed blonde hair and smiled satisfactorily, I looked really different and classy. I touched the pendant on my neck, and my cheeks couldn’t stop heating.

About my twin sister, she’s really grown beautiful and different too, all those time in college, she sometimes visit Mom, while I always visit dad too who couldn’t keep begging for forgiveness, that we gave it wholeheartedly to him.

I was about to walk into my official Car, when my gaze met someone really familiar striding to the airport.

Wait! Isn’t that my old friend in college??


I smiled heartily walking towards the airport. Different people from different countries filled the atmosphere, making it really hard for me to find Allison.

I was about to walk out , when I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

Xavier Martins

“I need you to prepare everything when I get back, is that clear??” I chided at my P. A and I could mentally picture his head nodding in affirmation. Disconnecting the call, I breathed out walking to the airport.

My next flight is to Chicago, for some business meetings.

“Hey!!!” I heard a squeaky voice and I slowly turned, sighting a brunette haired girl, starring at me with dreamy eyes…

“I so much love your looks…. Can I have a picture? Pleeeeeeaaaaaseeee!!!! You see I played a truth or dare game with my sister and then she dared me to take a picture with the whole Xavier Martins. Pleeeaaaseeeeee!”


this isn’t happening again… Actually she’s not the first person to ask that of me, so many people wants to take a picture with me…

I heaved a defeated sigh, finally giving in to her persisting request.

She reminds me of Liana. It’s been five years since I saw her last and life without her is like hell. I just hope she hasn’t moved on yet, coz I might just die of heartbreak.

I really miss her. Her smiles, her laughs, her teases, her warmth those brown alluring eyeball. Those soft cheeks. Those delicious lips. Gawd! I miss everything about her.

“Sir??” The girl snapped me out of my reverie. .

“Oh, sorry let’s take a picture then” I mumbled as she smiled again picking up her fancy White phone. She stretched it to our front, making funny faces, and her phone made clicking and flashing lights.

She was finally done and she couldn’t just stop smiling and blushing.

“Thanks so much!!!” She squeaked excitedly, planting a Kiss on my cheeks, before running away.

What the???

I chuckled slightly and continued walking. It’s been a bit long since I heard from Oliver and the rest of the guys but we still keep in touch. So many things have changed about me, except my love for Liana.

I sighted a Blondie cat walking elegantly around the airport, as if she was searching for someone.

Her curves looks so intact and complete… Is this a goddess???

I turned again and I couldn’t find her again. There’s something about her that triggers me completely. She looks like someone I know a lot. I turned again and she was nowhere in sight. I looked to my front and saw her. Her phone actually dropped and she didn’t noticed. I picked it up and tapped her on the shoulders. She slowly turned back and we both gasped loudly in ultimate shock.









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